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  1. *taking copious notes*
  2. I started FFRK again because they have raiding multi-player now :D

    1. Fuji


      Does FFRK still depend heavily on which soul breaks you bring to battle?

  3. *hugs*

    How's life? Miss ya. :)

    1. asnivy


      *hugs* I had some depression and dropped off the planet. But I got some constructive things done. I got my yoga teacher certification. I also went on another vacation to NYC. Though there were Trump riots that sort of killed the mood. Also got a new cosplay ready :D Took up Gothic Lolita as a hobby. Befriended an ENTJ too (went to a tiny ENTJ meet-up). Most of my local friends dropped off the planet because they're too busy and stuff. 

    2. Fuji


      Awww sorry to hear about the depression, glad you turned it around into constructive pursuits!

      Was the ENTJ a UFO? :laugh:

  4. *le sigh* Started playing again. Is Tyranitar the new Dragonite?
  5. Triangle Timecrimes Schizopolis Gozu The Holy Mountain (Jodorowsky) How to Get Ahead in Advertising Cube Run Lola Run Tetsuo the Iron Man Begotten Eraserhead Zardoz
  6. Brown up some ground beef with salt, pepper, chili powder, and garlic powder. Add a can of black beans to the meat once it's browned. Slice up some tomatoes, lettuce, and avocadoes. Fill a bowl with shredded lettuce. Add meat/beans. Top with shredded cheese, tomato, avocado, sour cream, and salsa. Taco salad.
  7. :hug:

    1. Neoaves


      Hey Fuuuuuji!

      Hope your all good in your corner of the world!



    2. Fuji


      Nothing like a relaxing Saturday!

  8. Yes, only if she had a boyfriend but wasn't married. Just make sure she's clean, and let her worry about the damage she's doing. Case in point - FWB with ex-GF. That was a nice arrangement.
  9. Hey I don't want to hijack Kprog's blog. So I'm going to write something in response to your post, on my blog. Come visit, my blog is "Major Chord's 2017 Blog".

  10. The last couple of times Niantic ran a "get 4x the candy for walking your buddy!" special, pretty much everyone did that. Every gym in San Francisco is 10 Dragonites now. Every. One.
  11. You really should expand your circle of acquaintances. Update your data set, so to speak.
  12. Finally deleted the app a few days ago. It was fun while it lasted, but really in order to go farther, I would have to spend some serious time battling gyms and earning those coins and stardust. Seems more like a grind now. Have fun, guys.
  13. Doob and Vampy covered it pretty well already, but I'll throw in two cents anyway. We don't just open up to anyone - you have to engage our attention somehow, and honestly it's not as difficult as it sounds. Just show that you can hold a conversation that's more than just an exchange of pleasantries and facts. If you're getting one-word answers, it's because the INTP probably thinks you're wasting their time and would like to talk about something else. Inwardly, we're probably wondering about you: "Why is she asking about my weekend? Why is that important? What is she going to do with that information? I don't understand." Also, be careful with that emotional outbursting. There's no quicker way to drive away an INTP than to overwhelm them with strong emotions. We're not even very good with our own emotions, so dealing with someone else's is a whole new clusterfuck. If you're perceived as volatile, we're going to avoid you.
  14. That one game with stuff costs $130?? Yeah, I'm gonna spend maybe half that and make a RetroPie setup to play all of the old-school games.