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  1. Smart move to drop the "I'm looking for a life partner, and if we're not a perfect match right away I'm not interested." That's not a date, that's an interview. Your second draft is much better.
  2. My last FWB was an ex-girlfriend. It was perfect - we knew what we liked, didn't want to resume a relationship, just wanted sex.
  3. That could work. We could have contests like "One Perfect Bite" where the goal is to make an amuse-bouche. Or "One-Pot Meal". Or "No-Cook Challenge" where heat is off-limits.
  4. Also no babies. Don't particularly care, would rather have another Lapras or Snorlax. Even better, I could use a Chansey or Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, since I don't have those yet.
  5. We're both trying to save a stale format. You didn't like my ideas, but you yourself went with a more ambiguous theme. What are you judging, how Italian something is? Or just picking a favorite? And how would that ultimately have ended up different from other themes? Step back and look at the big picture, dude.
  6. Sweet pickles Peas Creamed corn Durian
  7. Hey you :) hope all is well!

    1. Neoaves


      Mind Meld...I was just thinking of you! Hope you & Mrs Fuji got some special time over the Xmas break...


      ^^^Looked at some other X-Ray related GIFs and they were dodgy AF! 

      Feeling happy in my corner of the world Fuji...hope you are too xxx

  8. Had a 5k egg hatch into a Magnemite earlier today, which finally gave me enough candies to evolve my first Magneton. w00t!
  9. Santachu!
  10. You being BOSS over in X-Ray land:


    Highly likely.... {{{{(( Fuji-san ))}}}} ;D

    1. Fuji


      Hahaha love it! I would so do that :)

      Sorry I haven't been around much. How have you been? 

    2. Neoaves



      Glad you are too :cheers:

  11. well look at you mister.
  12. The Secret Life of Pets