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  1. Love the idea! Will be thinking of an entry :)
  2. What's keeping you from striking up a conversation after class, or saying hi as you both sit down?
  3. Duawk Urloy Melms
  4. Just to add to what HackerX said, if INTPs are interested, you'll know. They'll want to study you and consume your novelty. I myself tend to talk nonstop with new friends, and then kind of taper off when we've covered most of the interesting stuff and conversation turns to the mundane.
  5. Geez, am I the only one in here with no standards?
  6. The real issue is that she would feel embarassed if relatives saw the pic, so she's trying to project that onto you. Not anyone else's business how you present yourself.
  7. Ok so they're basically like Pikachu with a hat, cool to look at but otherwise no different?
  8. I finally got my Omastar yesterday, lots of Seels everywhere so a Dewgong's on its way too. One more pinapped Squirtle and I'll have a Blastoise. And there are Magikarp everywhere! What's the shiny/golden thing about?
  9. "Technically right" is the best kind of right.
  10. I was on Zoloft a long time ago, and went cold turkey when my insurance ran out. I do NOT recommend being in that position. Brain zaps for a week, and grouchiness similar to quitting smoking.
  11. wow. the current avatar is amazing.

    1. Fuji


      Thanks :)

    2. Whoops


      yeah man, excellent taste, very welcome! deviantart?

    3. Fuji


      Actually I just searched Google for "surreal pictures" and picked that one. I like the mystic universe theme. I think I'll call him Space Face.

  12. Try thinking of relationships outside of the context of "one man and one woman", and you'll quickly see that it depends wholly on the personalities of the people involved.
  13. What a ridiculous question. Why would there be a standard? And who would have decided that standard? And how would that standard have been enforced?
  14. Write down extra, above-and-beyond household chores on tongue depressors/popsicle sticks, one job on each stick, along with a dollar amount. Put all of the sticks into a coffee can. He can decide which jobs he wants to do for money by taking out the stick, doing the job, and turning the sticks in for money. Just an idea.