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  1. Caught two Gengars in a row just now. And since day 1 I've still barely found enough Ghastlys to evolve a Haunter.
  2. This is very cool....



    1. Fuji


      Awww yay! That's creative!

    2. Neoaves


      Wouldn't that stuff up the equipment Fuji?


    3. Fuji


      Nah. We see it all the time - someone leaves in their nipple rings, or has a pacemaker, or whatnot. It just shows up loud and clear. :laugh:

  3. This exactly, even the level.
  4. I am not unhappy with it.
  5. {((Fuji))}



    1. Fuji


      I love waking up to a nice view. How are you?

    2. Neoaves


      I'm good {(Fuji)}...

      It's still a long weekend here, so I guess most peeps are recovering from hangovers. 

      I had plans to try and do that... husband bought a nice bottle of bubbly...pours the first glass and I'm like...."I can't our baby isn't feeling well"....guess it will have to wait another  few months...I suck at drinking *sips Earl Grey tea

  6. That looks goddamn delicious.
  7. Hey!!!


  8. Hey you. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fuji


      How's it going?  Staying safe from that big-ass storm?

    3. paranoidfembot


      So far it's only been really wet and windy.


      I hear it will be the worst on Saturday. 


      Maybe my old workplace will get blown over, or blown into. 


      Yes. That would be nice. 

    4. Fuji



      Maybe my old workplace will get blown over, or blown into. 


  9. Does that include foods made with chicken/beef stock?

  10. Choice at first.

    Stopped eating meat when I was 12ish.

    In my 20s I was told not to eat meat for better digestion, and I had to laugh, 'already two steps ahead of yah, doc.'

  11. Vegetarian by choice, or because meat doesn't get along with you?

  12. Hmm, no actually. I should do some research and find vegetarian ramen places. Most of my favorite Japanese places offer ramen, but all of them are beef, chicken, or pork based, so it's not something I eat as much.

  13. Oooo, do you know some good local places for ramen?