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  1. Well our names share a strong similarity.
  2. Welcome to the forum. I hope you make friends as well.
  3. Welcome to the forum. Does your last name start with A?
  4. dishwasher and pumpkin ale
  5. thanks for the clarification bro

  6. I agree with envirodude.
  7. The Beehive Grill staff welcomes you. The Beehive Grill staff welcome you.
  8. Quite well, spotted a few spaceships this week! Actually, it's been kind of cloudy lately so I haven't been using my telescope all that much.

    What are you up to?

  9. How is that observatory plan going?

  10. You too man.

    *Refills your slogdish*

  11. Heya! Firstly, thank you for the New Years wish! I think it has worked because, thirdly, I am too drunk to remember what was supposed to come secondly. May you find new growth and new positive challenges.

  12. Happy New Year!!! May your beer mug never go empty!

  13. Keurig coffee machine that was clearanced for 43 dollars.
  14. I agree with the urologist. Drain it! My wife is an MA for a urologist and agrees. I imagine you are learning a lot about yourself now through this situation. Any dramatic realizations? Best of luck/wishes and everything else.
  15. *Waves his alligator tail at you in greeting*

    *Looks around for beer*