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  1. If you read the study, you will see that the researchers write that their findings can't, without further research, be seen as universally true. I think the article author is biased and tries to adapt the results of the study to his own believes (or he was too lazy to read the whole study and/or only read the abstract). The article author never returns to whether or not the researchers succeeded with this. The answer is NO, but the author tries to give the impression that the answer is YES. Do you have a link to or the name of the study that the article refers to? The author seems to have a subjective view on beards; proper beard maintain is brushed off as mostly obvious tasks not worth mentioning Furthermore it's unclear what the study actually examined in the study. Does it actually include asthma, ingrown hairs, bacterial infections and acne, or does the article author just want to give us that impression?
  2. lol. Thank you.. my mind is now at ease!

  3. I watched seminar with Gordon Neufeld, where he said that kids who never experience fear have a higher risk of developing ADD later in life. Now that you know this, your Karma will increase/improve whenever you scare a child (if Karma exists)

  4. If someone doesn't listen to what I'm saying, then I will, later on in the conversation, make a reference back to what was previously ignored and ask if they agree with the connection. (and I will literally be saying "As I previously said...") My strategy when learning how to approach other persons is to observe and copy how EXFXs do it. As an Introvert I will probably never become perfect at it, but it has helped me to some extent.
  5. Edit: I wonder what the differences are between Hitler and Saddam Hussein + Gandhi and Lincoln? If the descriptions were to be switched inside the pairs they would still be accurate descriptions.
  6. House Stark 69% Stark, 58% Lannister, 49% Baratheon, 55% Tully, 55% Tyrell, 36% Martell, 47% Targaryen, 47% Greyjoy and 64% Arryn - Place high value on honesty and honor - Blunt, and prefer when people are blunt with them - Value doing the right thing; morality is black-and-white - Retaliate against people who wrong them, while still keeping the above concerns in mind - Practical - Sometimes seen as old-fashioned - Protective and loyal toward family members and friends
  7. Sickness Quotient: 47% Congratulations! At a 47% "Sickness Quotient", you're almost well-adjusted. Detailed Diagnosis Interpersonal Insights You have difficulty concentrating or keeping on task, probably because you're an idiot with a short attention-span. You hate your mother and father, your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and just about everyone else who happens to think you're a worthless boob. Job Performance & Attitude You aspire to becoming the CEO of a large, powerful company. This is unlikely since you rarely leave your parent's basement. Your work is of such poor quality that your manager is considering replacing you with a machine that flushes. Personality Insight Your personal motto is "If you can’t make them think, make them wonder." Trust us- you've succeeded beyond your wildest dreams.
  8. You are aware that Macbooks are not manufactured by Apple, but by Quanta Computer and ASUS?
  9. I played this game a few years ago and managed to score 136, now I only got to 128. (I blame it on my larger screen, the lack of map scaling and poor choices of destinations in the game design). You should do as I do and blame all the bad clicks on poor choices of destinations: Why is there more than 5 cities in Iran? How you are suppose to click on Micronesia, Andorra, San Marino, Cyprus and some other countries whose landmass can't be seen because the map is too small. Jan Mayen is not a city, it's an island.
  10. I usually recommend Kloster Eberbach Traubensaft/Grape juice to people who like dessert wine. (But it is a white wine and the thread is for red).

  11. I guess one of the pros of a government monopoly is looking up this kind of information regarding alcoholic beverages on the Internet (although not in English, hence no links). Top 3 sweetest red wines (sold in my country): Domìni Veneti - Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Sugar: 135 grams per liter Grapes: 70% corvina, 15% corvinone and 15% rondinella Delitia Recioto della Valpolicella Classico Sugar: 97 grams per liter Grapes: 70% corvina, 20% rondinella, 5% molinara and 5% other. Lambrusco Reggiano - Dolce Sugar: 57 grams per liter Grapes are not listed Note: The first two are listed as only being sold in small bottle, so be wary of their price. Fortified wines is a very large category of beverages. Alcohol levels varying greatly from circa 15 to circa 40, so consumption depends largely on the specific beverage consumed. "Martini Rosso" is a type of fortified wine known as Vermouth (and it's sweet and red). Sugar is 134 grams per liter and alcohol is 15%. (Note the spelling: "Martini Rossi" is the name of the company producing the wine). Grapes are not listed. I assume you mean the "Lambrusco Reggiano - Dolce" I listed above? My local store sells it and they have more than 10 left in stock. Latest taste-test was in January 2013, which suggest that it is still in production. (In my country all alcoholic beverages are taste-tested before being sold and have periodic follow-up tests to ensure consistent quality and taste, one of those government jobs you never thought existed).
  12. A follow-up on my previous post: The difference in speed could be caused by background services on your computer and/or phone that your Surfboard modem lets through (thereby taking up bandwidth), but your router blocks (thereby not taking up bandwidth). I.e. you are not actually getting a faster connection, you are getting a less clogged up connection.
  13. Are you using any less common protocols such as DNSSEC? Some (older?) hardware incorrectly handles some protocols, even if they are suppose to only let it pass through unchanged (used to be common with DNSSEC and routers). This could potentially clog up your bandwidth because of the extra data created by the incorrect data-handling. Linksys-products are known for NOT having this problem and that might explain your phenomena.
  14. A wild guess based on the fact that the average age was much lower during early stages of human evolution: No and light stubble: Too young Heavy stubble: Most fertile age Full and heavy beards: Too old Does this mean I represent the next step in evolution since I don't any hair growth between my chin and cheeks? Or you can use the razor known as . Because the only movies they have watched from the 70s are porn movies? Reminds me of the slogan for this shave cream Link
  15. I'm glad someone appreciates when I share some of the knowledge I have accumulated

    I am well today, thank you. I hope you are also well.