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  1. It's hard for me to accept anything without questioning it. And It's hard for me to follow the community as well unless there is some common thought or thing.
  2. "A place where you can come and go as you please any time you want without any expectation or obligation. A place where you can count on other introverts to be there alwys." dont these two lines contradict each other? you can come and go with no expectation but at the same time expected to be there for others? being counted on to be there for someone is an obligation and expectation.
  3. facebook - research people you just met not really sure why people have twitter and feel like they have to let everyone know what they feel at that moment
  4. honesty, i completely lose all interest and respect in people who are dishonest.
  5. same here, team fortress 2 recently got some games on steam because they were cheap. other than that active stuff in the summer like biking something inside related in the winter and try to go to the gym other then that i like to build things, mostly mechanical also read information related stuff but not books, i hate books i like my entertainment to come at me at a faster rate
  6. innovator/merchant I'm not a big fan of sales people and this guy in the video put me off quite a bit. Made me completely hate this test and everything about it.
  7. At the present time your behavior is characterized by your need for a feeling of success. You willingly invest a great deal of energy. At the same time, though, you feel that your actions receive too little attention, acknowledgment and recognition from the people your efforts are aimed at. You find this difficult to understand since your actions prove again and again that you are good willed and giving your best. This is actually fairly accurate and relevant to my current position with school, money and other projects.
  8. The first step to lying is convincing yourself that it's true. And I'm very convincing...
  9. russian
  10. remote control car and planes. as well as building stuff like metal fabricating. pretty much anything where i can solve problems involving mechanical things.
  11. Hi Mr.X welcome to the forum!!

  12. 50% left 51%right the percentages dont add up :s
  13. 8/9, its too bad they dont show which one you got wrong