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    42 Long
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    Middle-aged caucasian male, legally educated, wide backgground of careers. Still looking.
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    Middle-aged prick. Earnest writer.
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    Blog; Automobiles, Automobilia; history; philosophy; music; film; literature; fine art.
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    “Now here is my secret, very simply: you can only see things clearly with your heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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  1. 7zwhp1v.jpg


    Minimal editing--just lightening, a bit of tint, and it's sized to 150 x 150 pixels. In case you want to use it; I hope so 'cause I miss it. 

    1. sed0007


      So kind of you!!


      Actually, I just got my desktop running again. I have the original pic, so I can re-do the avatar and avoid the slight skewing/stretching that results from resizing the old size format. I'll be working on that soon.




      I'm ticked about the obsolescence of my gallery. I'm gonna have to start over, and delete all of them from my WordPress account.


      Thanks again for thinking of me. Hope you're enjoying your new digs.


      I'll be posting more in the forum now that I have a desktop again.



    2. ness2361


      I just saw this. I couldn't stand seeing that empty head where sed0007 should be. 


      I'm glad you have your original. I didn't change it much, just enough to make it clearer, and of course 150 x 150 pixels.


      I thought of you right away when I heard about 115 x 145 going 150 x 150 pixels, and all the work you've done for others, and what you would lose for yourself, and thought, he's gotta be pissed about that; I would be!


      Lucky for me, I like Marcie, and this particular rendering, so it was cake to do, but if I'd have to take one of my old and more original, like the building graffitti, from a photo I no longer have, or remember (if I do) where it is, that would hurt. And that's the case for a lot of members: they didn't see this, and other changes coming; how could they. (Rhetorical question, of course.)


      Gromit and I are loving this new flat. The old one was built during the Great Depression, and caused a long one for me, no kidding. Others who have been in both said, "That old one had a dark feel to it, like bad vibes," and "this place is you, so well-lit and cheery."


      We've got lamps and rugs in here we had in the old place, and people thought others had "been generous and donated them to us" because they just disappeared in that old, dark house.


      I'm involved in church; got back to my story--just sat down and started writing on it last week, no idea I was going to do that, and am going to church a couple times a week, helping with the kids, and have made a couple new friends, all in less than a month of being out of the old place.


      Where we live, the actual dwelling, has more of an effect on us than most realize, until we get to move on, anyway.



    3. ness2361
  2. I was bullied because my best friend all through school was a "nerd" whose persona made him a perfect target of bullies. I was collaterally bullied because I was always with him. It taught me a lot. The only time I ever was a bully was when I confronted a kid down the street who had beat up my little brother. I was amazed at how easy it was to knock him off his bike and let him know he was never to touch my brother again. Seems timing and suddenness are key, and that , done properly, even a bully can get the shit scared out of him. I did it out of the duty any 'big brother ' has to his siblings, and, while it felt good, I never 'bullied' again.
  3. Why do you ask? What is your agenda? Have you been talking to my ex? Are you the IRS? How did you find me here? You're the fuck that was following me yesterday, AREN'T you !!?
  4. I've always been asocial. I care not a wit about status, and regard money as dirt. There are two social statuses: Me; and my minions.
  5. "You again? What is it this time?"
  6. You're confusing this with 'entropy'. In the final analysis, however, "it just doesn't matter!"
  7. I'm getting by referring to everyone as 'bitch'.
  8. Indeed, I would. Due to the prevailing poor marksmanship and the prevalence of the 9.mm cartridge, I'd have a slightly better than 50% chance of surviving the affair, anyway.
  9. I'm good at it. That, plus a 'radio voice' , and knowing how to adjust pace; inflection and volume to the subject matter, always earns approving comments from audience members. I am told at church that my lector readings from scripture are such that "they don't need to follow along" in the bulletin to appreciate the message in the reading. I still have stage fright, though. It's helpful to imagine some documentary with narration by Orson Welles or Burgess Meredith. Emulate that, and you'll kill at any toastmasters event. By the way: It's public 'speaking'.
  10. Mah hahr. My death stare. My boyish charm.
  11. That every OTHER freaking type crowds the forum with 'Ask Abbey' questions.
  12. Tab on ice with two roofies in it.
  13. His usual: Two fingers of Jim Beam, with three drops of Strip-Eeze.