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  1. Chess has historically been a male dominant activity. Similar, how to Russian/Latvian GMs have reigned over the chess world for so long, males have too. This is because they have an environment that is able to provide them with an infrastructure that encourages and helps chess play grow. We see that as chess becomes more popular internationally, players from all over the world, most notably China, is able to challenge the Russians. The same will happen to the female demographic when chess communities are able to develop a setting which is attractive and inviting to female players. However, this is very unlikely to happen as long as FIDE is ran by Ilyumzhinov.
  2. John Williams & Andres Segovia
  3. Galaxy Note 3 & HD 598s. Great reliable products. The HD 598s leak a little more sound than I would like, but that was expected from open back headphones. Great if you like studio-audio recordings, probably sub-optimal if you like any EDM or anything that is focused on bass. Nothing to really complain about in the Note. I'll credit it for a surprisingly strong build as I've dropped it quite a few times and it has yet to show any blemishes.
  4. Great series, although Season 3 Spring & Summer still tops it imo.
  5. Starcraft BW & Starcraft II.
  6. Radeon R9 270(x), GTX 750 Ti, Radeon HD 7870.
  7. There are correspondence chess sites on the internet. Probably a better alternative to emails.
  8. 6/24/2014 4:09:00 AM Bonus game - Ecco the Dolphin Blueglass Oh my. The YSG hype is real.
  9. Samsung & Asus laptops have really impressed me recently.
  10. Getting more Ram is probably the best option here. You can try overclocking however, it is strongly recommended not to if you don't know what you're doing since laptops do not provide optimal cooling. Get some security and scan for anything that could be slowing down, consider reformatting. I've had a slow laptop for years, it's quite difficult to make any adjustments to it and usually it's better to just look into a new purchase.
  11. Hello. You should add server too.
  12. What elo/division?

  13. I main adc, I think I have decent enough mechanics for soloq, however that inferior Se does show sometimes and I know that my mechanics will never be able to rival Deft or Imp even if I practiced. Support is probably my best role though, still mechanically demanding but not as much as adc/mid. Being able to make plays in between timings of summoners/vision seem to come to me more easily.
  14. MBTI : INTJ Preference in roles : Adc -> Support -> Jungle Play style(team player / solo / other) : Team objective based. Mainly used champions : Vayne, Lee sin, Thresh, Shyv, TF & Meta champs.
  15. http://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/kevinlivecomau/saved/3Q2l This is my first try at building a PC. If anyone could provide some feedback on my build, please do.