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  1. thread title makes it sound like it happened in an internationally sanctioned sporting duel.
  2. when i was a kid, nemoy's voice was there to greet countless school fieldtrips to the boston museum of science...
  3. money is now a form of speech. speech is a form of expression sex is also a form of expression... i wonder which is more persuasive....
  4. (looks expectantly, and doomily at congress and courts for the next move)
  5. you are assuming that everyone is capable of rationally assessing such a topic. i think that perhaps it wouldn't matter to a vast majority if they were merely "exposed" at 21, rather than being raised in it... as they will still chose to believe it for the same reasons they would otherwise. i realize i'm responding above to hyperbole, but it gets to the point that religion itself doesn't fuck people up... as if religion is some sort of disease or virus of stupidity that alters your perceptions... dawkins would disagree completely with that but it's been becoming clear that personality/brain types, dna, and other factors are more telling if people hold to religious views as much as any sort of exposure to the "religion meme..." so it's not religion making people stupid, it's stupid people make religion. so to address the op directly, stupid people are why we can't have nice things... and stupid people seem to be an inevitability... luckily they like to cluster together for safety so, makes it easier to identify and target them....
  6. of all of humanity's illusions, security is evidently the most convincing....
  7. a couple things, well thoughts that are probably rubbish and should not be taken too seriously: the anti vaccer crowd is partly informed by fear, but also for a desire to be "special." they want their beautiful and unique wonderful dna capsules to be just as provably unique as they themselves are... one way to do that is to make sure that their kids aren't vaccinated like the rest of the common dribble that unfortunately inhabits and overcrowds their curiously underfunded schools. perhaps health food nuts are similarly superior. evidence seems to point to it... what's the name of that mental disorder that makes you think you are more amazing and wonderful than everyone around you? there is something to eating healthy though. many will claim that they are more clear, and are better "forms" of themselves when they eat "healthily," so it's a bit dirty of me to suggest above that they are fulfilling the "special" status only, when they could be acting upon perceived "wellness" changes by changing diet. ... but as for your friend eating peanutbutter and bread... poor choice if they are seeking healthy alternatives to fast food... also... as far as this new "term" is concerned... where the fuck did this originate? i can only imagine some food titans out there dreaming this up and pushing it through typical media access points... whatever your thoughts on healthy eaters, turbo-vegans, or gmo-warriors, the story here should be of the classification of a "zero impact" life choice as a mental disorder. ... fun stuff.....
  8. what's good for poor people: addiction treatment, education, housing security. it's a shame that these programs frequently get lumped in with the debate about subsistence, ebt cards, and casually overt racism... leading to a political climate that makes it acceptable to cut ALL "welfare" programs under the guise of fighting "communism" and "lazyness."
  9. i don't have any experience at any other "type" themed forums, but in my viewing this forum tends to be less rational than other "non-type" themed forums i've visited. the libertarians present here tend to be a special type of crazy separate from those found on libertarian themed forums... the same with the republicans found here and democrats. many here seem to be ideologues through and through, unwilling to entertain the dangerous notion that their beloved, sacred, unimpeachable take on the world my possibly be inaccurate. i wonder if it's really just a development of the intj type mentality generally not being wrong in daily life compared to other people... self-selecting and reinforcing a view of an infallible ego... i mean when i look around in daily life, i'm rarely wrong compared to other people... i can see how going about life like that can fuck with my view of myself... i can certainly see how i could assume that i was always right based on the 98% chance that i am right generally... so when it came to arbitrary or "value based" things like politics, ethics or religion i could also assume that i was correct... ...either that or most people here are mistyped and not infact intj's but fj/tp's... agree completely. an ideologue has insufficient mental/creative/information capital to be able to "purchase" their own worldview, so "mortgage" their own thinking and opinion away to "purchase" someone else's. since this practice originates form an insufficient availability of mental/creative/information resources in the first place, they are unable to make a decision rationally/logically... and do so in a manner that they view will "serve" them/ego best, with the logical inconsistencies laying hidden to them. this is why you get the libertarian who's worldview has the utility of making them feel superior to "the poor," and the democrat who likes to believe that conservatives are idiots. both ideologies, while perhaps originally meant to be logical arguments for a "better world" are re-purposed into ego-boosting safety blankets for insecure cowardly personalities. ...and perhaps my opinion is the same too... getting ego-boosting security form pointing to the faults of ideologues.
  10. i was expecting to find in this thread an incensed breathless rant about this being evidence of the degradation of western society. perhaps society is improving afterall...
  11. your kid watch too much tv, and not sleep enough? don't worry, it's not your fault Mr. and Mrs. Parent. leading corporate behavioral scientists have conveniently determined that your child probably suffers from "some sort" of disease. luckily for you, those same corporate behavioral scientists have corporate pharmacological scientists buddies that have just the thing for your poorly guided child... it's a new psychotropic drug! and it has only 1/2 the clinical chance that your child will commit suicide of other leading drugs! now you can "not parent" and be completely guilt free as your child bounces off the walls and develops a physical dependency on our patented drug! your child's teachers will be amazed at how attentive they will momentarily become as the peaks of your child's blood-drug ratio fluctuations happen sporadically through the day. *side effects also include: booger hastening, partial pregnancy, triple bypass highway, interest in the metric system, reverse farting, and double-down disassociation.
  12. op would have an "argument" leg to stand on if statistics didn't disagree with him utterly (as pointed out by tex.) op seems to get his perception of the "world around him" not by impartial observation, but by some magic device that warps the view of reality to fit into a box with a 4 by 3 aspect ratio. that box has told him the world he lives in is very very scary, and about to collapse around him. scared op is now more inclined to buy more insurance, products, and goldgolfgoldsilver and reject anyone else's more rational view of the world as being part of, or causing that imaginary diseased collapsing world. meanwhile non-borg people will be going outside today and enjoying the butterflies, sex, and relative safety that today's society affords to many... free of illegal alien gay hobo crack junkie single mothers raping and stabbing them with obama phones.
  13. typical american dental treatment suggests a professional cleaning of your teeth at least once a year. more often if you have a history of tooth/gum issues. the reason for this is not to just clean your teeth, but to examine your teeth and catch any issues that a non-professional examination would miss... there's also the issue of dental health regarding teeth alignment. "braces" are seen as a cosmetic treatment, but it results in healthier teeth. this treatment is often seen as a luxury and not afforded to poor people.
  14. greed =/= ambition/desire greed is a word tied to a specific moral definition matrix. it is not a word often used as a substitute for a control/variable in an "oxford study." it would seem to me that "someone" is disingenuously mixing terms for a political field goal. rich privileged conservative feelgood piece... sorry, no points awarded here.