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  1. a couple things, well thoughts that are probably rubbish and should not be taken too seriously: the anti vaccer crowd is partly informed by fear, but also for a desire to be "special." they want their beautiful and unique wonderful dna capsules to be just as provably unique as they themselves are... one way to do that is to make sure that their kids aren't vaccinated like the rest of the common dribble that unfortunately inhabits and overcrowds their curiously underfunded schools. perhaps health food nuts are similarly superior. evidence seems to point to it... what's the name of that mental disorder that makes you think you are more amazing and wonderful than everyone around you? there is something to eating healthy though. many will claim that they are more clear, and are better "forms" of themselves when they eat "healthily," so it's a bit dirty of me to suggest above that they are fulfilling the "special" status only, when they could be acting upon perceived "wellness" changes by changing diet. ... but as for your friend eating peanutbutter and bread... poor choice if they are seeking healthy alternatives to fast food... also... as far as this new "term" is concerned... where the fuck did this originate? i can only imagine some food titans out there dreaming this up and pushing it through typical media access points... whatever your thoughts on healthy eaters, turbo-vegans, or gmo-warriors, the story here should be of the classification of a "zero impact" life choice as a mental disorder. ... fun stuff.....
  2. this goes with that talk: http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/28/valves-michael-abrash-joins-oculus-as-chief-scientist/
  3. games as testing/proving ground for the tech, as gamers will be early adopters and begin the dissemination of the ubiquity of the medium. from there it will become more normal/easier for the general public to pick up the medium for things like skype-ing telecommuting and collaborating... from there... uh... full-on virtual lives? not sure it's a bad thing. VR has always been the "holy grail" of computing/gaming. i see this as reaching that "grail" hastened by this acquisition. better that i think than to have the occulous languish around in gamer hobbyist circles longer than it would without some massive company's support. only a matter of time before something like this happened. my only hopes are that the platform becomes less bulky, and stays "open source."
  4. i try to imagine figure skaters as ice ninjas... doing triple-thingamawhirls, decapitating ice-beasts with their vorpal katanas, and dodging demonfire. since the above is not currently a real sport, figure skating i guess, is the next best thing.
  6. Man, I don't agree with it all but A+ for work put in.

  7. That seems to be the disconnect for me.

    The fact that others have different opinions to him doesn't seem to strike a chord.

    He can't line up the dots and extrapolate "different opinions" to "community disharmony".

    The only winners seem to be these private security forces. Corruption, mistrust and paranoia (all human weaknesses) don't enter the equation.

  8. for a while i was very interested in the subject and found it very appealing... so in a way i identify with his mindset and proclivity... lol, so i can't be too-too hard on him. also, i know a lot of libertarians irl... many are family.

    the fact he keeps assuming that posters here haven't read the names he keeps dropping is a bit revealing... he seems very excited and new to the material if he assumes others are unfamiliar with it as well...

    for me, i stopped finding it so appealing when i learned about game theory and that it's flaws can be found many ways in libertarian though, and the fact that interacting with people in daily life revealed that we all do "basically" operate in fundamentally different realities... something that school of thought doesn't account for in a very basic way.

  9. The problem I have with arguing with him and others like him are that I just don't know where to start. The disconnect is at such a fundamental level that he needs some life experience to give him a few lessons in the reality of human fallibility. Your arguments were good and pitched at the right level though.

    I started to read up on anarchy and look through various websites for and against. I can see how it is attractive to an inquiring mind, but it is the stuff of fiction not reality.

  10. i've no doubt he won't get it.

    my hope is that, "in the future" if life experience proves his current assumptions incorrect, he can mayb more quickly acumen himself to reality... having been exposed previously to such reality-based arguments... also, the argument MAY dissuade others who may be on the fence on the subject of "super-sexy-slick-acorn-catipultism," and experience.

  11. Good post. But in all honesty I think your well reasoned arguments won't be heard because of the disconnect between his fictitious beliefs and reality. Having been in business for over 25 years, "perception is reality".

  12. i scrubbed through the video, and it seems not so much a debate... well at the end it became like some American "POTUS" style debates, where neither is really allowed to address the others' points, but can make faces at their opponent. not sure what this would do to change minds either way... points not directly being refuted/defend...no "friction" is allowed so the conversation never gains traction... seems to favor the creationist in that respect... giving the impression that his points have more logical validity than they do... as if "equal in footing."
  13. This is pretty epic

  14. Don't even bother. How very sad