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  1. I can't believe the Sens just won. I want to see game seven Malkin tears.
  2. What is the goat in your avatar doing? Lmaooo

    1. WisePelican


      Eating a tree! Original photo. Many goats eating the tree that day.

  3. I love Distance. She makes me cringe so hard sometimes. I usually only get that when I'm watching embarrassing TV.
  4. You do you. Changing names is an expression of a freedom, and a reality of basically disowning your heritage. How would they view it? Think they'd give a fuck? Would you give a fuck if they did? Might as well disown them first and see how you live up to the name. See if it suits after you enjoy you, without them. Or just do it and ride the fallout. Also. It took my mom a few years to go back to her maiden name. It was her choice. Though I'm sure her sisters or someone nagged her about it. I did not.
  5. Hah. I had this kind of talk with a couple of friends. It devolved into a friend saying she'd read somewhere that there had been a few cases of girls without a father growing up and eventually sleeping with their father because the both of them didn't know. That devolved into: What would be more disturbing - sleeping with someone then finding out if, a) they are your biological parent, b) they are a biological sibling. I picked parent. Though I still think sleeping with a sibling ain't right. Why? It's a gut feeling of not right, and there are always better options. And the other options don't come around for Thanksgiving and Christmas once things have ended. Also. I have a step-sister my age and we never screwed. So, I'm the minority I guess. She's an INTJ as well. Hah.
  6. All I've been doing lately is hatching eggs at work. Where I am in the building, it throws the GPS off, so I just keep walk/running around. Last time I went out out I saw that Dragonite. Before that it's usually a week or more in between long walks to catch shit. Being in the 30s now, I feel like taking a break is worth it. I won't be too far behind if it sits for a month. But yeah, be nice to make use of special events.
  7. I'm a swan in disguise.
  8. Name insinuating is rude!
  9. Someone else is gonna eat your pizza. You'll never get the last word, or slice.
  10. GO SENS. It's so fucking great to see Phaneuf and Kessel rip into each other.
  11. Canadian insults: Learner's plates. Someone driving in BC with AB plates. Don't tell Quebecois that they don't speak real French. Tell actual young lumberjacks they're hipsters because of their beards... and bc they smoke weed. Make eye contact with a stranger on the streets of Toronto during commuting hours. ... we don't really have our own swear words. Except for the French. Quebec has their own dialect of Christian swears.
  12. My date was a good friend, since neither of us had dates. When we got to the banquet, we split and hung out with our own friend groups. My buddy Jason chased his ex all night, so I ended up stealing his date and having some fun. I won an award. 'Least time spent getting ready.' ... I wore khakis and a green dress shirt. Afterparty was a bonfire/camp party on someone's rural property. I handed my friend a firework without a fuse, so he threw it in the bonfire. Barely missed a girl's head when it went off. Then we went and bought more fireworks. I spent little to no money.
  13. First things first. Invest. Second? Very large party on a remote island. Third. Hide from everyone except people I care about and live out my days happy. Probably buy or start a small town newspaper and be a Publisher/Editor/Journalist. I would need another editor/journalist to proof my shit. I write horrible first drafts.
  14. That's an old photo. You look 20yrs older now. Do the gig. Buy me a car. Even a cheap, $12,000 CDN one. Thats like $2,000 USD.
  15. Amen.