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  1. Halloween bonuses are cray.
  2. There's a nosy, old (60ish?), crass woman on one side. She says what she wants, as loud as she wants, and doesn't give a fig about what people think. I don't like her. She's really rude a lot of the time. Not everyone knows how to take it. I understand her, though, and how to deal with her. I tolerate her whereas my landlady does not. The other side is an older couple. Generally quiet. Say hi to her and chat when she's out front watering plants. He's usually only out front to walk to and from his truck, and he never makes eye contact or gives an indication of acknowledgement. Across the street is a 50yr old single mom with two teenage boys. She's laid back, funny, intelligent, and is somehow friends with the old crass woman. I smoked a pipe and drank with them both one evening.
  3. The only way to get it done before we start with the new year, minimal amount of money. I'm sure that I can do it. Maybe we should be able to get a free shopping cart. Edit: I didn't pick letters. Just chose continuously from the 3 auto-suggested words that pop up. And Samsung. All smart phones do this!
  4. Recent update made it possible for me to be part of a level 10 gym for the first time. It's been over a day now. I feel like defenders should only be able to use three to train instead of six. This is really out of hand. Battling will require so many more revives and potions with jacked gyms.
  5. I get all that, Junk. I've done the exp explosion with pidgeys and weedles. And jacking up cp's on better IV catches. I meant stock up 1,000 eevee's or 4,000 drowzee's. You can definitely afford at that point to evolve a few for the exp without egging it up. And even with a shittone of candies, need dat dust. Evolving means you can get exp while saving that dust for your maxin' cp's. Meh. I'll never have that many candies of one monster, I don't think.
  6. I don't get why people stock up on candies. Why not evolve things for the exp?
  7. I've had 2500+ cp dragonites locally for awhile now. It's a piss of. I've caught a few dratini's, a couple hatched. I evolved a shitty one, then caught a much better one right after... so waiting to evolve that one now. Fack. Also, now that I'm working FT, play has pretty much halted. Level 26 forever.
  8. If anything I usually laugh if I get startled by something unexpected. I'm so used to not being surprised at anything.
  9. https://youtu.be/wuSpdgdPRSU I haven't figured out how to embed videos. Boo me.
  10. There is no actual reference to anything. Just what I wanted to name 'em for some reason!
  11. Hah! Electric yetI! I named mine 'Rollo Sparks'. I giggle a little when I leave him at a gym.
  12. Just looked up my old one that way. They put it right beside Suraj's face.
  13. Appreciate the thought behind it if the person isn't someone who does it for just anything/anyone. I'd send one if someone really did me a solid. Spent a lot of extra time for awhile to help me. Helped me understand something specific that seemed tough. Anything that really meant something to me regarding learning, I guess. There are many more reasons to send a thank you. That's the one I pick. I did send a 'thank you for letting me off though you knew I was driving high' letter (framed photo included), after she moved away, to the cop who pulled me over. She responded by saying be careful about the new guy coming to town. Despite how this sounds, this was also professional. Kind of. Thank yous can lead to weird places.
  14. New forum. New avatar. I think this is the third time I've changed it in five years. Lame.