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  1. I'm at 54 Larvitar candies. Walking it and hoping for more 10k eggs. My Blissey is at 2788. It's pissing people off. Just watched someone try to battle my gym for 10+mins and give up. I tried battling it with my 2996 dragonite and my Blissey killed it. No *one* defending monster ever kills my dragonite. I can usually rip through 1-3 defenders with it. Dragon Breath/Claw ftw.
  2. I'm at 4 days of crashing whenever I touch on something to catch it. Unimpressed.
  3. I've held off powering up my alakazam until I have enough to evolve another. Waiting to decide if it's worth it to try for a different moveset. Almost there. Also don't even know what to think with all the moveset changes. Alakazam can't get dazzling gleam anymore. But I hear psycho cut is still boss. Choices.
  4. Worth it to wait for the higher cp. Take you 25+ candies -and- dust to get the small one up to 2200.
  5. Same as mg.
  6. My 1700cp scyther turned into mere ~2000+ cp scizor. The scyther was only 78%. The other ones I had were ~1400s and didn't want to waste dust/candies leveling any of them up. I think it would do well as an attacker against everything that's vuln steel. Haven't tried it out yet, though. Steelix is the real defender. Though steel types do have easy vulns to hit. I guess we'll see!
  7. Took the Scizor. Bullet Punch / Iron Head.
  8. Shit. Can't decide if I want Steelix or Scizor.
  9. It's been crashing me whenever I touch a mon to catch it. For 16+ hours now. A sign to maybe just put it down for awhile? Hah.
  10. Lesson learned with Gen 1. Not evolving anything special in Gen 2 until it's worth it. Currently at 180.
  11. Three of my five 10ks were Chanseys. Totodile, Sentret, Furret, Hoothoot, Ledyba, Ledian, Ariados (& whatever before), Crobat, Chinchou, Natu, Xatu, Marill, Hoppip, Aipom, Murkrow, Misdreavus, Snubbull, Sneasel, Slugma, Piloswine (& whatever before), Remoraid, Mantine (10k), Phanpy, Larvitar (2x10k).
  12. 2900+ Blissey top of a local gym. Ugh.
  13. Well. Jokes on me. Lapras got nerfed. And I just used it as my buddy for the last 40+k during the last event. On the flip side. Went for a walk. Have five new 10ks incubating. And found a totodile nest.
  14. You both have more than me. I don't feel like going out for an hour. Half tempted now. My Blissey became a beast, too. Hyper beam!! And got a Crobat for fun.
  15. Yeah. Hatched all three, so pretty good IVs. One during a few events ago with huge candies from eggs. Got like 50. And I have all 3 different charge moves, too. *buff* Sorry man.