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    I'm a bug
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    I eat dirt
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    I can never really tell if I’m slowly going mad or just coming to terms with a bizarre reality.
  1. waves back: hello Oros.

  2. I think it's some kind of Armored Tree Ant. Although I didn't take note of what kind specifically. I just thought it was cute.

  3. Love the avatar what bug is it?

  4. I had this exact problem about 2 years ago. I worked at a desk for years and finally just had enough sitting around. So I got a job at a tree nursery and loved it. Just hauled stuff around and took care of plants all day. Its seasonal work but it’s fun in the summer. Educational to! Pretty much know all the ins and outs of the local environment now. And cool thing about places like that is they still hire the old fashion way where you just walk in and introduce yourself.
  5. Sorry about the wait I got distracted last night. Acoustics Engineering definitely sounds interesting. I’ll look into that. If he hasn’t already done work in that field it appears to be something he’d take to. The majority of his personal projects relate to sound in one way or another. Usually musical purposes. However he designed sound modules for Dolls at fisher Price and invented the speaker thingamabob that goes in those singing balloons. Plus a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember. That’s the kind of money he used to make. But this last job kind of wore him down and his health isn’t great either. He’s alright but his knee and back are busted up and it keeps him from being as social as he used to be. Hell when I was a kid he spent more time abroad then he did at home working on all kinds of stuff. He doesn’t leave the house much anymore now. Thing is I don’t think he could handle much more expansion of his company. It’s more of a pet project. He’s had this little personal business for years and it has grown and died down many times over. Now it’s just him building speakers in the basement. I want to help him but I can’t become his personal factory slave. He’s my father and I love him. But FUCK THAT! What I’d like to do is find out of there is some kind of engineering club he could join or like just find him some niche where he will fit in and be around intelligent people. If he’s in the right place I’m confident he can find his own work. But right now he’s just kinda at a loss for what to do I think. The problem with his last job was that its run by plebes. He’s designing factory machines and programs that are keeping the company afloat. But he’s skipping out on all the fucking BBQs and baby kissing and shit and it’s creating a hostile work environment. He didn’t really get along with anyone. They were all unprofessional. And so he left but didn’t have anywhere to go.
  6. JuxtAposE: You are correct he is an INTP. (I probably should have mentioned that.) I’m not trying to get him to enter a new field necessarily. I was wondering if there are jobs you might know about that would suit someone of his position. When I said education I meant to teach engineering. Count0: The problem is he’s not making enough money to support himself. Otherwise I wouldn’t be too worried about it. He’s always been more of an independent so he doesn’t have much of a retirement plan. Guys in my family have a stubborn tendency to work until they croak anyway. He is also a Businessman, Musician, Mechanical Engineer. And he used to be a bodybuilder when he was younger. (Ok i'll be back later.)
  7. Love, Health, Experiance
  8. Hi everyone! Long time no see. I need some advice and felt you would be the crowd to talk to. It’s about my old man. He’s an Electrical Engineer with more than 30 years’ experience in the field. He has been all over the world, constructed factories, worked with lots of big companies and just all kinds of stuff. The job he has been at for the last few years was making him miserable though so he went solo about a year ago. He has a small company designing speakers and various other custom musical equipment. The demographic for it is pretty small though and he doesn’t get a lot of business thru it. It’s top of the line stuff but he’s building the things alone out of his basement. He will occasionally do a job for a company or friend but nothing permanent. So I was wondering. Are there any engineers or similar professionals who are starting to get a bit older who might have some advice as to what he could potentially do. I feel like the tech game is becoming more of a younger man’s arena what with the advances that have occurred just within my lifetime. Don’t get me wrong he has kept up. But it’s still not the same. I was thinking he might pursue an educational path or something like that. But I just don’t know. Any advice on the matter would be greatly appreciated. (PS I’m on my lunch break so I won’t get to reply until later this evening.)
  9. I've just randomly read the quote under your avatar and wanted to tell you that you just made my day. Thank you, and cheers :)

  10. YOU ARE THE #BRAINCHILD OF Leonardo of Arc You have an active imagination and free-spirited side, which means you dream big, believe anything can happen, and are open to new experiences that might present opportunities to learn and explore. You get these traits from Leonardo da Vinci, the genius artist, inventor and mathematician whose talent is still considered to be one of the greatest in the world. But you're also very disciplined, and have a strong work ethic that grounds your personality and gives all your big dreams and ideas the fuel to become reality. You get these traits from Joan of Arc, the bold, fearless French heroine who was also canonized as a Catholic saint.
  11. 18
  12. Where did you go? I miss your face around here.

  13. You have a 37% chance of being bored out of your skull.
  14. 72.63 lol that was an odd one
  15. 3.066666666666667 You are disciplined but tolerant; a true American.