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  1. I agree. It works to a certain extent and can be helpful to understand other people. But endless discussions about which are somebody's primary and auxiliary functions are just silly.
  2. It always amuses me to read how many supposedly logical and rational people talk about MBTI as if it was a hard science. They seem to believe that "cognitive functions" are something that is measurable and verifiabale instead of a century old outdated concept of psychology. INTJs are people that answer a certain set of questions in a certain way, that's all.
  3. If the Ukraine would have paid (their already reduced price) on time for the gas the russians wouldn't have stopped the deliveries. Except for Norway I can't think of a more dependable gas exporting country than Russia. I'm not talking only about Syria. The russian role in other recent conflicts (Libya, Egypt, even Georgia) has been rather restrained and reasonable. Even if somebody doesn't like all their decisions an objective observer would see that they respect international law more than the USA does. Yet in large parts of the western mainstream media Russia is often presented as an aggressor and a quasi-dictatorship. I certainly don't agree with everything Putin does, especially regarding civil rights in Russia. I just wish the mainstream media here in the west would be more objective.
  4. British (and german) media are continuing their primitive anti-russian propaganda from the cold war. Putin is an easy target because he doesn't take shit from our western leaders. Personally I find his foreign policy much more reasonable (and less aggressive) than that of the US, UK and France.
  5. 8
  6. I don't think that society EVER valued honesty. Society values political correctness, swimming with the stream, moral double standards in basically every aspect of life.
  7. hey I just saw you also really like Woody Allen films and humour- I can't remember is your enneagram 5w4 or something similar?

  8. Best book on MBTI that I've read.
  9. Well, I'd give my life for my girlfriend but then she would want to give her life for me and then we would have a fight about who gets to be killed ;-)
  10. LOL. That was a good one! And since I'm just writing you it's a good opportunity to tell you that I usually enjoy your posts very much. Often when I want to comment on something I find that you have already said exactly what I wanted to write. But you can do it better anyway because english is only my second language.

  11. Visually he's a great director but I strongly dislike the religious message in THE TREE OF LIFE. I enjoyed THE THIN RED LINE and THE NEW WORLD but found DAYS OF HEAVEN boring. I haven't seen BADLANDS since I was a kid but I will watch it again soon. All in all he's an interesting director but not one of my favourites and it has nothing to do with the "slowness" of his movies.
  12. Because they feel there are more important things than sexual fidelity.