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  1. Zen, meditation, yoga, exercise, time in nature, time with family, time on hobbies, meaningful career, Epicureanism.
  2. What you propose is literally not possible nor would it ever occur naturally. Even species that lack sexual dimorphism can distinguish between each other. This ability to identify mates has a biological mandate. If you cannot identify mates, you die out. That being said, sight is only one sense. There is still voice, but more importantly scent. Pheromones would be ideal in a situation where gender were non-obvious.
  3. Having been an active member of the kink community as well as other alt-lifestyle communities (namely non-monogamy), I see nothing other than the natural human behavior to classify and label. Otherkin seems to be a fad much like Goth was a fad. I don't know if otherkin is a sexual identity or gender identity or other. I'll not bore you with lists of terms and labels, but really this is just about articulating aspects of personal subjective identity.
  4. you told them no to getting cake - It depends on if they threw a tantrum or not. If tantrum: become very firm and work with them to get their emotions in check. If no tantrum, then a simple explanation or something. they're afraid of the dark - In this case I'd explain that being afraid of the dark is perfectly natural and healthy, and that it has reasons for existing, but as long as you're inside you're safe in the dark. the puppy died - this really depends on age. Very young children (<5, probably younger than that) don't really understand the concept of death, but they do understand Fido went away. For small children, lots of hugs and support when the tears come. For a slightly older child, one that can comprehend that death = end of life, I would explain to them that death is a natural part of every living thing's life. And it's just sad because we tend to live longer than our pets - but this is good because then they have you for their entire life.
  5. So in this lifestyle there's a lot of discussion about envy and jealousy. Envy is the sensation of wanting what someone else has. Jealousy is the fear of someone taking something from you. Anyways, personally I love it when my wife goes out with her other spouse. It gives me time to be by myself in the house or wherever. Also, what's stopping you from going out on a date on that same Friday night? This is highly salient. There have been stories in the news of poly relationships ending in murder. In that particular case one of the partners got a tattoo that they had agreed was only for the other two partners. These were poorer folks without much education. Many poly families, though, are very affluent and highly educated. Several academic studies have found that those who respond to surveys about non-monogamy tend to be overwhelmingly white and affluent. It has been posited that other segments of society may be more at risk should their lifestyle be revealed, so they keep it hidden. I've met at least one other couple that had a lot of issues with their family, custody, and other legal stuff due to their lifestyle. So it does happen.
  6. As if I haven't been criticized for my butchering of your barbaric tongue already Stinking uncivilized Gauls.
  7. The gambit has been fully committed.
  8. I once made a list of things that I thought men ought to be and someone pointed out that most of the items were common to simply being a decent person. Things such as integrity should be ideals for everyone. So that leaves masculinity out of a lot of options. What sets masculinity apart from femininity? I cannot yet articulate the differences in explicit terms but I can use a metaphor to demonstrate. When it comes to parenting, I approach some things very differently from my wife. Where my wife will seek to shield or protect our child from pain or dangers I encourage him to explore and find his limits (while providing close supervision). So the feminine side tends to be more nurturing and protective, the masculine side tends to be more bold and pushes against boundaries. This lines up with some of the evolutionary advantages of having two sexes.
  9. You've read up/know about day trading right? I remember you mentioning it. Can you respond in my blog about it? 

  10. You are actually quite wrong. The "purpose" of life (the emergent and apparent goal) is to propagate genes. Reproduction is only one way to do that. Your uneducated and uninformed opinions are meaningless to science.
  11. how did you find me on LinkedIn?

    1. Polymath20


      ...I found you on LinkedIn? O_o

      I did recently connect my gmail, but I don't think I have you as a contact. I just clicked the button "yes" to send an invitation to everyone i know.

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      LOL.  Well, we are connected now.

  12. if you're not involved in a community... who would be criticizing you? My solution was to marry an FJ.
  13. Being tall is, for men, quantifiably advantageous: https://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-biggest-lies-in-online-dating/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/11615756/Tall-men-earn-more-are-more-attractive-and-have-healthier-hearts.html