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  1. As if I haven't been criticized for my butchering of your barbaric tongue already Stinking uncivilized Gauls.
  2. The Gambit

    The gambit has been fully committed.
  3. I once made a list of things that I thought men ought to be and someone pointed out that most of the items were common to simply being a decent person. Things such as integrity should be ideals for everyone. So that leaves masculinity out of a lot of options. What sets masculinity apart from femininity? I cannot yet articulate the differences in explicit terms but I can use a metaphor to demonstrate. When it comes to parenting, I approach some things very differently from my wife. Where my wife will seek to shield or protect our child from pain or dangers I encourage him to explore and find his limits (while providing close supervision). So the feminine side tends to be more nurturing and protective, the masculine side tends to be more bold and pushes against boundaries. This lines up with some of the evolutionary advantages of having two sexes.
  4. You've read up/know about day trading right? I remember you mentioning it. Can you respond in my blog about it? 

  5. You are actually quite wrong. The "purpose" of life (the emergent and apparent goal) is to propagate genes. Reproduction is only one way to do that. Your uneducated and uninformed opinions are meaningless to science.
  6. how did you find me on LinkedIn?

    1. Polymath20


      ...I found you on LinkedIn? O_o

      I did recently connect my gmail, but I don't think I have you as a contact. I just clicked the button "yes" to send an invitation to everyone i know.

    2. Async


      LOL.  Well, we are connected now.

  7. if you're not involved in a community... who would be criticizing you? My solution was to marry an FJ.
  8. Being tall is, for men, quantifiably advantageous: https://blog.okcupid.com/index.php/the-biggest-lies-in-online-dating/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/the-filter/11615756/Tall-men-earn-more-are-more-attractive-and-have-healthier-hearts.html
  9. eat a fuckton of carbs while drinking. I started drinking tequila on an empty stomach and ate two bowls of mac and cheese between the first and second drink. I'm perfectly fine (and happy) now. bagels are also good because dense doughy bread.
  10. A pawn advances

    The opening move has been made
  11. I would suggest that evolution is, itself, an immutable biological force. Japan is also one of the largest producers and consumers of porn, so your point doesn't really stand up. This last part is exactly what I was talking about when I said that evolution has delegated a lot to our brains.
  12. I disagree. TRP is a very well articulated set of expectations and ideals that accepts men and women who have specific values and ideals. It forms a framework by which to operate. Sure they make some assumptions about evolution, psychology, and innate drives, but they do pay attention to evidence. Having looked at some TRP threads on Reddit, I can say that they are very much aware of science. Now, as far as subservient women being abused - in these cases the women actually genuinely believe that they are less capable of making "big decisions". They see their role - biologically, philosophically, etc - as that of a supportive role. Women, historically, have been more supportive and nurturing - of everyone in their lives. Whether it's their partner or their children or their parents. Men, on the other hand, are far more likely to be selfish and self-centered. The evolutionary reason for this is that men have benefited from high-risk, high-reward strategies. On the other hand, women have tended to have higher fitness when they invest a lot into their family.
  13. I dunno, I could make the argument that everything that humans are capable of basically comes down to genetics. Sure, the way in which your genes express is influenced by the environment, but it's still the machine of your DNA responding to something. Everything that you are potentially capable of, that everyone is potentially capable of, is 100% bound to their genes. I disagree. Many humans still have the compulsion to eat far more than they need when savory food is available. This is a holdover to the days of "feast and famine". Fatten up while you can. Also porn. The desire for sex (and by extension accidental procreation) is so incredibly powerful that porn is (1) enjoyable and (2) created an industry that is worth $4 billion. Human biology has no concept of of industrialized agriculture or webcam sex shows. Human biology, however, has delegated a tremendous amount of discretion to the nervous system (which is almost unique amongst the animal kingdom).
  14. You're alluding to something without actually substantiating it. This is very similar to the handwringing behavior about "moral decline" I think the truth of it is that you simply do not comprehend the world in which you live, thus your conclusion is that it's wrong. Generally speaking, when an individual has to claim that a large swath of the population is inferior to themselves, they are wrong.
  15. I'll take all the ideas of the young people today over the generation that produced antivaxxers. The Boomers seem to have made retardation a hobby.