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  1. I was a little puzzled at the claim that they could not be detected beyond 15-20 miles. A US carrier battle group will have an E-2 with a radar horizon of about 400km and fighters with a radar horizon of about 500km. Which isn't to say that they would actually detect something at that range but it's not like carrier battle groups cannot detect something beyond 30km. It would be interesting to get an idea of how far a CBG with fighters, an E-2, data fusion and heavy processing power could detect a missile or low flying aircraft/GEV.
  2. The ability to use the sea as a runway is indeed a significant advantage. What much less expensive medium range weaponry are you thinking about? Given engines of the same engine power rating, how much heavier can a GEV be compared to an aircraft?
  3. What advantages do ground effect vehicles have over low flying aircraft of the same weight? The GEV would be able to fly some meters lower, what else? It might make for a good antiship missile or torpedo-releasing missile though. Or perhaps a missile-launching missile; use the GEV to cruise to the target area then, in terminal phase, launch solid fuel missiles while the GEV provides ECM against the target ship's CIWS.
  4. Are there ways in which using 2 monitors is preferable to the same screen area with 1 monitor, whether in gaming or other uses? If so, what makes it so?
  5. Why do you think that is? What would you like to see?
  6. How many monitors are usually connected to your gaming computer? What do you think are some of the better uses of multi-monitor setups in games? What potential uses would you like to see? Are multi-monitor setups particularly hard on GPUs aside from the increase in the number of pixels?
  7. One of your posts mentions getting the hang of meditation. I know that it might be difficult to describe, especially in a text-only format but could you go on about that? I've been getting progressively more into it these last few months and any insight from someone who's gotten the hang of it would be greatly appreciated if you're willing to share. 

    1. Kisai


      There are several different types of meditation.  I've done some Buddhist ones which are about either mindfulness of thoughts or dismissive of thoughts.  Mindfulness is you pay attention to where the thought arose and you ground it.  Dismissing thoughts is done later where you don't even think, you're just an empty vessel.   Sometimes I've even completely blacked out and come to later,


      I also do a Taoist type of meditation called the Inner Smile.  It's used in conjunction with the 6 healing sounds.  It's taught by Mantak Chia and his students.  This type of meditation supposes that one's inner organs each emit a type of chi, which is usually imbalanced.  You bring all of it in balance and then perform a circuit which eventually leads to the opening of the golden flower.


      I can't really teach the second one, but I can recommend some books.  I'm also not a good teacher for the first one.  You'd have to learn to be mindful of your breathing, sit correctly, and then focus on your thoughts.

    2. MichaelEmouse


      I think I'm at the point where I can be mindful of my breathing, sit correctly and somewhat focus on my thoughts. I'm not that experienced but I have done some breathing-based meditation and had some training in Vipassana (body scanning) during a 10-day silent retreat. 


      Could you tell me more about " pay attention to where the thought arose and you ground it"?


      Is dismissing the thoughts similar to free-flowing meditation where you just let whatever come up without any goal, curiosity, aversion or craving?



  8. Traumatic event occurs, the hippocampus and amygdala become overactive which then leads to PTSD. INTJ personality can both play into that or be a useful tool in not getting emotionally swept up and causing destructive behavior in the now safer environment. The upside is that being INTJ, you're likely comfortable exploring your own mind which means you'll be both willing and able to get into this sort of topic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Default_mode_network https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind-wandering
  9. Does intermittently saying "Suck it" and "Good girl" count as not being silent? Men tend not to show emotions as much as women, especially emotions associated with vulnerability/loss of control.
  10. ESJFs tend to be more traditional/rigid than ENFJs. She does this card/money sending because it's how she was raised, she thinks it's what's socially expected and she thinks people should do what's socially expected. Since you're the woman of the house, it's (according to traditional roles) your duty to do this sort of thing too. You're not doing that so perhaps she feels snubbed/unloved/rejected/you're being rude. What does your father in law let her get away with?
  11. I can't say what it is about it but your pics look very ENFP. And the orange wall is appropriately Dutch. 

    1. MissJ


      Hahahhha I dont like the wall already got white paint to go over it. Ive heard it before that the pics look enfp :laugh: I do still with identify with enfp. Maybe its the happy and silly faces. 

    2. MichaelEmouse


      In your experience, what is the aesthetic sense of ENFPs? What are they like in terms of makeup, dressing etc?



      Tell me more about the land of windmills and ecstasy. Anything, really.



      Since your family is Asian, I'm wondering if you grew up with some kind of meditative/yoga practice. 

  12. I phrased my question to deliberately include both although I'd like it if your reply made it clear which advantage goes with what.
  13. So, fellow members of the master race, I'd like to discuss what the mouse and keyboard offer. What are the main advantages to either of them? Are there ways in which they could be used but which have been left as largely untapped potential?
  14. What do you use the 4-5 buttons for on CS? Aside from macros and putting common keyboard shortcuts on the mouse, did you ever see a good use for the extra buttons?
  15. I'm curious about how the mouse could be used in novel ways in gaming. Are there some interesting uses you've seen? Can you think of some novel ways it could be employed? How many buttons do you think are typically on a gamer's mouse? The poll is about your mouse. If there is a mouse wheel that can be clicked, count it as 1 button.