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  1. Does your avatar have something to do with DMT? It reminds me of art inspired from it. 

  2. That's a nice avatar. Did you get it somewhere?

    1. toki


      from the internet, why don't you have an avatar yet?

    2. MissJ


      Oh yes I agree that it is a nice avatar. It is like the stereotype of rainbowbrain ENFP but then blown out of the head lmao 

  3. How is Netherlands this time of year? Do you get snow or just a lot of rain in the winter?

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    2. MissJ


      If you've never been here before please do explore Amsterdam! You'll find the legal red light districts, canals, old buildings and marihuana refreshing. Giethoorn is like the Dutch Venice, I haven't been there yet but am definitely planning to soon. Go to The Hague as well, the royal family and governmental parties are situated there. Scheveningen beach is lovely as well. Rotterdam has a great inside markethall, it's lovely and stuffed with different cultural food stands. Eindhoven is this huge city you will like if you like shopping, which you probably don't like LOL. Utrecht...it's a big city but I'm not too impresses by it but it's ok. Leiden is the old University city where our queen and kings and studied and has many beautiful older buildings and historical points, statues of Rembrandt the painter etc, housing where Einstein has lived, he taught as Leiden University as well. 

      Now I am weather reporter and tour guide! :laugh:

      And it sounds way too cold and clammy at your place. Where are you from again?

    3. MichaelEmouse


      I'm from Canada.


      Do people smoke pot openly in the streets where you are?

    4. MissJ


      Well, it's not like they're everywhere. But usually at festivals or when it's evening or night and in weird alleys and stuff LOL. Around coffee shops. Yeah, it's allowed to smoke openly. Now and then you can smell someone smoking it, but it really depends on where you are. It's not that common. Majority are non-smokers on the street, just "normal" people going about their own business. 

  4. What elements do you think result in Tai Chi being calming? Does it share much with yoga?
  5. How do you keep from getting distracted, getting pulled into emotionally-charged thoughts? Sometimes, the general rule of "get awareness gently back on the object of focus" doesn't work that well.
  6. Anyone else doing meditation? Can you tell me how it's been like for you? Has anyone gone to a silent retreat before? What was it like?
  7. 1 more post to go ✌️

  8. Nice cat. How old? How much does he weigh?

  9. Don't worry MissJ, you'll get to the number of posts that allows private messaging. And then we'll have discussions about tulips and wooden shoes and windmills and such.

    1. UnicornMagic


      I need tulips. My pink ones are dying

  10. Perhaps some features unlock after a certain number of posts. If you want to know, you might start a thread in the Support & feedback section to ask that question.

  11. I can't find anything of use! I have no idea what's up...

  12. oh! I had no idea. I'll check it at the CP.

  13. I think you have to enable private messages. Or for some other reason it's not available for you although I don't see why not.

  14. Yeah sure! Go ahead :)

  15. What characteristics do they share? How about those who do take those illicit drugs but not constantly? I'm surprised there are people who take copious amounts of LSD constantly, unless you were being hyperbolic.