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  1. Alright, there's some misunderstand going on. You see, you were taking about "hundreds of women" passing you up. And you mentioned yourself that your criteria for a date can be met by many women. And now, you have a very narrow pool of women available to you. And I wasn't even talking about finding guys like yourself. I was talking about your attempt to explain it from a woman's perspective and what women need to do. People complain about all kinds of things. Taking that incredibly vague comment and trying to extrapolate all this fuckboy logic as a barrier in online dating is utter nonsense. If anything, the fuckboynoise arguably made online dating easier for me because I could stand out.
  2. They can also work against you if you're not keeping perspective and extrapolating errors. Well, yeah. So, how can you efficiently get through that superficial criteria to meet someone that you'll have a sustainable connection with? Again, narrow your pool. Yeah, I think majority of women would find it unattractive that you're willing to just give any of them a shot as long as they don't support Trump, have a decent education, want to get married and have kids, and are physically attractive. Considering that's just a sliver of who they are. I'm sure the "fuck boys" meet the same criteria, plus some (I mean, they really know how to fuck). Is it really any wonder why women would choose them over you if they're only evaluating your looks, education, political views, and the fact you want to get married? I mean, all of that is really easy to find. Again, so much so that the fuck boys meet that criteria. So, how do you stand apart from the crowd? I don't see any women asking for your help. That's also unattractive. Attempting to fix problems that you don't even have a full grasp on. So, before jumping to solutions, how about coming to understand the problem?
  3. Can't say I've ever used numbers or science with respect to a personal relationship. Are you sure that's been helping you?
  4. Well, that's obvious with Tinder which is why I personally wouldn't use it on a regular basis because I wouldn't want to go through so many people based on superficial criteria in hopes that one of them would result in a connection, but not only a connection, a connection that would be sustainable in a long-term relationship. In other words, I think it's a detriment of online dating to feel as if there are "so many options." Just narrow your pool down more. In other words, you've been having successes with dating, but you're concerned that a "better fit" isn't able to find you because of the "fuck boys?" This is one of the problems with the "numbers game" dating style. You're extrapolating all these reasons why "better" women aren't finding you when in reality they're doing their own thing which has nothing to do with you (or guys like you). I mean, why do you even need "hundreds more" women to see your profile? That just seems absurd.
  5. Have you shared an interaction that fell through with any of the women who adore you as a person? You'll benefit from understanding how you come across to others during those moments. Also, I'm not seeing how adoring you as a person or wanting to be around you necessarily makes you attractive as a romantic and/or sexual partner (i.e., they see you as a friend). That may need to be distinguished as well.
  6. Is this thread intended to show women the way to the light? It's awfully arrogant of you to think that so many women are wanting you but just can't find you. You can tick off all the superficial criteria, but that still doesn't necessarily do anything for getting the heart pumping nor does any of it give a reason to bear a child with you. Regarding hundreds of women flying right past you, earlier you made the statement that you have no problem initially making connections with women:
  7. Better yet, make an argument yourself using the data. Considering the rate of abortion has dropped since Roe v. Wade, how do you account for this? Arguing that making abortion illegal will reduce the number of abortions is not only naive but now proven to be false. Use the data and make an argument. Would this statement minimize the number of abortions? Think pragmatically, not idealistically. This may be surprising, but sticking your head in the sand and holding onto the ideas that you've forged in your mind isn't going to magically make a difference. The articles I presented have well formulated arguments backed by studies and statistics. If you disagree with any of it, feel free to make a counterargument. I don't think you understand what poor means. You've also conveniently skipped the question on what the most effective contraceptive is. Hint: the pill and condom are not even close. You're right that they have used contraceptives but not regularly. You want to blame the people and believe that it's accessible and affordable to everyone. But that's not the case. Programs are constantly being cut to avoid that accessibility and affordability. So, again, if government programs are proving successful at reducing abortions, why wouldn't you support them? Even if, *gasp*, they're free to girls and women. And in case you still won't read the articles, I'll add this from one of them:
  8. An adoption website saying "many prospective parents seek to adopt healthy infants" does not qualify as data. Here is some data on adoption for 2014. Compare that with how many abortions there were with the lowest rate in recorded US history. What would the impact be if every woman was somehow forced to carry a pregnancy to term and bring the child into this world? Can society even handle that? Again, what is being done for prevention? And how many of these girls/women do you think can afford a Starbucks coffee once a week? Any data to back that up? And if it would minimize abortions, why wouldn't you be willing to support a program that would offer that service to girls/women for free? EDIT: On second thought, I'll jump ahead and make this easier. Why Do Poor Women Have More Abortions? (bolded mine) Which contraceptive would be most effective? This comes across as whiny.
  9. I'll rephrase the question. When parents cannot support or do not want a child, what is the best course of action if the woman is pregnant and abortion is illegal? Now, back that up with actual data to see the impact that it has on the potential baby and society. The largest problem is not seeing the forest for the trees. Those who are actively against abortion are also actively fighting against providing contraceptives to women. Again, don't like abortions? How do you prevent them? How do you minimize them?
  10. Genuine question: does your level of caring drop immediately after the baby leaves the womb, or is it gradual? --- Has anyone else mentioned that the abortion rate is currently at the lowest point in recorded history in the US? Legalizing abortion and providing sexual education and contraceptives are significant factors in dropping the rate of abortions. So, if you don't like abortions, having it as a legal option for women along with providing contraceptives and sex education will minimize the amount of abortions that actually happen.
  11. What you're touching on, but from a different perspective, is that people tend to prefer organic connections, not try-hards. Men who strictly play the numbers game also run the risk of getting swept up in the addiction of just meeting woman after woman without really connecting. I'm sure it works for some, but I've never seen the appeal. What's interesting is that lor6 posted a thread in R&D that touches on how the process of dating could be addicting for men. In other words, an online dating profile doesn't need to appeal to all or even most women. It only needs to appeal to at least one person who you would be able to share a connection with. This is why it's important to be genuine without describing yourself as genuine. You may not meet as many women, but the odds of success for a connection, and thus relationship, increase. Which isn't all that far off from "dating" in the flesh. Your odds of success for a connection go up when you're simply behaving as yourself and not planning on how to attract someone. If that's not working, then the problem may be in the natural behaviors which would require self reflection and awareness to better understand.
  12. That's a good point, I agree. Reminds me of this account/story where a Christian was huddled around a campfire with a group of Native Americans in Canada after first arriving to the Americas. After the Christian finished sharing their origin story, one of the natives nodded, "That's a good story." Another native began sharing their version of how we came to be. The Christian interrupted, "But that was the truth. You have to accept Him as our one true God in order to be saved and allowed into Heaven." Thinking about a way to put it simply, a religion loses its spirituality when it is utilized as if it has all the answers.
  13. I also don't disagree. I just see the common denominator as simply ignorance or intellectual dishonesty which can be seen in both science and religion, and it's also interesting to trace when "spirituality" and "religion" have become separated in modern opinion.
  14. Have any data to back this up? Here's another take on the interpretation of religio: Although I do agree that religion has become organized, politicized and indoctrinated, I don't agree that it's (mostly) a simple world view for common folk. There are a number of those who identify as religious without being indoctrinated or interpreting their teachings literally, and you also seem to be focusing on Western religion. But even so, if 95% of scientists were dogmatic and indoctrinated, I don't think it'd be reasonable to blame it on science itself.
  15. I think this is important in a relationship: having a healthy balance of communication where you can express yourself without tying up how you're feeling with how they may be feeling. You can get lost in a story that's not true to his perspective. He may feel bad, but he also may not have understood the importance. You may not have even understood the importance until he made it seem as if he'd be doing something. If you're wanting to do something on your birthday and he hasn't made plans, reach out and make plans with him, or as otherwise suggested, make plans to celebrate your birthdays together.