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  1. it's comfortable when I swim, but if I have to sit too long it hurts the feet. Keeps my toes pointed!

  2. nah, I still use lots of emojis XD
  3. nice guys can be assholes too...just in different aspects.
  4. In some cultures, crooked teeth are considered more attractive. Japanese people think crooked teeth are cute, so much so that some of them purposefully get operations done to obtain crooked teeth. In my opinion, there is nothing really wrong with your teeth.
  5. I paint, draw or if I'm in a lazy mood, I eat ice cream and watch movies
  6. Fierce, Romantic, Intellectual, Empathetic, Sincere Your 5 dominant traits are: Fierce, Romantic, Intellectual, Empathetic and Sincere. You are a fiery ball of passion who is always stimulated by learning about the people and things that surround you. Although you are fairly extroverted, you have a gentle and kind side to you that draws people to your warm soul.
  7. I do not detest it but I feel awkward being photographed. Selfies are ok but not that great either. I prefer to be the photographer and take artsy scenic photographs.
  8. The same way an introvert feels about being alone is the exact way an extrovert feels around people. Extroverts derive energy, fun, joy and happiness by being around people, it is the way we are wired. Due to this, we may perceive or interpret an introverts' alone time as a message saying they don't want to be around us anymore or that we bother them. As an extrovert, I do often encounter these conflicts with my introvert friends. However, with communication, these misunderstandings can be resolved. I have alot of introverted friends and I still wonder what goes on in their heads from time to time, so it is a work in progress.
  9. hugs and cuddles*
  10. Hmm... I think I should re word my response. Killing as a necessary means for food is what I support. Pointless killing (as such in your picture) is something I am strongly against. I do not advocate hunting for fun/poaching/killing for furs or fashion trends. Poor giraffe
  11. Been there, done that, didn't get the T-shirt.

  12. ....If his name is Neo. He's the chosen one. Even if you do find him/her.. it may be a glitch in the Matrix.. Jokes aside; You know you found a keeper when you share comfortable silence and can tolerate each others' annoying quirks, mutual respect, mutual understanding and both of you can be completely comfortable around each other. Also here is a decent list of signs indicating that you have found "the one": http://www.bustle.com/articles/75413-10-signs-you-have-met-the-one
  13. OMg yess!! #fact