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    'Behold thou the powers of nature: fire, earth, wind, and sky; the sun, the heavens, the moon, the stars; all the forces of vitality and of healing; and the roving winds.'~Bhagavad Gita

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  1. Big oil, for instance, will balk at the proposition of eliminating plastics in favour of biodegradable material. Anything that might, by the slightest conceivable way, negatively impact markets, short, medium, or long term, will be ignored.
  2. Yes. Sites such as these are disgusting and demoralising.
  3. Sewage pumped directly into the Gulf of Mexico does damage in coastal areas. Certain kinds of seafood are prohibited as a direct result of the sewage practice. I could go on, but i'm at risk of being labeled an 'unreasonable leftist' here in the US. And these problems are an indirect, or partial, result of population increases along the coast.
  4. I agree, without reservation, that we Americans indulge in 'conspicuous consumption', and our strategies for efficient waste management are shortsighted, or nonexistent. There is a monstrous island of waste in the Pacific Ocean, composed mostly of plastics (petroleum products) which do not break down. It is a mostly dead region, and thoroughly appalling. Wildlife from top predators down to microscopic algae can hardly thrive in such an environment. I say we undertake a project to clean up this horrifying mess, with an eye toward restoring a pristine ecosystem. But who will listen to me? No one. The problem i see over the medium term, despite all, is conspicuous consumption becoming normal in developing regions.
  5. Realistically, tho, it becomes difficult to dictate to country folk how they conduct their lives, or how many children they can have. They will do it their way unless they are rounded up and shot by the government. The same principle applies to young folk who migrate to urban areas to enjoy the opportunities and the life. Many young couples do abide by government guidelines and have only one child. But there are serious problems with this dictate: They prefer a male child, and female babies tend to 'disappear' by whatever means until a male comes along. If the wife becomes pregnant with a second child, the couple runs the risk of heavy handed government intervention. They might be turned in to authorities by a nosy neighbor who need not be identified. The whole system is unnerving and incomprehensible to Americans.
  6. Trump's limousine passes an empty reviewing stand during the inaugural parade. Photo by Carlos Barria/Reuters We Are The Champions The Torture Never Stops Spanking Room Korean Trombone Orchestra Sue Egypt Let Me Do It To You
  7. And become reptile manure. So i saw a documentary about a man who secretly kept two monitor lizards in his apartment. They killed him and began feeding on the body. The police had to bring in some kind of wildlife expert to capture the lizards, which were rightly deemed *dangerous*. They theorised the victim wasn't feeding his pets adequately...
  8. You neglect to mention the decades of legal restrictions on reproduction, forced abortions, and a generally oppressive one-party regime. Beautiful countryside, unacceptable political system.
  9. Can Aspies write really well, non-fiction, fiction, poetry? 

    1. Bevan


      :laugh: Sure! I write well. And i've written much poetry, never published. I'm told *everyone* has a place on the autism scale. It's a matter of degree. 

      Aspies can be very intelligent, creative, even have a sharp sense of humour.

    2. ness2361


      Back in the 90s I knew autistic kids, and there was a place in the 80s, near my flat, where the owner put up kids' art (his kid was Autistic), so I did some research and had several of the traits, was worried for a bit, but what the heck, there's a theory for all sorts of general traits, then "categorized" so I'm sure I could my place on "that list" too. O.o 

  10. That's a smart looking city. But you know, we always get back to the question of how to eradicate poverty. I've read quotes from Chinese officials stating there are still many people in rural, outlying areas who live in relative poverty. So they admit the problem is still ongoing. And further, traditional, rural ways of life are being negatively impacted by the rush to urban areas--for the job, the car, etc. The traditional Chinese emphasis on extended family life is being disrupted. And the Chinese government has promoted birth control for decades. Modernisation is not completely painless, and many Chinese appear to be left behind.
  11. I am meek, until i like, get on a rip...
  12. I've had out-of-body experiences, some while dreaming, some wakeful. At the moment i'm having an in-body experience.
  13. I've always liked reptiles, but smaller than a gator. Some of the big ones could eat you for lunch. Then what are you supposed to do?
  14. If multiples were to step up to the plate, i'd probably do it.
  15. Trying to write something helpful.