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    BA English~deejay~reporter~editor~photographer~foole
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    'Behold thou the powers of nature: fire, earth, wind, and sky; the sun, the heavens, the moon, the stars; all the forces of vitality and of healing; and the roving winds.'~Bhagavad Gita

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  1. 81,460,815 views: Marilyn Manson
  2. Hello. We are probably not whom can help you with face trouble, but maybe. You never know.
  3. Yeah. All my posts belong here. Yeah...
  4. Here's a select piece of man meat for you. Baby.

    1. eagleseven
    2. Bevan


      If you take your thing out and let it hang, slap his butt hard a couple times, he'll bend over for you.

      I guaran-damn-tee it. 

  5. Kim Jong Cheesecake
  6. I still haven't reached full bloom. So i'm going to put 'Eric Clapton: Slowhand at 70' on the stereo rig and turn it up. For a little inspiration.
  7. If you go out with a woman who wants to do it with you, she will make it obvious. Like she might come up to you and rub her boobies on your chest. That would definitely be a go signal. Or you might go out with someone who isn't ready to go on the first date. Enjoying one another's company is the important thing. If it's fun to just hang out and talk, that's good.
  8. I'm talking about a situation where both parties want to do it.
  9. Well since you're straight you could wind up making a baby. It happens. And it's important for people to inform one another about any STDs.
  10. Alright. In my experience, when you find someone you want to do it with, there will be some kisses, clothes will come off and nature takes its course. It doesn't require a preconceived strategy. There will be some communication, like, umm, turn this way because i want to do such and such... And if the other party says 'no, stop, i don't want to'...you can't do that and you have to stop. But maybe something else would be acceptable to both parties at that point... And i've never paid for sex. What's the point when there's free to be had? And it's illegal to pay for it anyways, or accept money to do it.
  11. Tomato basil soup with a dash of Tabasco, and saltine crackers crumbled on top.
  12. Thinking, cogitation, is only a limited aspect of consciousness.