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  1. I'm also surrounded by Ps, INTPs in particular. Mine are relatively neat and mostly organized (in their own fashion), tend to be on time when required and are generally responsible. Their best trait has to be a dark and evil sense of humour, they keep me in stitches. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: This statement is accurate and does drive me nuts. SO swings pointing finger around during a drive on an unfamiliar four lane highway. "Go that way!" he says vaguely but urgently. What the fuck? Just tell me: one lane over to the right and stay there, that's literally all the information I need from you, why can't you do this simple thing? ARRRRGGGGG!
  2. Extroverts get on my nerves after a while due to their high level of energy (too much talking in an animated manner), I'm solely attracted to introverts, they don't drain me as quickly.
  3. OP: get your self worth up before you start dating. Once you value yourself you can more readily assess the traits you value in others in a clear manner.
  4. So and I ignored the entire thing but we did spend all day snowboarding the glades together, nothing to do with saccharine, sentimentality oozing, idiotic traditions though...
  5. I use a small pot (if it's for one or two people) and fresh pasta (comes in 'nests' from the grocery store). I always start with cold water but in a pinch I guess one could use water that's always boiling from a hot water dispenser (always on in case of tea). This takes about 6 minutes to al dente. This pasta can be combined with sun dried tomato pesto (store bought) and grated Parmesan or Asiago. Whole think takes less than 15 minutes. .
  6. Well this made my day. Are you actually going to try some of these suggestions and post results?
  7. They won't want to give you one before 4 cm (it supposedly slows contractions, it did slow them in my case but now there's conflictory information as to whether that is in fact true), heck they won't even want to keep you before 3 cm if your water hasn't broken yet but if you scream like a banshee and insist on an epidural, they may relent - make sure the anesthesiologist is around (have your SO or whoever's with you try to check their location within the hospital) sometimes they're hard to find so to be safe, I'd have my epidural as early as they let me. In other words, start screaming for it long before you actually need it.
  8. Tortilla shells work too, with ground beef (pre-cooked) a little salsa and sharp cheddar - boom - Mexican nachos pizza.
  9. Begin chanting loudly "I want my epidural" at about 3 centimeters in order to get it in time (my anesthesiologist was at the other end of the hospital so I was lucky to get it before the cut off period). Thank god for epidurals because by about 4 centimeters I was screaming bloody murder, both times. That's just me though, I'm a pain suck, obviously results and pain tolerances vary.
  10. Preheat oven, coat open faced buns with butter and fresh garlic (peeled and cut up) then add a dollop of canned tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese (whatever kind floats your boat) and a little dry oregano - bake until cheese melts = garlic pizza buns. 10 mins tops!
  11. Snowshoeing on île d'Orléans. All the cider. Made amazing pasta.
  12. We are all three people: the person we are, the person we think we are and the person other people see - paraphrased from some movie.
  13. Killer Whale -ENTJ
  14. Like a moth to a flame, luckily I almost never meet my type as they are particularly rare.