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  1. The Knight by Gene Wolfe
  2. Soundtrack of my youth:
  3. The power of latent monkey!
  4. Physical limitations...hmm, I have T Rex arms so that's a bit annoying when I can't reach the soap at the other end of the bathtub without sitting up - otherwise no, age will get you eventually so I'm just thankful that it hasn't gotten me yet. Everything else is gravy. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: What he said!
  5. What are you a vampire? Garlic makes everything better (except chocolate cake). Edit: whoops, I may have gotten my technical terms wrong. We'll go with pieces, two pieces of garlic not two bulbs.
  6. I know we were all thinking it. Brown ground pork and beef with tomato paste, 1 onion, 2 bulbs garlic, 1 pepper (or whichever veg you like), oregano and half a can of canned tomato sauce, serve on crusty Italian bread as Sloppy Joes or over pasta as basic meat sauce.
  7. Being INTJ is not a good excuse to lose patience with random people. It just means that you have to try harder to connect. Think of small talk as foreplay for connection - you have to work at it patiently and that in turn makes the resulting connection sweeter. INTJness is not an excuse to wear your outsize chip proudly on your shoulder. Blaming other people or circumstances for your life results is also not a good idea as it leads to powerlessness and lack of agency. Your life may not necessarily be your 'fault' but it is always your responsibility.
  8. A new to me laptop from the refurb store - love it! A snowboard for the SO (end of season clearance/early birthday present). A day pass for Vancouver attractions. Runners for the boy, T shirts for the SO and girl. Airbnb stays for various places.
  9. In theory, Kintsugi is a distinct possibility, but in practice, I've found that (for me) trust, once broken, cannot be healed.
  10. Babies and toddlers are helpless in the world and should be prioritized above all others but if one does not wish for entitled children, one will not make them the center of their world once they can do things for themselves.
  11. Not when you're young and stupid. You can't put Humpty Dumpty together again.
  12. Once, but I couldn't get over the fact that he cheated on me so we broke up again.
  13. Yes, it went smoothly because they both wanted out of the relationship. It would have gone less smoothly if the husband knew that the wife was cheating on him with his best friend/boss who she married after the divorce. All involved are happier now (even the ex-husband).
  14. When my friend got divorced (evenly split condo and cars, no kids and no alimony) they were on friendly terms so they merely printed off a document she purchased online and they both signed it and got it notarized. Total cost, around $400.