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  1. Wow, she certainly drew this lot of out of her ass - but thanks for playing. Love it when Distance tells me what I am all about. It's laughable.
  2. That was all my VERY introverted SO, he was out of social energy - I was ready to go all night with INTJf people - you guys are great company. Next time! ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: No. These traits seem randomly pulled out of a bad sorting hat quiz. @Whoops I don't see any similarity to Distance and I'm both inward and outwardly focused. About 50/50.
  3. Well if we live long enough to be cyborgs, we can all plug into each other or prob'ly download the thought data remotely. Close enough no?
  4. cunning linguists, cunnilingus ... same diff. Gotta get both ends of the sexual met. For what it's worth, since sapio means attraction to a individualized, specific type of intelligence that can differ from person to person, it's obvious that somehow you need to be aware that this intelligence exists in the first place in order to be attracted to it. Generally it's conveyed via written or spoken word, for example: as Taleb (a likely candidate for sapio crushes) attests: “Wit seduces by signaling intelligence without nerdiness.” but occasionally one is lucky enough to see intelligence conveyed directly via action (problem solving). I've never had the good fortune though, to gaze deeply into someone's eyes and be immediately drawn into their fascinating brain through telepathic connection.
  5. I have the Jewfro: tight, wild, spirally shoulder length curls. I keep it shiny by only shampooing once a week (dry shampoo in between). I never, ever comb or brush my hair unless it's wet and completely soaked with powerful conditioner and I add a drop of argon oil to it while it's still wet and never anything else. I also switch up conditioner every week so that my hair doesn't become complacent. I air dry and never, ever use straighteners or a blow dryer.
  6. The subtext is not something that I've always noticed. It's like learning a new language for me - I did it quite consciously and then it seeped back to where it should have been in the first place (my subconscious) - in other words, I came to notice these types of dynamics with a paint by numbers approach rather than a natural one. My INTp SO (only inferior Fe) is still much better at seeing these social elements by vast degrees than I am ( same with my INTP daughter). They don't have to work for it at all, they just suss it, they take the temperature (and that part of socializing doesn't drain them). What appears to drain them is meeting the subconscious expectations of those in the group (they put a lot of pressure on themselves to do that, while I don't, I barely notice or care).
  7. Was my first thought too, especially given the glasses.
  8. I was thinking about it, the problem that I seem to have with small talk and with participating in large groups is that it takes too much of my attention. I feel like I have to pay attention (subconscious attention) to too many things at once. It requires an immense amount of concentration to see what's actually happening a level below the 'chatting'. The group dynamics aspect is quite draining in the way that writing an exam (even one you've prepared for) is still draining and after a while the energy and focus required is just not there anymore. I am leaning toward defining myself as a solid ambivert.
  9. You are gorgeous! Your avi pic is enough, the rest of the pics are redundant and seem a bit over stylized. The RPG text seems too verbose for me but then again if your intent is to lure nerds, it may be just the ticket. Personally my eyes glaze from the overabundance of text but that is probably irrelevant as I am not your target market so take with a grain of salt. The photo combined with the obvious signs of N-ness should be more than enough to draw in the particular subset of men you are seeking.
  10. Another puppy, Victoria Secrets sports bras (thanks clearance sale).
  11. Sitting in the tub with the SO debating whether it's worth to take unpaid vacay for predicted rain and fog snowboarding trip.
  12. Had some of those crunchies in a chocolate bar, they tasted fine but I gagged anyway because I knew what I was eating. I had to try it though, just for the experience- didn't even attempt the deep fried scorpions on a stick at the Wangfujing Night Food Street in Beijing: warning: click the spoiler only if you're of strong constitution
  13. Therein lies the problem. Perhaps those parents should hand out ear plugs to patrons, better yet, tranquilizers to their little non behaving monkeys.
  14. And Teslas too, just because pretentious twats. ---- Your screaming toddler is less important than my peace and quiet - restaurants that are not 'family' restaurants should be kid free by law.
  15. I find the religion comments to be fine as they do work effectively to immediately weed out theists which is probably your goal. I do find the profile (even the tweaked version) a bit earnest and would add a little humour to lighten it up and to enable your playfulness to shine through.