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  1. I have very few social spots open in my life. I am not interested in spending time with most people although my immediate family and a few close friends are rare exceptions. If I didn't have my family (already a drain on my me time) I would join a ton of meetup groups that focused on my interests and go out maybe once or twice a week . I have very low levels of social energy but I'm not shy, socially anxious or insecure about who I am, it's simply that I lack the internal motivation to be social.
  2. He sat for many interviews and kept the biographer with him as a tag along before deciding he didn't like the 'negative slant' of the book. Read the book or at least do your research before commenting in an all knowing manner.
  3. The one by Walter Isaacson - it was originally okayed by Jobs but then he didn't like the 'forthrightness' so he backed away from it. He didn't bathe, ate apples- ONLY apples. Couldn't decide what he wanted out of life, which school, which wife etc... he was a narcissist so it's hard to to know where that ends and the ENTP-ness-ing begins. He was about 'art' and 'process' not expediency and efficiency. He would pay extra (much extra) for aesthetic components to be placed inside his computers (which users had no access to) which also had no functionality (entirely superfluous) and no one knew were even there just because they were true to the overall design. He would change his mid, mid-production, many times and designed revolutionary policies (right down to strange bathroom and meeting room placement within his flagship offices) in order to lab rat test how his employees interacted under different stimuli. Read the book, it will give you a fresh perspective on the man.
  4. I'd say Musk is an INTJ, he'd be much more emotionally in tune with others if he was an INFJ. Agree though that Jobs was ENTP.
  5. Hard to say. I'm passionate about skiing, snowboarding and dancing - all of these interests seem 'Se' but I test very high N so maybe it means nothing at all. Or maybe if you enjoy figuring out how things physically fit together it could indicate high Ti? I'm definitely getting a T vibe from you. So...I?TJ.
  6. You seem quite hands on for an INTJ, other than that I haven't a clue other than the I and the J.
  7. Selfishness, in the form of Neo-Libertarianism has been purposefully pushed onto US society and indoctrinated as a value within US society. It is in direct opposition, and a replacement, of the previously held value of strength of character/treatment of others as a measure that defines individual worth. This valuing of character existed in the generations before the boomers and ensured that selfishness in individuals was punished by the group. It was replaced by the 'pull yourself up by the bootstraps' and 'no one is poor, merely a temporarily embarrassed millionaire' tropes. It is easier to run a successfully extractive society (increasing income inequality) when social cohesion, social trust, ability/will to organize are first removed as values within the society that the wealth is being extracted from. This extraction of wealth from the society as a group did occur more easily in the US because Neo Cons took the time and money to inject values of selfishness into American society via the trust funds of the rich (read Dark Money and Plutocrats, the latter written by our very own, newly appointed trade minister to the US from Canada - Chrystia Freeland for reference). Here's a link to a Gini coefficient paper (US) PDF that illustrates the increasing inequality and the associated (page 92) values progression (regression?) (page 96). It seems too suspicious to be mere coincidence that Libertarian, fiercely individualistic values have risen sharply within the same time period as income inequality has intensified to such a significant degree.
  8. Reading this made my day! and I'm crushing on your avatar.
  9. Puppy anti-parasite pills.
  10. I remember that conversation. Easier said than done, my natural reaction is to clear a path for my kids so they don't suffer unduly but that won't help them learn to cope long term so I try to bite my tongue and let them develop competencies they'll need for later survival and thrive-al. I think your original idea was good, bargaining (negotiating) for what you want (win/win rather than zero sum) is an excellent life skill to learn while young. As someone mentioned earlier, don't change the terms of the deal half way through as that allows an opening for 'perceived unfairness' from both sides and makes it easier for the situation to devolve into a power struggle (everyone loses when it gets to that stage). Sounds like you're really taking the time to think through parenting strategies. It's obvious that you want to do right by your son. It's really hard to fuck up parenting though, if you love your kid (which you obviously do) and you have good intentions (you obviously do) then trust yourself and your kid to negotiate a good relationship together. Your boy is obviously smart and creative, he can see that you are trying your best to be a good mom and that counts for a lot. No one can do this job perfectly, the rules of the game keep changing and kids constantly require a different parent from the one they needed five minutes ago but kids are also resilient and will thrive if they are loved in a stable environment. Also, if he was my kid, I would find him an activity with kids his own age that he enjoys, even if it's only once a week because it's important for him to develop social skills and he can only do that with kids his own age, adults can't be a 'peer' to kids no matter how much they want to - the developmental stages don't match up. The activity itself doesn't matter, just the ability to interact with kids his age is the point.
  11. This seems to be an up and coming opinion. Postmodernist self congratulatory bullshit is obviously self congratulatory bullshit - with an all knowing wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Cynicism is not, by nature, better than naiveté. Zeppelin has always been thought of as wonderful (with good reason), this has not changed in my 40+ years on this planet. They still get traction as soundtracks to movies. He's known as a cunt, especially for how he and Yoko (the bitch cunt) treated his firstborn son.
  12. It seems that you're working on resolving the physical problems (by continuing to seek medical advice) so that front is covered for now (hopefully with good results to follow). As many here have suggested, volunteering, especially within your knowledge area (Habitat for Humanity or something like that) is an excellent way of getting out of your head and away from your own problems mentally while focusing all of that useful energy and attention onto others who desperately need the help. Pick one form of exercise (a tennis club round robin perhaps?) and practice it daily or every couple of days. Imposing some structure onto your days would be mentally useful during your year off work, a schedule for J types can go a long way to refocusing motivation and increasing energy.
  13. Is the dog dominant or does she follow your directions easily? For safety, if she doesn't listen to instructions and wants things 'her own way' she should not be allowed to stay at the same eye level as you (always lower) so no furniture at all. If she is well behaved and knows her place in the pack (below the humans) then there isn't a problem with co-sleeping behaviorally. The only issue might be that your bed would be dirty from her 'outside' paws and anything she may have rolled in but if you keep her clean and groomed (washing her paws every time she goes outside) then this isn't an issue either.
  14. The category is broad enough for any 'ism' you wish to add to the list - though irrational fear would have to be shared en mass in the form of 'populism' or 'nationalism'.