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  1. I am actually at the point of tears when I read your post in my defense. I want you to know you have impacted me in a very positive way. Thank you so much for your kindness. I wish I could give you more than just a thank you. :') "I get it if you think that the OP's need to ignore people is questionable or ill suited, but that is irrelevant in this thread. She posted here for support, and instead received a bunch of posters calling her out on her behavior on other parts of the forum and accusing her of hypocrisy. Whether those claims are warranted or not is irrelevant, because they don't belong in this thread. I might not be a mod, but I fail to see how raising those topics here does not constitute stalking and personal attacks. You might not be calling her names or spreading slander, but it is certainly personal, and certainly an attack. At least she has the maturity to simply ignore the people that bother her and move on instead of obsess over it and rub it in people's faces."

  2. Those were my thoughts, not my feelings. Not sure I can have an opinion without any feelings being involved. At this point, my true feelings of transgenders doesn't even come into this thread. I get that people are butthurt about my thoughts, but I did not think people cared more of my opinion than the policy.
  3. Hey, you're welcome! I've been here long enough to know the lay of the land. Trust your instincts. I don't ignore people because I (sometimes) enjoy getting in the mud, but if you are averse to it, use all the forum tools at your disposal.

  4. "They feel they have an inalienable right to correct your wrongthink, and will dogpile at any such opportunity." Haumea, you have no idea how much comfort your words gave me. Thank you so much for being kind.

  5. Holy fuck read the title of the thread. It is about a policy not my personal opinion. I am not arguing for or against transsexuals.
  6. You are truly kind. I would gladly keep in contact with you. Once I find a way to personal message you. :)

  7. I consider consciousness to be my most focal and enduring psychology-related interest, though of course it cuts across all disciplines in peculiar ways. I recently finished a paper for class on intuition (as a psychological process) in relation to cognitive science, which was enjoyable. May or may not polish that for eventual journal submission, depending in part on what my advisor says regarding it.

    I noticed some cool interests/projects on your profile, which I regret to see you have deleted. If you really are leaving the forum, I wish you the best with them (and wouldn't mind having some way to keep myself updated on their respective progresses) :).

  8. I will miss you; may God watch over you.

  9. Get over the fact that people have different thoughts than you.
  10. Doob - I fixed the name, not sure why it said your name instead of translate. You have no idea how informed I am on the topic. You are making conclusions based on your opinion. We have nothing more to discuss.
  11. Got it, Sariax!!!

  12. Did you get my return PM, I am not sure it worked. >< You might have 2 now. Very similar lol. Sorry.

  13. You're quoting translate, not me.

  14. Thank you Monte for your kindness and intelligence. I am going to move to another forum, but wanted to let you know you made these forums worthwhile. You will always have my respect.

  15. Sariax - I am PMing you right now. stand by....