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    I'd rather be happy than right.
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    Writing, guitar, volunteering, learning
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  1. Most successful so far was with an INFJ. EN** usually spells disaster - things start out intense and amazing, but fizzle into boring really quickly.
  2. I think, for the most part, it's just another medium wherein people choose which sides of themselves to promote. It's not that dissimilar to real life. There are people who know me who'd tell you I was bright and engaging all the time. There are others who'd tell you I'm happiest when silent and have an unhealthy obsession with sadness. Both are true so therefore neither is an actual misrepresentation.
  3. Someone who sees the worst of me and thinks I'm worth knowing anyway.
  4. What happened to going with the flow and just enjoying dating who you feel attracted to, regardless of type? This seems like an awful lot of over thinking, especially for an ENFP.
  5. I've experienced it. It lasted a lot longer than other relationships where love grew over time.
  6. I think about one, although rarely. I think that's probably because I haven't felt that intensity of emotion for anybody since him. I did learn from that relationship that I'm a really good partner only when I don't feel that intensity of emotion.
  7. Christian and would prefer to date someone who was also Christian. And I know I'd make someone insane if they didn't understand why I live so much of my life the way I do. That being said, I have a lot of people close to me from all different religious and non-religious walks of life. I like to learn about how other people think without forcing my own personal beliefs on them.
  8. I dated a man 19 years older once but also a guy 12 years younger. Attraction is attraction - I don't date by numbers. I don't seek out a particular age group so if I end up with a much younger man it's just good old serendipity, not desperation :)
  9. Me too! I make no excuses for it. I love shoes.
  10. May I quote this for the rest of my life if I give you credit? :) This was stinking brilliant.

  11. She might have some kind of self-image issue - it may be based on something the general public would find physically unappealing about her body, or if she has a great body, she might hate how it looks in photos. But if that's the case, be careful. Her insecurity may make you nuts one day.
  12. I'm not comfortable with a man paying for anything for me until I know we have feelings for each other. That way I'm not subject to an entitlement mentality when my feelings aren't there.
  13. Fuzzy Socks - they make my feet feel hugged A lone candle in darkness First taste of a fresh mango
  14. Have you tried online dating, where you can maybe exchange a few messages in an environment that you feel more comfortable in? That can help smooth the way to a more successful one on one, face to face interaction. If you can use the initial exchanges to define things you have in common, or things she's interested in, and research the heck out of it, it'll take away a bit of the panic in engaging in a conversation because you can kind of determine in advance where you want it to go. Just my thoughts - good luck! :)
  15. A little bit of mystery helps, at least with an ENFP. I'm not sure if this is the norm but most ENFPs I know are really popular, so having a direct compliment can fail to stimulate interest. Subtly indicating there's something about us you like will make us want to engage you in a conversation to find out more. Being kept guessing in a fun way is a great way to pique the curiosity.