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  1. I have watched it, some said that the anime was disappointing a little bit because they're manga readers but i haven't had time to read the manga yet.

  2. Is that pretense for fighting in my dungeons next?
  3. First internship was with the NSF a few years back. Research was great in the moment, only OK looking back, but boy did I get paid well! Ironically I had better pay pre-graduation as opposed to post- :-( It left a lasting impression with me, though, that I've since taken into my professional life. Most of my closest friends sprouted from that experience.
  4. Should I bring the Cholula or Valentina? I'm sure it doesn't matter... not sure how to make that taco any hotter.
  5. Nah, he was never on that level... Though still one of the best in history. My point was and, still remains, that he was an instrumental player in those 6 titles. I'm not going to say whether MJ would have won with or without him, that's just stupid, non-testable word vomit. A team made of superstars doesn't always translate to "OP-as-fuck". High and mid-tier players still perform excellent roles where team composition is right.
  6. Are you saying that 'common good' is altogether false or only occasionally false?
  7. I hate how everyone overlooks Pippen. Jordan was not alone; they need to hop off that delusional bandwagon if they think that. Same thing happened with the Celtics and Lakers in the late 2000s. It lasted, what? 2 years and fizzled out? These phases tend to happen. I doubt this last for more than two years itself, depending on how this new GS team synchs. The league is definitely not going to suffer any revenue from this change. They couldn't care less how many teams (or how few) were stacked. Peeps are still going to consume that shit, possibly even more so for places like CLE and the Bay. And new recruits can always spice things up for those struggling franchises.
  8. For this fourth season, the first several episodes were 'meh'. However, the latter half really started to rip a hole in my heart. The last one was especially heart-wrenching for me - had to keep myself from crying in-front of company.
  9. Fortuitous happenstance, but then I pursued it academically to advance.

  10. Did you land on that by happenstance, or intentionally go that route? Can't quite see myself as a medical/clinical biologist, but I won't lie and say that the market isn't skewed towards it.

  11. Having confessed feelings to multiple friends, I'll say that the outcomes are not all that bad. Sure, you're going to have that initial rift, but that's going to stabilize if both individuals really care about that friendship. Funny, I find that some of my relationships with said friends have grown deeper over the years. Like, once you go through that rough shit both individuals can be free to talk about a plethora of life issues not really brought up in casual friend groups. You argue, you banter, you still tease, you ask really personal shit, but you're free of the emotional tensions of trying to impress -- I suppose both individuals, having felt as vulnerable as they can to the other, are not bogged down by social constraints. So, my advice, if you care about your friendship deeply. Go do it! Just express that whatever the outcome you really cherish their company no matter what romantic label they have or don't.
  12. I analyze human bodily fluids for signs of disease.

  13. What is it that you do again? Something in the bio-sciences/lab gigs?

  14. This right here... you've made a case against what your saying. The world is not fair, sure. A male could have hundreds or thousands of offspring, but that's not really of that individual male's making. In most mammals species females hold the cards, for they are the limiting sex, males are the limited sex. A female can chose whatever mate she wants, males have to be chosen. There is a lot of luck, genes, and persistence involved there, but the fact remains that if the population has a sex ratio of 1:1, there are going to be some males inevitably left out. Though all the females will get to reproduce and spread their genes. One male could have a hundred offspring in a year, but hell, not because he made it happen, the females let him! And they also denied a thousand of his buddies while using him solely as a sperm dispenser. Not so male dominated. Evolution is a beautiful and horrific thing! Was waiting for the good ol' parthenogenesis plug to pop up! Humans don't really have shit on some of the whiptail gals down there.
  15. It all depends on my intention with the knowledge. If I want something done quickly - a task, I'm not going to look up the theory for how to do it appropriately, I'm just going to jump in. I don't care enough to invest brainpower into how the task is completed because most likely it's solely for a means to an end. If I want to understand something for my self-enjoyment or academic success, theory is the integral part in me grasping that subject. Reading what our collective knowledge has on the subject and then letting me begin to draw 'my' experimental framework around the original information. Though, obviously not a practical end product; after reading theory I'd have a really difficult time explaining it to anyone else, or implementing for that matter, unless I experience something pertaining to the subject. Once I have an example the puzzle pieces start to fit together, and that allows me to communicate the theoretical ideas to others and then apply it to novel ideas too.