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  1. For the sake of argument, A high quality AR in .223. i'm from TX so lets say a Larue Tactical PredatAR 16" midlength gas system. Put a quality red dot on top, probably a Aimpoint because of battery life, and backup iron sites. For pistol I would go with CZ Sp-01 Tactical in 9mm. I like CZ pistols, they fit my hand well, are pretty rugged, and have high magazine capacity for a pistol. I went with .223 (or 5.56x45 depending on what is lying around) and 9mm because they are very common where I am at. A gun without ammo is less useful than a hammer. Keeping in mind, I don't expect to ever see a SHTF situation. If I do, I will do my best to avoid trouble like this. If I can't, the likelihood of me (or anyone) surviving a shootout isn't nearly as good as the movies would have you believe. Without hospitals (again SHTF situation) even typically non fatal gunshot wounds can and will end up killing you. I would personally rather die of old age, in bed, curled up with an attractive woman I like. =)
  2. I can't offer you much advice on the competition side, but a 30/30 cartridge is a perfectly effective for hunting white-tail deer inside of 150 yards. A Winchester 97 pump shotgun in 12 ga. is an amazing piece of machinery considering when it was designed. I have one with 30 inch barrel and it knocks down clay pigeons just fine. Granted, you probably aren't going to want a 30 in barrel on a competition gun. My experience with revolvers is late production Colt. Not going to see any of those is CAS.
  3. Nice avatar.. ;)

  4. As a guy I like brown/black hair on a girl. Mostly because, I like fair skinned girls with contrasting hair (not gothic, more "girl next door) Of course is really doesn't matter. 2 of the 3 girls I have legitimately dated were blonde. EDIT: Red hair is sexy because it is contrast and RARE. Watch an episode of Mad Men, Look at Joan, and you will understand the fascination.