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  1. It was Klimt, thanks for the dollar!

  2. I didn't quite make 20, but hope it helps.
  3. Favourite track: Favourite album:
  4. My favourite for this year was: Flight Facilities - Down to Earth.
  5. Lost in Translation
  6. Lost In Translation – far from a typical romance movie but inspiring in its depiction of two people finding a meaningful connection. And it is one of my favourite film endings too.
  7. Sarah Lund from Forbrydelsen
  8. Black 1 Apple & Rhubarb Pie Lost In Translation The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony Australia Tim Winton - Cloudstreet
  9. 36. Die again. 37. Die again.
  10. Fargo Igby Goes Down Lost In Translation Tatie Danielle
  11. Male: Miles, Tyler, Jackson/Jax Female: Ruby, Matilda/Tilda, Audrey Dog: Ziggy, Charlie, Jet
  12. My favourite character when I was around 10 or so was Jupiter Jones from the Three Investigators series of books. Nowadays my favourites are the outcast/anti-hero/loner types such as Lisbeth Salander from Steig Larsson's Millennium series or Cayce Pollard from William Gibson's Pattern Recognition.