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    5w6 sp/so/sx
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    Semi-retired IT Professional. Call me Jim.
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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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    reading, military history, apparently wasting time online, homebrewing
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    "Paulo canticum, paulo choro, paulo carborata per Braccae." ~ Cachinnos in Vae

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  1. So you ARE still around ;)

  2. My Scottish ancestors came to the US in the 1860's. Welsh and English in the 1640's. Lots of Ivy League graduates in my tree. One started a college, and named a building on it after his son in law (my direct ancestor). I think the Germans came over in the late 1700's. That's the side that includes Cherokee.

  3. Yes I am!!! My family and I have been able to trace back our roots. A lot of my Scottish ancestors came to the US and worked as architects. Built a lot of churches.

  4. Reading back through our VM convo, I see that you're 1/2 Scot. Madden and I just had that same conversation a few days ago.

  5. Never liked Peter Cetera. He's a better writer than singer. Got worse when he went solo; don't thing there's a single solo song by him I like.

  6. Thank you! Robert Lamm's baritone lyrics works with their music the best. Very similar to Jim Morrison (minus the drunkenness). Peter Cetera always sounds like he's shouting rather than singing, and his attitude always rubbed me the wrong way.

  7. No argument here.
  8. It was left in a hotel room, and not turned in to Lost & Found.

  9. Someone stole your kilt?! How did that happen? :laugh:

  10. I was there in 1964, and again in 2005. Went to the World SF Convention in Glasgow, but really went to see the Edinburgh Tattoo. That the Fringe Festival was also in session was a bonus. Bought a full clan tartan outfit unfortunately the kilt was stolen, so need to eventually replace that. Have everything else, though. Black pudding is good, and haggis tastes just like regular sausages. Maybe a little peppery. Nothing to fear. Spent a week in Edinburgh, would love to live there.

    Oddly, my last name is Welsh, but I've never been to Wales.

  11. I've never tried deep fried Mars Bar, but I love black pudding. I'm scared to try haggis. :scared:

    Irn Bru is good, though.

    I hadn't realised you had been already. You're well and truly Scottified then. ;)

    *I'm actually going to Scotland over the Christmas break.

  12. lol, last time I was in Scotland I tried the blood sausage, haggis, Irn Bru, and deep fried Mars Bar, and liked them all ;D