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    "Paulo canticum, paulo choro, paulo carborata per Braccae." ~ Cachinnos in Vae

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  1. I once had the misfortune of having Tony Robbins sit in front of me during a movie. He's a very tall man!
  2. I can see Distance's point about interactivity, given the definition above.
  3. from here: C - 41% D - 38% S - 15% I - 7% :shrug:
  4. Tucson, Phoenix, or Fresno. Interesting map: I was born in Tucson, however six months later was living in New Hampshire for two years, then Ohio, England, and Ohio until I was 10. I've been in San Diego since then, with a few short stints in El Paso, Seattle, and Germany. My mother was from NW Arizona and her family from Kansas. Father's family is from New England however both parents grew up in Pasadena, CA. Least similar cities are Detroit, Buffalo, and Aurora (IL). Having never been to Michigan, and only passed through the others via train, I'm not surprised.
  5. Nope. I refuse to shop at places that require membership or shopping clubs; their sole reason is to collect information on me under the guise of "discount pricing". You can buy private jets at Costco.
  6. English - native language, can mimic several accents German - simple conversations, Bavarian accent - taught myself because I was stationed there for two years. Spanish - not speak, but can converse in writing (once had a discussion via notepad, i.e. pencil and paper, in Madrid) - three years in high school but it didn't stick. French - can read but not speak or write - was doing research using french texts; caught enough to understand what I was studying.
  7. Sorry you're not around anymore, but Happy Birthday, anyway.

  8. Why are there electric outlets inside the cabinet? Expiring minds need to know!
  9. LOL haven't seen that in ages -- such a hoot. Talk about weird! Can't go wrong with Wim Wenders.
  10. I rest my case NB: It's InTj, not INTJ, tyvm.
  11. FTFY
  12. From one Scot to another. Nope. Point all you want, it's obvious who associated INTJ's with cattle.
  13. Kisai said triggering INTJ's is akin to getting cattle to appreciate Shakespeare. NSchet said the cattle could eat the book, appreciating Shakespeare as food. Madden implied INTJ's are cattle in direct response to NSchet. Fine. Be that way. I'm just enough Scotsman to say I'm miffed by the comparison.
  14. Not admitting to being triggered, but take umbrage at the suggestion that INTJ's are cattle.
  15. That whimsical P/J is my weakest dimension: Not true. I was 39. Second try: Deviant Role: Supervillian. Round Three was the toughest, only five words really fit either time, had to choose least worst for six and seven. Second try round Four could easily have chosen ten words.