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  1. Wrong, on both counts. I've been declared non-aspie by a Psychiatrist, and you but need view a mirror to see a roll tay.
  2. And as someone else queried, Twitter is a go-to place for accurate information? Key-rye-sT.
  3. Let them go, lol
  4. Armenia is in the Caucasus Mountains, you know, where Caucasians (i.e. "White") come from
  5. Quality meat requires no spices/sauces. IMO, If it requires A1 it's not worth ordering/eating.
  6. I'll be gazing into the distance, then @Distance will come back to slap me for staring at her. (Honestly, didn't even see you!)
  7. While in Australia with friends we happened upon a Malaysian restaurant. We'd never tried Malay cuisine, so went in. I asked of the server what the spice level was, and she said "typically bland Australian". With my hand palm up, and moving upward, I said "Let's crank that up for us" as all my companions nodded vigorously. The beam from the waitress made everyone's evening. I and my companions are predominantly Caucasian (almost everyone has some Cherokee). I don't know about "White People stereotype" (a term I find offensive, btw), but I've heard the bland-food meme re: British and various dominions for almost 60 years. You never hear it about French, Italian, Indian, Greek peoples. All Caucasians.
  8. 'cause it's sibling is poking it in the (compound) eye!
  9. Late 50's, lost Warrior's signal past 18,000. Yes, some of the second clip was painful. The noise from florescent lights drives me crazy, so spend most of indoors time wearing earplugs. I can usually count up to fifteen distinct noises at any given time. ...... added to this post 4 minutes later: Yes, there is a noticeable drop in volume at 12k.
  10. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
  11. Peer Gynt Suite no. 1, Op. 46 ~ Edvard Grieg
  12. What are you, The Walrus?
  13. Why not just learn how to drive, you know, like everyone else?
  14. Okay, okay, I do have a crush on @Distance because she has an amazing bullshit detector, but mainly because our first encounter was a result of her playfulness. Again, there are some (others).