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    INTJforum: You have two cows. There are only two because cows are rare, and are therefore INTJs who are destined to rule everyone.
  1. if you ever log back into here, please ping me. cheers.

  2. Every smart or interesting person that has ever existed is INTJ. Thus Spake INTJforum.
  3. I'm a fictional character with about as much depth as a piece of cardboard, crafted to spread my half-baked philosophical ideas that were born out of hilarious misunderstandings of philosophical predecessors and important ideas.
  4. egoism is bad philosophy. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/egoism/
  5. Probably a lot more fun to drink with than INTJs, since they're less likely to be neckbeards/legbeards sequestered in their own internet forum circlejerking how they are constantly enlightened by their own intelligence.
  6. If your intent was to provide a non-answer consisting of specious equivocation, you've succeeded.
  7. Every time I read the "feminism is for equality" line, my eyes glaze over and I realize that it's the same as claiming that American libertarianism is "for freedom" or communism is "for fairness." Or any other completely sloganistic bad definitions of political viewpoints, for that matter. For better or worse, bad definitions are effective political proselytization tools. "Hope" and "Change," anyone?
  8. Do you honestly believe that sarcastic paraphrase contributes anything to the discussion? Your reply is reducible to projecting motives onto the original poster. Which, as a personal attack, adds nothing to the discussion on a subforum where the bar is pretty low already.
  9. As much as you may want it to be true, bad philosophy and intense self-hatred do not negate your anatomy. So you don't recognize zibber parroting Judith Butler (and occasionally Sandra Harding) in this thread?
  10. In a perfect world, anyone making such an absurd statement would automatically be slapped across the face with an anatomy textbook by a reincarnated Andreas Vesalius.
  11. Mystery is married (I think?) and has a daughter now.