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  1. This is the only forum I chose to be active in. Since this is MBTi forum is not just filled with predominantly INTJs who are quick and sharp to notice discripancies, its also a haven for aspiring/psychologist, my comments are the true me. Except, there are different sides to me which I noticed that it can be easily misconstrued. If it were me, I would have read the underlying message rather than the mere words presented.
  2. I'd rather be the initiator since I am mentally prepared for rejection. There were times when guys initiated it first which caught me off guard, I tend to freak out a little.. mentally and verbally too stumped for words. I guess I am not the type of person who works well on sudden surprises as I need to feel more in controlled over things I've thought over.
  3. Correct me if I am wrong. I always thought that Extroverts are more lonely than Introverts because of their constant need to seek people out and live a coloured life. While Introverts are comfortable being alone doing quiet tasks.
  4. Why do people always assume that prejudices exists only for other races. I have faced prejudices within my own country and in other predominantly chinese countries just because I couldn't read, write or understand Mandarin.
  5. I'm an Asian. I neither look down nor up on any Westerners. I only look at equal eye level if any individual makes proper attempts to improve themselves.
  6. I did not vote because I am unsure which I should choose. I try to learn new techniques so that I can use it in future. For new dishes, I generally require a basic recipe as a guide line. I am not good at replicating dishes exactly the same but most of the time improvised according to my own preference. I am able to create simple recipes with ingredients at hand. Some of my relatives have great 'food sense'. They are able to create their own amazing recipies. For me, unless I have a personal preference to a particular ingredient, I tend to me more creative.
  7. No. I am very particular about dissemination of informations and making my intentions clear. Infact, I hardly make the mistake of 'the slip of the tongue not the fault of the mind' kinda syndrome.
  8. I'd just say I don't get the joke. This way they need to try harder to make a genuine joke or, completely lay off making lame jokes with me. Life goes on~
  9. I voted treat others how I wish to be treated. Then again, I've burn bridges. That means I'm not entirely a nice person after all. Now, back the topic of being 'nice'. How does one define a nice person? By a single or few nice gestures without ulterior motives and conveniently forgets bits of the unnice things one does due to personal reasons? How can one be truly labelled as a nice person?
  10. Nope. If I were the last person on earth, I guess I would still be doing my best.
  11. Everything did not work out how I wanted or even as norms. Within my means, I tried my best (from the positive to the negatives) but nothing changed. Chants mantra* "I will be a survivor. I am flexible and innovative."
  12. Thanks for your comment. Now, you made me smile! Ain't it contagious? lol

    Too bad my plushie isn't photogenic. I tried taking his pictures but he seemed more 'alive' and cuter in person.

  13. Not just today but everyday since I bought my frog plushie a few years ago. It has earnest looking eyes which seemed to stare right at me with some soul in it and a wide beaming smile. Especially when I am feeling down, staring at him, makes me feel better!
  14. assUme I'm stupid? I'm cool with that since I'm not the competitive type. I rather lead a more focused and relax life rather than having to deal with unnecessary stress (over others' insecurities).
  15. Cooking! I do enjoy cooking but... too time consuming. Hunting for recipies, grocery shopping, preparations, cleaning up. Especially whenever I am sick, I would love to be pampered for a change by someone who can whip up a nourishing meal while I can recover in peace.