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  1. In psychiatry, these are different terms to describe a single phenomenon. I like this. Another way to look at what you describe is frame of reference. Our dog, George, has an identifiable frame of reference. All actions are divided into four categories: eating, sleeping, pooping, and playing. If it isn't one of the first three, then it's playing. He has no frame of reference to understand work or learning. I rarely understand another person's frame of reference, but I accept that it exists and is useful to that person. Understanding is astoundingly over-rated. Acceptance is far more important. The term "empath" is often used to describe someone who is able to detect other people's thoughts and feelings. My forty year old daughter is a natural empath. As with most of them, she is uncommonly attuned to microbehaviors, which give away our thoughts and feelings.
  2. First, do a residency in dermatology. All you need to succeed is a jar of Ucerin and a good set of golf clubs. Practice dermatology for a few years, say, until you've put away a couple million, then do what you really want.
  3. You've hit on the reason that the politics and current events sub-forum was closed. A core group of posters did not understand debate at all. They only understood that their beliefs were both unassailable and founded in benevolence. They delighted in making a single point over and over, that one U.S. political party was infinitely better than the other, and its position was always correct, while the other's was always wrong. They heaped collective invective on anyone who didn't worship at the same altar. I'm a scientist, and am overjoyed when proven wrong.
  4. Mania does not manifest itself the same way in everybody. And the fellow on Dr. Phil may not have been in a manic phase. And, Phil McGraw is a nice guy and an excellent TV talk show host, but his clinical experience is relatively limited. Since his residency, which appears to have ended around 1983, he has done almost no clinical work. Again, I suggest you focus on treatment rather than label. In the 1980s, before we realized that anticonvulsants generally worked well as mood stabilizers, I prescribed a diet high in lithium (some nuts, shellfish) for both bipolar patients, and depression patients with little help from available medications. It helped about half of them.
  5. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS WRITTEN BY A LAY PERSON AND IS NOT AN EFFORT TO PRACTICE MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE The conclusive evidence of psychosis is the inability to distinguish reality from non-reality. Your description of the extended episode reflects that inability. The diagnosis of Psychosis NOS (now, under DSM-V called Other Specified Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorder) strikes me as most likely. When I practiced psychiatry several decades ago (I no longer practice medicine of any sort) there was enormous pressure to reach a conclusive and specific diagnosis. Manic-Depressive (now Bipolar) Disorder was a common diagnosis and was treated with antipsychotics and talk therapy. True Bipolar Disorder almost never responds to talk therapy, something we were just beginning to realize. I don't want to confuse you with yet another name for a disorder. Instead, I will tell you that about half of my bipolar patients were, in retrospect, suffering from a different but related personality disorder. Please do not stop your antipsychotic medications, and under no conditions suddenly. Consult with a pharmacist if you are considering this. There is nothing of which I am aware that prevents you from having both a mood disorder and psychosis simultaneously. You might want to raise this subject with your psychiatrist (who is a medical doctor; psychologists are not). Treating both simultaneously with medication is tricky, because both are metabolized by the same system (P450). I encourage you to talk to a pharmacist about specific drug interactions if you pursue this option. I believe your focus on a label is misplaced. Focus on treatment that will help you seems a better option.
  6. I opened an LLC to provide management consulting services. I named it Results Associates, descriptive of what we provide. Be careful of acronyms. Forty years ago I was in the US Army and was a "controller" on a Corps-level Command Post Exercise. An officer from Corps Headquarters asked me for the name of the place at Corps level where Prisoners of War were kept. I responded "Corps PW Cage." He wanted something more sophisticated-sounding than that to brief the Lieutenant General commanding the corps. Since he had rejected the true answer, I told him it can also be called the Corps Recruitment Operations Center of Special Human Intelligence Targeting, but was generally known by its initials. He thanked me and directed some poor enlisted person to make up a slide with the name. The slide read, "Prisoners of War are kept in the C.R.O.C. of S.H.I.T."
  7. I have consulted to dozens of startups from concept through sustainable growth. This is my Second Commandment: Thou shalt not employ either a family member or a friend unless no other competent option is available. Otherwise, you can lose your friend and your business. Of course, my First Commandment is: Cash is King. ...... added to this post 2 minutes later: What is my incentive to build a successful business, serving many people's needs and employing many people? Since I can't take it with me and I can't leave it to my heirs, as death approached I'd bankrupt the company with lavish spending on myself and my heirs.
  8. ^^This
  9. Very important. I find myself less swayed than educated. One education has been about the phenomenon of transgendered people. I always knew it was real, but beyond that knew nothing of it. I still know little, but my knowledge has increased exponentially.
  10. Government workers in most countries are bullet-proof. Your friend was shot, but it obviously is just a flesh wound. To the OP, you're toast at that company, assuring it is private industry and not located in the People's Soviet Socialist Democratic Republic of California.
  11. My investing results are in my name - byhisello
  12. I confess. I accidentally trolled once on INTf. I posted what I thought would be universally understood as parody, a joke, that it's OK to use violence against people who don't think right, specifically referring to recent mob violence against pro-Trump demonstrators in California. Caninesaur thought it was serious and supported the idea. Dear God.
  13. Very simplistic: http://www.1000ventures.com/business_guide/crosscuttings/character_beliefs-values.html Somewhat better https://www.valuescentre.com/mapping-values/values/values-vs-beliefs Pretty good starting place http://changingminds.org/techniques/general/sequential/disrupt_reframe.htm Good jumping off place http://psychologydictionary.org/frame-of-reference/ Not completely accurate http://psychology.wikia.com/wiki/Perception_management Not bad: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0191308503250073 The origin of the whole idea: http://nlpcenterforchange.com/behavioral-change-vs-belief-change-theres-big-difference/
  14. It's actually a sales technique, and used to persuade customers to part with their money. As an intelligence officer, with a much harder sale, I used it successfully for years.
  15. Med school is four years plus a residency. Your first marriage didn't last that long. "Permanent" is relative. I suggest you wait until after med school and then discuss it with your boyfriend. If he can live with you while in an ultra-high stress environment, I think that will answer your question.