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    After watching "As good as it gets", my friends said I was Melvin.
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  1. Probably jadedness on my part. I'm used to having friends from all parts of society. But the things that INTJs say here, and the attitudes they show, would result in them being stabbed by much of the world. It's like saying someone who breaks everything she touches should become an engineer.
  2. Ask the INTP females here on INTJf? There are a few here. Pun?
  3. It's an intuitive feeling I get about him. Call it a hunch.
  4. When I read Jung the first time, it made very little sense. But then I came back to it a few months later, and suddenly, those same bits made perfect sense and explained so much of the world around me. But still more didn't make sense. Then a few months later, I re-read those bits and more suddenly made sense and explained more of the world to me. His writings are like one of those Russian dolls. You don't get to the middle at the first try. It unwraps in layers. But oh boy, do those layers explain the world in technicolour.
  5. Where, in the posts that I have made in this thread, have I been doing that to you? If you didn't know if I was referring to Musk, then you should have qualified your statement. You didn't give any reasons in that post as to why Musk might not be an INTJ. You didn't even allow for the possibility that you could be wrong. ENTJs are quite capable of being wrong, and are so, often. You just stated it, without any rhyme, reason or basis. You know what INTPs do with something that has no logic behind it.
  6. Me too. But mostly from how in his quotes he keeps referring to paying attention to other people's opinions. Apart from that, I really don't know. But for some reason, his facial expressions make me think that he could be a Feeler.
  7. Sounds like an ISTJ, not Sensors in general. Sounds like an INTJ, not intuitives in general. I discussed this at length a few years ago. One Sensor hit the nail on the head: She was describing how she was learning to do a plie in ballet, where the aim is to be graceful. She explained that she learned the physical positions first, and then tried to make them graceful later on. I would have focussed on making the thing graceful from the start, as being graceful would help me to intuitively figure out the positions naturally, and thus would get 90% of the way there quite easily, and then observed if my plie was the same as the instructor's later. Sensor: Facts => theory. Intuitive: Theory => facts.
  8. Sounds like you think that ENTPs are laid-back versions of ENTJs. Where in the post that you replied to, did I say that he was? I was contrasting ISTPs to INTJs, in that INTJs primarily give instructions kinesthetically. Remember that INTPs speak contextlessly. FYI, I'm not saying here that Musk is NOT an INTJ either. Just not discussing if he was or wasn't. So don't go interpreting again.
  9. No, it doesn't. But it depends on the type of thing you are doing. When it comes to some things people do, like learning how something works, SPs are primarily kinesthetic. When it comes to other things people do, like giving instructions to other people, SPs are not primarily kinesthetic. They don't have to show the other person physically how to do it. INTJs are different. If they don't show you how to do it by doing it themselves, they forget half of the most important things that you have to know to do the job.
  10. Every character Michael Fassbender plays, seems like an INTJ. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: The way that a person learns isn't always the way that one gets things done, especially when it comes to Ps. Most SPs learn kinesthetically. But ISTPs don't always have to do things kinesthetically, not if they know the thing and can deduce the answer logically. Got plenty of experience of that.
  11. First you say that it depends on the individual's learning style, as if different people with the same MBTI type can have different learning styles. Then you say that STPs are primarily kinesthetic, as if different people with the same MBTI all have the same learning style. It's a rule that is inconsistent. So it's not a rule. So this is not an argument at all. I think that you're way too intelligent to base an argument on a rule that's inconsistent, and so not a rule at all, and so not at argument at all. So you must have other reasons for saying that he's an ENTP. As you said, you think that he's an ENTP because he prank called the Vatican. ENTPs are more liable to do things press fire alarms for fun. They like to cause chaos to disrupt PEOPLE for fun. Prank calling the Vatican wouldn't have that kind of effect, not unless he called in a bomb threat. But then again, maybe he might be an ENTP. It's quite possible for an ENTP to be a super-successful CEO and a multi-millionaire. ...... added to this post 11 minutes later: I'm not going to deny any of that. I wear quirky clothes myself. But even I can't stand wearing loud colours or things that so obviously call attention to myself. You need a lot of confidence to wear the types of clothes that Woz is frequently seen wearing. He doesn't show that intensity that I see pouring off INTPs. He also lacks the tremendous enthusiasm that INTPs show when talking about the things that they are interested in. Here's a couple of quotes from him: INTPs do NOT like making mistakes with their words. Likes to play with other people. It's like taking your favourite ice-cream and sticking people in it. Who wants that? Strikes me as being more of an extrovert. But from another angle, he made something new. He dealt with things. He was not the CEO of apple, and he was doing something that was very inventive, and probably required a lot of intense concentration. So from that angle, I guess that he could be an INTP.
  12. Woz is always wearing those loud Hawaiian shirts that scream "Look at me! Look at me!" INTPs prefer to be out of the spotlight. Young INTPs even avoid eye contact. Extravert, just not a flaming extrovert that has to go partying every night.
  13. I'd say it's questionable, because from what I've read, he saw his role at Apple as keeping the clients, shareholders, etc, off the developers' backs, so they could get on and build something amazing. ENTPs usually like to make the inventions themselves, like this kid. Other types also like to make pranks on the odd occasion. Even quite outlandish ones like prank calling the Vatican. I'm sure that you remember the prank that Jonathan Ross & Russell Brand pulled. So I don't think that would be enough to prove that Jobs was an ENTP.
  14. There was a discussion on this topic on another forum site that I was a part of. Women posters pointed out how there's a dearth of males in primary schools and in things like Scouts, because whenever there's the slightest concern about child abuse, the men are automatically seen as the culprits. Shame really, because babysitters earn quite a good wage and much better than many jobs with that level of skill. But, stigma. So that's pre-school teaching and babysitting out. Elementary and middle school teachers have the additional problem that, from what I've heard, a lot of teenage girls like the idea of having sex with a man who is still fit and good-looking, but has a lot more experience than the immature boys their age, and so often like to flirt with the teacher. It's a big problem. If they teacher responds, he can end up in jail as a sexual predator and destroy his career. If he rejects the girl, she can decide to get back at him by accusing him of hitting on her with a similar result. Even if she later on recants his evidence, once someone has been called a paedophile, people are unlikely to ever trust that person again. There are many male nurses in the UK. But nursing doesn't get paid all that well. I don't know if there is any stigma against being a male nurse in the USA. Regular secretaries don't exist anymore. The modern term is "personal assistant". There are plenty of male PAs. You just have to look at the credits for films, to see a man who is a PA or 2nd PA to the director or one of the lead stars. There are still legal secretaries and medical secretaries. But I've never heard of a lawyer or doctor showing an interest in employing a man at these jobs. I've seen a male receptionist. But he was a temp. Companies want someone pleasant to greet them. General societal view is that women are nicer than men to talk to and to be greeted by. I've seen several flight attendants that are male. I don't think that they're particularly put off by the job. But these days, it's just long-haul back and forth to the same place over and over. Shift work, and not that well paid. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Yeah, and the same people who believe that, believe that you do that nerdy computer job that means you're short-sighted, can't defend your woman from a mouse, can't talk to women or anyone who isn't a total geek like you, and quite frankly is a complete waste of space except for when he's doing stuff on computers. Anyone who believes that would make fun of you, tip you upside down in a dumpster knowing full well you can't defend yourself, and would NEVER go on a date with you, not even to save their life. But you're dating, right? We all know even if these kinds of stereotypes ever existed, they went out the window decades ago.