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  1. 76% INTP Questions seem a bit hazy to me. Honestly thought I'd be more along the middle with my responses.
  2. Cool. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Resale shops too, cause i'm a po' lady, with beyond my income tastes, clothing material wise. I like ann taylor loft and banana republic brands because all of their stuff is usually very soft and comfortable. And I can't spend 60$ on a t-shirt that I'm going to spill mustard on. Instead I get them for $5. I would buy hiking boots new, and also my winter coats and winter boots, etc. I get those at 6pm.com
  4. But choosing not to... 1. I am a human. 2. It is goat. 3. No. Maybe not logical, but pretty objective :D
  5. Obviously because it is about the human being and not the animal in question. It is about the lowness and degradation associated with a human interpreted intimate act. Killing something - a thing - certainly has nothing to do with human intimacy. Of course, the controversy of it also derives from the view of sex being primarily a need for biological reproduction. Hence, the issues Christians have with homosexuality. ...... added to this post 0 minutes later: Oh, and this too. ...... added to this post 8 minutes later: But couldn't one single human being, outside of the context of socially constructed morality, make the decision to not have sexual intercourse with a non-human animal based on logical reasoning? Seems possible to me, although I realize its coming from my own mind and perspective on the situation.
  6. Ha. I was leaning toward that as well, without even had read any of his previous threads..
  7. Why are you assuming he is better than the women he has been with (read by he is 'better off' without them)? Did you not read the the OPs claim of self professed narcissistic 'dark triad' personality disorder? For the record, I have had low self esteem. My SO is a good man. I have been with other good men as well. My interpretation of Smylex's comment was that he was taking advantage of the disadvantaged, not that the women were necessarily below the OP (not that it's impossible, but is definitely not the highest probable situation, based on the nature of the OP's thread and comments by the OP) *edit - Sorry, just noticed you mentioned an anecdote of a "dark" man. Perhaps it is just the language contained in your post that is confusing to me (and I thought it sounded somewhat derogatory toward women).
  8. If it is, it's a delicious one.
  9. Take epsom salt/clay baths, cuddle with my pets, take mindful walks in the woods.
  10. Sounds like all the people you've slept with are on par with you so I see nothing to be puzzled about regarding your experience and success with getting laid. The real question to ask is, 'do they come back?" Plenty of people sleep with a person once just for the fun of it. Don't deny the possibility that they pity you. Plenty of people try to cure the sadness and apathy associated with depression by impulsively indulging in physical sensation seeking - be that sex, drinking, risky sports, theft, anything to get the adrenaline/dopamine rush. Nothing really to see here but the same old same old. Sounds like the experience is meaningless to you too and so the attraction and impulse is compatible. ...... added to this post 3 minutes later: Often, yep.
  11. Yes, and sometimes it can be purposeful and interesting. Other times, it's irrelevant and annoying. Kind of a toss up.
  12. Welcome to the forum
  13. The characteristic is irrelevant without the arbitrary social element.. I don't believe evolution has any fighting chance, regardless of my eggs, anyway.
  14. pretend? i think it's all ive ever done, and to me, its just as satisfying honestly.$
  15. get some perspective