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  1. what time are you usually on chat? i go there every once in awhile but i never see you.

    1. yes


      I'm not often in chat nowadays... I've been having a bit of a Civilization renaissance, so my evenings haven't seen much INTJf.

  2. yeah also the fact that everything he seems to be asking her to do isn't one on one but group activities. If someone was asking me to join groups with them I wouldn't even nearly think that he was interested in me. barry, have you complimented ms intj or anything? given her an inclination that you have interests specifically in her? from what you're putting down, as a clueless introvert myself, I just wouldn't evenknow you liked me,
  3. also, another thing here: you showed her that you may not be genuine because you said "that guy is nice but i find him boring to talk to" maybe if you added, "unlike you" or something, it'd be fine. But I tend to feel very uncomfortable when people say things about other people to me, makes me think they may say similar things about me when I'm not around. just take it slow, whether or not you have a chance with her for an intimate relationship, it should be worth it regardless to get to know her. and we really like it if that's how it seems to us (lack of motive besides just being really interested in who we are)
  4. Stop with the jokes like 'haha this isn't going to work out" and maybe it'll work out. It's just too early for that kind of humor, it's really stupid actually. INT types lack confidence and making jokes like that might be either annoying or disheartening.
  5. Saw this the other day, thought it was pretty funny. https://www.wsj.com/articles/a-new-computer-as-beautiful-as-a-vintage-apple-i-1485534371
  6. Hi-ya.

    1. terraczy
    2. yes


      Oh, sure, vanish for months, and then try to make up with it for a hug. INTP.

  7. I can see how it can be offensive to some people, but just realize, people are not trying to offend you. Give them the benefit of the doubt. Stuff like this shouldn't happen when someone gets it wrong: Example: Are you a biological centrist???
  8. Think big picture. I am not saying individual levels of racism are okay towards white people or that they do not happen. But that in my POV (in the US) it will never be possible for it to be the same as for other people. Internalized racism which will greatly effect the entire race. That is the racism that is most important. Obviously people can be racist no matter what "color of their skin." Do you think you are deeply victimized for being white? Or that in the instances people had been racist toward you (from your view) had it come on top of so many other experiences and disadvantages you have had your entire life? Do people see you and cross the road? Do cops pull you over just cause you are you? It is not the same. Think of this: ...... added to this post 0 minutes later:
  9. You aren't picking up what I am putting down. Or maybe you'd like to read again, because I said nothing about the color of the "victim" but rather how you might define victimization. Your definition of racism isn't particularly important, if its on an individual level.
  10. Because it is different when you're "x" trait and someone (one individual or even a group of individuals) calls you "x" trait or makes fun of you for "x", as opposed to having an entire system set in place that judges you based on "x" trait - when having "x" trait puts you at a disadvantage due to deeply ingrained cultural attributions of that trait. Or can you not make the distinction? It would be laughable for a white person to say that they are oppressed by racism, unless it were a violent act based on them being white, or if they lived in some non-existent place that has deeply ingrained history which systematically puts them at a disadvantage based on being white. Because the overarching problematic racism is a system based on it. So, as a whole, yes it is possible - but not in such a way that it bears an effect of racism. Of course, I cannot predict the future. For now, that's my take. I have personal examples too - but as a white woman it is really hard for me to say what trait resulted in those experiences.
  11. Any particular person can be racist on an individual level. But to hear a white person say they've been a victim or oppressed by racism would be beyond laughable, as any actual consideration for a serious problem would require it to be systematic. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Does it not bear relevance in what still exists and permeates throughout our culture today? This statement is surprisingly reductive to me.
  12. I'll read this and consider, but have some doubts over what you are saying. Why would Apple still offer El Capitan to those with older macs, for which they specifically admit are incompatible with the latest MacOS? I haven't decided yet. Problem is I have some applications I'll likely have to let go when I do :/ Thanks, my main reason for inquiring was on the speed, reliability, warranty, etc when replacing hdd. This has been helpful.
  13. I suppress it usually. When I start to feel it physically - like the adrenalin- I'll take my dog on a walk. The other option is I talk about my feelings, which isn't something I like to do, but have gotten more used to it because in the end it is more effective and healthy.
  14. Yes, I relate more to INTP descriptions but there are people who believe in the functions like a science that assert I am INTJ. There are others who see the J in me, and others who say it is impossible that I am a J. I go with the majority peer evaluations that claim I am INTJ and go with that most of the time to keep others happy. First time I took the test when I was 16 I got INTP. I relate to the indecisiveness, openness, laziness, and lack of self esteem/ harrowing self doubt that INTPs apparently have. Generally I say I am INTp to some, and others I tell them I am INTj. I just choose not to definitely classify myself as either. I'll keep my options open People can decide for themselves what they want me to be, if thats what they want to do.
  15. thanks, exactly what I was looking for.. just hearing from others their experience. I did check that, and I am almost going with Crucial because they make it so easy to see if it works for your system. @HackerXFor more information, I am having some guidance from my SO who has upgraded his 2009 macbook, but he replaced his with a cheaper HDD with more storage and also used his original OS Snow Leopard. But would you suggest trying to go with my original OS or do a fresh install with a newer one? https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5632155 For my reference @bobabrowncoat, what OS are you using on your 2010? This is one of my main concerns. I am thinking of going with El Capitan, or Mavericks, but have been using Mountain Lion, and my system came with Lion. I've considered upgrading to SSD because of some things I've read from mac users on reddit &apple on the topic of MacOS Sierra and incompatibility with older macbook pros. Well because I like my Mac. I use a PC at work and the variety is nice to have. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: my mac was actually one of the last mac laptops offered that can be modifiable, to my knowledge, and it is actually quite incredible because apple still offered them in 2016! http://www.cultofmac.com/405009/why-is-apples-ancient-2012-macbook-pro-still-so-popular/ http://motherboard.vice.com/read/the-2012-non-retina-macbook-pro-is-still-the-best-laptop-apple-sells Apples new thing is definitely planned obsolescence, and I hate them for it. and btw, I don't have to remove my engine on my car to get to the timing belt hehe. @king con thanks for your input on the speed, although that was a little confusing. yes i need SATA. I'm not planning on running two drives, and I'm gonna go with crucial i've decided. In a few days or about a week i'll do it and see how it goes! biggest thing next is my OS choice