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  1. Hey, check your chat.

    1. terraczy


      Hmm. I went for a walk, came back.. heard noises. I haven't seen anything, sorry I missed you!

  2. :shocked:


    And there i thought you forgot about this place.

    1. terraczy


      I pretty much did. I don't remember it like this. ;)

    2. yes


      How could you forget these wonderful, wondeful looks?

  3. Oi, you too good for chat again?

  4. Yes I get this, and I do mind it. I dont like people coming to me only in times of need who never have time for a regular conversation with me that has anything to do with a subject other than themselves. I do think I have the tendency to attract covert narcissists type of people, and I dont care for it. Complain to someone else about your sanctimonious self centered problems.
  5. thanks for the fucking stats 101 overly repeated phrase, but bringing up the matter of cause is hardly relevant.
  6. I love September!

  7. oh, good! i never knew, and was just concerned for you that you were describing something recent :hug:

  8. for sure that was nearly 4 years ago. slowly getting my J back yo. (maybe, idk, who cares lol)

  9. i had no idea about a head injury. are you okay? i ask that in affection.

  10. because over the years I have gotten J as much as P, I just always wanted to be a J, so much.

    also I think my anxiety makes me a P.

    also my personality changed after my head injury.

    hello whoops! i miss you.

  11. When I turn my head to the side, the fan noise coming from the other side of the room sounds mildly like a train, and the reflection of the light from my lamp gives the long mirror the illusion as though it is vibrating or being manipulated vertically, ever-so-slowly. I thought this then an ACTUAL train came by. I swear the train was really not coming by before I felt that illusion. It had to have been at such a great difference, considering the 15 minute time lapse, for that to to be possible. In that case, the fan definitely was able to channel the waves of sound to my ear, somehow. I'm not trained in anything science at all.
  12. you were asking where it was the other day, so at least you've found it. why the x rather than the j, in type?

  13. Well they actually have some studies with IQ reports correlating to particular MBTI or Big Five traits. As well as GPA scores.
  14. Sure. I have no idea what the context is, but sure.

  15. really?