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  1. You should tell her to read 'The Great Gatsby'.
  2. Pretty much this. You made it known you are into her. If you end up no longer being her client, you have to let her show initiative. You don't know whether she was just trying to spare your feelings by saying she can't date you due to the situation, socially conscientious behavior is allowing someone an 'out' rather than forcing them into an uncomfortable position. It's also very easy to misconstrue a friendly working relationship as something more.
  3. "You seem familiar, have you ever been to <insert place of interest> before?" Take off from there. You literally do not have to recognize them at all. Do not dwell on trying to find out where you "recognize them from" if it's just a bullshit premise to start talking to them.
  4. *Looks around for babsa*

    *Shouts out "Hello!"*

    *Waits to hear an echo*

  5. That's just my southern education, apologies.
  6. Well, I'm pretty sure she is an INTJ, so I would like the perspective from a lot of people here. Just because I agreed with Ambra's advice doesn't mean I didn't initially know how I'd handle it...
  7. I'm not leading her on. As Ambra said, hopefully time will cause her to move on and I'll just be a fond, distant memory - I wouldn't consider that cruel. Maybe 'nice' isn't the right word, but I don't like the idea of the immediacy of hurting someone's feelings.
  8. I misspoke on that, I forgot it's the year 2017. I'll be coming back later this year. Also, what part of her moving out is cringy? I think a dream about the walking dead is categorically different than "one of the most depressing dreams ever" in which she was unable to find me. If you want to test this theory out, try calling the last person you were sexually involved with and tell them what she told me, i'd be interested to see what they said. I am not seriously suggesting that, but I think it's a bit silly you compared it to a dream about a zombie show. Anyways, I like your advice, so long as she doesn't try to keep in contact. To the rest of the responses: I would rather not have to say those things, I'm a bit too nice IRL, despite how cold and ornery I might seem online. I wanted a NSA fling especially because I didn't want to have to do some kind of break-up talk.
  9. Curious to see what advice people have. I had a NSA thing with someone for a couple months, and i was very clear that I was not looking for a relationship and I was not trying to get into anything serious or cultivate any feelings for anyone. She was literally just getting out of a relationship (as in she just got done moving out), and seemed pretty much on board with my sentiments. I told her that I'd be deploying and figured that I'd essentially be a rebound for her and she'd promptly move on once I went away. Well, I deployed, and she just messaged me and said that she had a dream that she was trying to find me but all she found was my empty apartment and that it was "one of the most depressing dreams" she's ever had. I said that I was sorry she had that dream and that I've personally found that dreams often amplify our feelings quite a bit, but also that I've had similar dreams before and understand how it is. Now I'm beginning to think to think that she developed feelings for me and she is going to keep in close contact with me while I'm away and try to do a committed relationship when I get back later next year. As fucked up as it is to say, I don't really want a relationship and it doesn't necessarily have to do with having to go on deployment, it was just an easy excuse and the timeline fit well. I was kind of hoping she'd be able to rebound and find someone while I am away, but now I'm thinking more on the things she's said before I left and it seems more and more likely that she got too attached. I'm not all that romantic and I'm not focused on trying to form a committed relationship, but it isn't something I completely ruled out or am willfully trying to avoid. I do know that I don't really want to have a committed relationship with her, even if she isn't ugly or has a bad personality or whatever. Seeking advice, similar experiences, etc.
  10. She wants the D, yo. Why does it have to be anything at all? Are you able to enjoy someone's company without expectations and see where it goes? If you wanted to be sure you were on the same page, you can just tell her.
  11. If you want to remove the default profile pick, you can do that with the Stylish add on and the code below. Let me know if you want help setting that up.


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  12. How is it a misrepresentation? The question posed in the title was a broad question that lead into the original post. Yeah, you are being intentionally obtuse here. Are you literally insane? Serious question, because that sounds like a diatribe I'd hear from one of the destitute homeless of my city.
  13. You read a thread title. Do you realize that thread titles are limited in characters?
  14. I like 'they'. I like to refer to it as the 'ominous they'. I think that our language could use a few more obscure words with multiple meanings, and I really enjoy that our words can be interpreted in so many different ways. It's extremely complicated, but I enjoy the nuance.