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  1. Pew Research Center: Zero Hedge is a really terrible news source.
  2. I found this semi relevant article on conservative news outlets that was written by a conservative:
  3. Is this thread supposed to be about video games allegedly making people violent or science fiction? I see no connection between the two topics.
  4. Watched it twice and didn't see or hear anything about video games.
  5. Have you ever read anything by Robin Hanson? You remind me of him.

    1. Zsych


      I haven't although I like his general approach.


      Humans tend to want to believe that they are greater than they objectively are (myself included obviously).


      It's interesting seeing humans as systems and a lot of science from various areas informs how the world really works and how a variety of problems get solved in real world situations... And you can apply some of that understanding to better understand how humanity must function underneath.


      As a software consultant, some of my more unusual breakthroughs in solving problems came from intuiting what underlying processes might be... What kind of actions / mistakes would people have made - being people and acting like people :)

      ...... added to this post 22 minutes later:

      I imagine you messaged me because of one of my recent posts.


      IMO, when people see humans as being above machines - as somehow part of a superior order above logic - they are more biased to just accepting things about humanity as empirical truths... As opposed to systems born due to understandable reasons.


      Granted, humans are somewhat messy and the world that shapes us isn't quite as simple as the problems we evolved have to deal with on a daily basis.

    2. thebrainpolice


      It was the "Women and clothes" thread that prompted this specifically, though I noticed it well before. You seem to have a lot of unconventional ideas* that you've put some thought into and don't seem overly concerned with upsetting people.  Nothing wrong with that, it's just unusual to see. Your general interests and posting style (in addition to that) reminded me of Hanson, so I wondered if you were familiar with him. Just a random thought, nothing more. 


      *even by the standards of this forum.

  6. I would vote early, but my state doesn't allow it.
  7. Steely Dan - FM (No Static at All)
  8. He got the prize for literature, not peace.
  9. I wouldn't object. They already gave the award to Bertrand Russell (1950) and Winston Churchill (1953) so there is a precedent for interpreting the category of "literature" very broadly.
  10. I'll echo this. How many people have even heard of the last 10 or so literature prize winners? Would it have really been better if they gave it to some obscure Estonian poet?
  11. Thanks for the avatar help

    1. ness2361


      You're welcome. And no problem if you don't care for any of them.  I couldn't find your original, so I went for handsome, similar enough, good quality, and two fun ones that resemble him :)

  12. This is the link to a few photos and images you might like for an avatar, or not :)



  13. I can't find my Dick picture and it's too small anyways...
  14. I don't really care for Presidential term limits. The UK has had nine Prime Ministers serve for 10 or more years and they survived. FDR, the only U.S. President to serve more than two terms is widely regarded by historians and political scientists as one of the greatest Presidents ever. If a President (or any politician) goes mad with power the best check and balance is the ballot box. Let voters decide for themselves if someone stayed in too long.