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  1. Neil Young - Southern Man
  2. Based on that definition: I don't see how anyone could function without an ego.
  3. What definition of ego are you using?
  4. The vast majority of "pop culture" is produced or at least promoted by corporations. They don't care about Marxism, they just want to make money. Also, that InfoWars video fails to provide any evidence that Marxism and pop culture are linked.
  5. You said there aren't any poets you can think of who don't traffic in philosophy. If the average pop star (or whoever writes their songs) are poets, then apparently lots of poets don't do philosophy.
  6. MGMT - Congratulations
  7. Aren't song lyrics technically a form of poetry? Can't say I've noticed much philosophical depth from top 40 radio, but maybe I just don't pay enough attention. As for the question in the OP, I don't think I could make a living doing either.
  8. Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but people have believed in the notion of "progress" for some time: That said Jefferson was far more radical than the vast majority of his generation. And as pointed out above, generations aren't monolithic. Some older people admire today's youth for their idealism, others think they're spoiled idiots, some are indifferent, some fall in between those extremes, etc, etc. You would likely find a diversity of opinion for any time period you care to examine.
  9. Pink Floyd - Echoes
  10. Pittsburgh, Akron, and Dayton. Pretty accurate.
  11. 41st percentile. I haz st00pid.
  12. Looks like you pretty clearly identify with ISTP more than ISTJ. Fwiw, you do seem like some kind of SP to me.
  13. What do you relate to in each description? Are there parts of either description that you think don't fit.
  14. Let me clarify. I was not asking for evidence that Nigerian prisons are brutal, I believe that. I was asking for evidence that Nigeria's recidivism rate is lower than America's and that the brutality of Nigerian prisons is the cause of their lower recidivism rates. If anything the links provided suggest that Nigeria's prison system is itself a problem:
  15. I'd like to see citations for this, especially the bold part.