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  1. Aye speaketh jest fyne. :p 

  2. The Left Banke - Walk Away Renée / Pretty Ballerina
  3. Tea & Symphony - The English Baroque Sound - 1967/1974
  4. The Doors - Not to Touch the Earth
  5. Can't speak for Greece* specifically, but one explanation I've heard for why Europe has progressed further than the rest of the world the last 500 years or so is its political disunity. If the ruler of one state did something dumb it wouldn't necessarily stop progress in other states. Also it would be easier for his subjects to move elsewhere. If say, a Chinese emperor did something dumb, he could set millions back for a generation or more. * Though if I recall correctly democratic Athens produced (or attracted) more men of distinction (like Socrates), than authoritarian states like Sparta. So a relatively open political system may have helped as well. The 300 Spartans killed at Thermopylae were anything but weak. If anything the bravest and most disciplined soldiers would be the most likely to be killed since they would be the least likely to flee from danger.
  6. The Move - Blackberry Way
  7. While I'm sure that some technological advances were connected to war, I would like to see evidence that the "vast bulk" were.
  8. I think it's extremely hard to gauge extroversion/introversion based on online interactions, so I'm going to mostly go by what you posted in this thread. Going by dichotomies you're probably so close to the middle X may well be more accurate than I or E. I don't really buy in to cognitive functions so I'll let others speak to that. If must choose between INTJ or ENTJ, I guess I would lean slightly towards ENTJ since you identify as an enneagram 8. You do seem a bit like ToughLove and UnRulyR3d who both identify as ENTJ (though I've admittedly never interacted with ToughLove and UnRulyR3d hasn't been around much at all the last few years). That isn't the best evidence and reasoning in the world but its the best I got.
  9. I think it would be interesting to see you do a "type me" thread. There would be no rules concerns and it would be a good way for you to make Kisai "put up, or shut up" so to speak. I can understand if you have privacy concerns, but you could stipulate that your personal life is off limits. Since Kisai is the one asserting that you're mistyped, presumably based on your forum posts, your forum posts alone should be all the evidence he needs. Unless of course you just really hate drawing attention to yourself at all. Which is understandable. As for the topic of the thread: This really stood out to me. If people who were familiar with QuickTwist's posts elsewhere didn't believe he was an NT when he typed himself as one, but did buy it when he typed himself as an SF type that's significant. There are people on this site who have argued of S and or F as well, so we have people reaching the same conclusions independently of each other.
  10. Kisai is correct.
  11. Have you ever typed anyone on this forum as a sensor? Not saying that the OP is a sensor, but I see no reason to pick N over S at this point.
  12. Thought some of the questions on the second page were kind of weird. Not sure that eating lots of doughnuts or decorating your walls can be linked to specific personality traits.
  13. Genesis - Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
  14. A collection of mostly arbitrary social conventions that lots of people have an irrational attachment to.
  15. Never really paid much attention to them until the local rock station started spamming the fuck out of "The Light" and their new Simon and Garfunkel cover. Metal and "spirituality" just don't mix imo. They sound like Creed these days. Can't speak to their earlier stuff.