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  1. While she may seem to be overbearing when it comes to telling you how you should act and how she controls conversations, you should note what she says and not completely dismiss her suggestions just because you don't want to be controlled. ESFJs are trusted by people and are masters when it comes to relationships. Recognize their strengths and try to put them into your arsenal. Anyone can learn and grow.
  2. I used to, but I don't anymore because I don't want to be blinded by my initial perception of someone. I give people a preliminary period before rendering a verdict. My verdict is not final, but if someone is consistent you kind of know how they interact with the world and you.
  3. Can't argue with that - very well put

  4. Good employees are abused and unappreciated because the company (likely corporation) you work for is run by managers that are weak, mostly powerless, and basically just slaves to the "big boss". They have been beaten down into submission, are pessimistic, and lost all hope of a better tomorrow just like at least half of the employees. They used to give a shit but eventually realized that nobody gives a shit and they are never going to be promoted or don't really want to be promoted so they just drag their ass into work because they need the money to pay their bills. They do the bare minimum and go home. Welcome to the reality of at least 90% of American businesses.
  5. You responded to a post in which I asked whether a person that judges people based on their attractiveness should be shamed. You seemed to answer in the affirmative. If you do not believe they should be shamed, that brings us full circle back to the original question as to whether they should be shamed or not.
  6. You have decided that someone should be shamed based on the way they think? Tell me more. What if the world does in fact revolve around that person's dick? If someone values people based on their attractiveness, that does not take away other people's agency or humanity. Even if they call someone obese, they have not taken away someone's humanity. You did not explain why such a person should be shamed.
  7. Why should someone be ashamed of that?
  8. Is there anything that people should be ashamed of?
  9. The first time I took the test I came up INTJ. I later concluded I was an INTP after studying the functions and have been to all the forums. All of the other personality forums are pretty much all abandoned and the only people left all know each other and get along. That is a recipe for boredom.
  10. "They need to have everything force fed to them several times and refuse to use their brains beyond deciding which burger they are going to shove down their obese throats today and even that amount of thinking hurts their head."


  11. It is called experience and informal training. It isn't about inheritance. Your parents probably manipulate physical objects more than you do now and also did so in the past. They have more experience "fixing" things and watching machines work. Once you get the basic idea of how a machine works, it is all just troubleshooting from there. Is it this? Is it that? Check this. Check that. You go through the list until you find the issue. This is pretty much what every service technician in the world does. Sometimes they just replace the part that they think is not functioning and move on. Meet the best service technician ever:
  12. People lobbied for the awareness months and they got them. That is how it works for all holidays and awareness months. Even Christmas was not recognized as a holiday until someone lobbied the government for it to become recognized. White people are generally the focus in history class for most of the year. This is kind of the nature of the founding of the US. Other groups used to not be mentioned much if at all until representation was lobbied for. It is actually kind of funny that you mention a week because it was Negro History Week in 1926. Black History Month was recognized by the US government in 1976. As for whether they should cover the same material each year that is quite laughable. There is more than enough history to cover all years of schooling and then some but most schools don't even really do much for any of these months except hang up a sign that says that it is that month. They have a curriculum to teach and they stick to it. You also mentioned feminism month. Women's History Month would probably be the closest to this. It is in March. As for the agenda pushing.....They push them for awareness and they are mostly meaningless. Don't let your blood pressure rise too much. Every month has at least three issues that they are dedicated to and there are huge number of special days that you have probably never heard of. Here is a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_commemorative_months
  13. It isn't about being unreasonable. It isn't unreasonable for people to ask her where she is from when she is in fact from another country and it is obvious. She may be annoyed by this but that is her problem. If I grew up in Alabama and moved to California, they would be asking me the same thing. The complaint about the lack of Asian role models on US television is just pathetic. If I moved to Kenya, I wouldn't be whining about the fact that there aren't alot of people that look like me in their popular culture. If a given block of people want role models that look like them, they need to create them themselves. There is kind of a racist aspect to all of this. Why does a role model have to look like you? None of the people I looked up to looked anything like me and I'm sure most of the kids that wanted to be like Michael didn't look like Michael Jordan.
  14. Perhaps you aren't a pathetic whiner like the writer of this article and the writer of the article posted by the OP.