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  1. Thanks for the helpful advice! It's nice to have another opinion on this, as I tend to overthink pretty much everything, and I'm way out of my area of expertise on this one. I'll probably end up calling her and asking if she wants to meet up for lunch. I also like the idea of seeing Transformers, so that's one I'll think about as well. I should probably have been a little bit clearer in my OP about the fact that I don't generally have too much trouble getting with, or dating, women - I may not enter long term relationships very often, but that's more of a personal choice than a failing. I'm not what you would call a "nice guy," and I don't really slide into that stereotype very well. The reason that this situation is different for me is that it isn't just a one time thing, where I can flirt with the woman right off the bat. It's something that up until recently I was totally convinced was nothing but a platonic friendship, and yes, I was actually friends with her. That's why I'm having some doubts about how to proceed. For me at least, it's an odd case. The suggestions to be genuine, and to be myself, were nice to see. I tend to pretty bluntly be myself, and people respond well to that, despite the fact I'm a pretty classic nerd. I'm comfortable with who I am, and I believe that because of that, other people are as well. - This one actually made me laugh out loud. Point taken!
  2. This is my first real post on the INTJf, and I'm hoping you guys (and girls) can help me figure out my next move in the situation I'm in. I'm 21, in college, and doing fairly well for myself. Like most INTJ's, I'm supremely confident in my ability to handle any problem - unless it's a romantic or social issue =P. I've been friends with a certain girl since high school, and we dated a bit then (nothing serious, just sort of feeling each other out). At the time, we decided to stick to a "just friends" kind of relationship after a few dates, (both of us were pretty inexperienced, and neither of us was ready for any sort of commitment). Since then we've both dated a few other people, but neither of us have entered any kind of serious, long term, relationship (we're both what you might call challenged in that area). We've managed to stay friends, despite going to different colleges several hours away from each other, and not seeing much of each other in person. Recently, we've been talking more, and the more I think about it, the more I find myself wishing things had gone differently between us. I look forward to talking to her more than I would like to admit, (our conversations are both intelligent and interesting - a rarity), and I find that she is initiating conversation just as much, if not more, than I am (we generally talk over facebook, or though texts). She's home for the summer, and I think I'm interested in seeing if she would be interested in getting together, perhaps even for a date (we're both single at the moment). However, I'm having a lot of trouble thinking of a good way to reconnect with her - It's been over two years since we've actually been together in person, and I'm not sure how to proceed. I don't want to seem creepy, and make a move, especially if she doesn't feel the same way I do. I think I have a decent shot here, and I would hate to ruin it on a whim. So, INTJf, what should I do? Should I invite my friend to a casual lunch or coffee? Maybe ask her to hang out somewhere? The major thing I'm concerned with in this situation is that we've been friends for so long that a date isn't even something she would think about, especially since we haven't actually met in person in years. I'm not desperate, and I'm not going to freak out if this doesn't go my way, but I would like to give it a good shot, so I would love to have some input from you guys! What's a good way to reconnect with an old friend?
  3. Hi all! I've been lurking for ages, just now actually joining the INTJf. I'm 21, a college student, and most importantly a fairly stereotypical INTJ!