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  1. The amount of content compared to Portal 1 is welcome, as well as the environments. It was nice to get some more background on the facility, but Valve went a little too overboard with the jokey stuff. Cake Is A Lie went to their heads. I much preferred the atmosphere of the old game. It felt so alone and mysterious. That being said I think I probably enjoyed playing through Portal 2 more. The puzzles weren't particularly hard, but the co-op made up for it. Co-op was really fun the first time around.
  2. If you're looking at recent MMOs, I wouldn't count on finding anything. Sure there's always going to be a factor of skill, but what you're looking for where skill is the majority is pretty rare. Especially with MMOs being such a big investment publishers and developers don't want to stray too far away from the gear treadmill format. The nature of MMOs doesn't put a heavy focus on skill. TERA would have been a great game for it because it's probably got the most fluid action combat of them all (excluding casters and their locked animations) but the gear makes too much of a difference. The people that mentioned APB and PS2 are right for one reason: Teamwork in those games absolutely destroys. A coordinated strike team or whatever in PS2 can win engagements. Good positioning and communication in APB destroys the P2W weapons. That being said, in my personal opinion both those games are pretty bad with their f2p models and overall quality. Plus, if you're like me, working in teams isn't your preferred cup of tea. tl;dr look towards older games where publishers didnt have the developers' balls in a vice and they were more willing to explore and experiment
  3. Get along well enough with most people but I never become close with anyone. Even people I've been friends with for years and have spent a lot of time with aren't what I would consider close. They're really just people I'm more comfortable around. I find myself often trying to think of ways to connect to these people so I seem more human to them. Maybe it's a wasted effort and my grey colors will always shine through. Maybe not though. I've noticed an improvement in my efforts this first year of college and find myself asking people about trivial shit they bring up. I had a conversation about a guy who I would consider my only "friend" (it's more like a good acquaintance) about past girlfriends he's had and found myself sort of mindlessly asking questions about it if even inside the only words I could hear were "I don't give a shit". He confided quite a bit to me. Useless information, but still, the guy is decently organized academically speaking and is part of a larger network of people in the program so I feel like that's at least trying to get my foot in the door. Also, does anyone else here find themselves struggling in one on one situations but in certain group scenarios find themselves to be the star of the show? It's like a switch. Cold, dead guy in 1-on-1 and then charismatic entertainer in group scenarios.
  4. This really, REALLY seems overkill for a "gaming" PC.
  5. EA is a cancer on the gaming industry. But they appeal to the widest audience so I guess they're likely here to stay for a while. I can only hope crowd funded projects offer an alternative avenue for those of us who don't like to digest garbage.
  6. I enjoy the leveling experience in MMOs. I don't think in any official MMO server I have actually gotten to end-game content, and stayed and finished it. It was just way too much of a pointless time sink and I always ended up installing. That being said I had fun with Tera. The pedophiles and other weird people in that game can be surprisingly fun to engage with, and there's good soloing opportunities. But the end game is standard fare and completely easy, just a matter of putting in hours to gear up.
  7. Playing Freelancer and Gothic II. Freelancer is getting me insanely hyped for Star Citizen.
  8. find myself saying nothing and still somehow constantly amazed as to how people can talk about nothing i was expecting different in a program full of "geeks" but its same shit, different pile.
  9. That is a disgusting amount. I feel bad with about 1/3 of the time with on/off playing since release. I'm actually considering reinstalling for the 20th time or whatever After WoW I guess it'd be a toss up between Morrowind, CSS or Gmod.
  10. Where's the option for RAGE? gotta be able to reach all those numbers man. make all those agonizing moments of learning how to cycle items with mwheel worth it.
  11. did this test some time ago forget what numbers i got
  12. So awkward when people ask you what your Facebook is.
  13. Backlogs will never be completed. It's a little demotivating.
  14. lots of people and noise not so much point takes up time waste
  15. Been really wanting to get into this game. Don't very much care about the learning curve, it's the ghastly UI I'm scared of trying to use. I've heard of people playing this for years and still don't quite have a total grip on the UI, namely in the military area. I think I'll try and bide my time until something gets done about the UI. If it doesn't, then I guess I'll give it a go anyways. Heard fantastic things about this game.