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    Drowning in the now, Swimming to the future
  1. "The once and future king" - Th White
  2. Hello stranger, what brings you to these parts?

  3. Hello :) Nice Avatar *befriend*

  4. Excellent! Any venue suggestions? Will you be bringing a friend along?

  5. AS things currently stand, i should be able to make it.

  6. I'm back in TO, the meetup is scheduled for March 8th...see the GTA thread...can you make it down?

  7. I don't know. Thought it was shelved. Ask gracious, I'm in Quebec skiing with intermittent internet access so I'm not organizing it.

  8. Hello Dancingqueen. Have you heard anything regarding the meetup i think is scheduled in March? I think my post killed that thread.

  9. Sure, throw it up in the gta thread and see if it sticks...I'm game.

  10. How about Take Sushi on Front Street? i'

    I've personally never been before but it looks interesting.

  11. As far as I know it's set for Aug 31st. Haven't thought about where and what time yet. There are 4 of us so far; any venue suggestions?

  12. Is there anything news in regards to the next meetup. there hasn't been any commentary on the meetup page since i posted.

  13. The lady sitting just to the right of me was wrecking the conversation for all of us. She didn't seem to realize the difference between talking to people and talking at them.*irked*

  14. Oh no that wasn't an issue. I actually had a good time speaking with the newcomers. I just had an obligation to attend after so i could not stay.