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    "What started out as a pleasant evening of drugs and surgery has not gone as planned."
  1. A bit, in a self-depreciating way, but not much.
  2. Agreed that some lynels are harder than Ganon. The battle was okay in the sense that the size of the opponent, the whole fighting from horseback thing... made it stand out in the game, to me anyway. But it was disappointing, even to me, in terms of difficulty.
  3. The problem for you. One can talk about jobs or interests or schooling or travels without sound like a braggart or a dick, simply because they are not those things. Now, if you don't actually have humility and can't fake properly you might as well embrace the bragging. Or, if you insist on giving humility a try and you sincerely can't tell how to write about your "achievements" without sounding like you are bragging, there is an easy fix: don't mention them at all, and let your personality do the speaking, until they actually come up "organically" in the conversation. It shouldn't be too hard, because travels don't prove you are adventurous. Education does not prove you are smart. A good job does not prove you are competent. A good salary does not prove you are responsible yet generous in your spending. Playing the guitar does not prove you have aesthetic, artistic sensibilities. Owning a dog does not prove you are kindhearted. Being tall and fit is irrelevant personality-wise. Whatever is left of you when you don't mention any of those things, or when you merely mention them in passing, should still be enough. Or keep repeating IT SHOULD WORK IF WOMEN DIDN'T PICK MEN SO BADLY! ALAS, SINCERELY FEMINIST MEN ARE DOOMED BY FEMALES BEING IDIOTIC I guess. ...... added to this post 19 minutes later: Why not, if they mention an interest in relativistic physic on their profile? If they don't, of course, it is pointless bragging too.
  4. It completely depends on what you intend to do. I wouldn't suggest that you grab her and plant a kiss on her or encourage cheating behind her partner's back, as well as some other things like being indelicate to her partner's face, misrepresenting yourself, and what not. But I think that is spending time with her and being charming and even flirty is perfectly fine (unless she is made uncomfortable by it of course). Most relationships aren't forever. Just because someone has a partner does not mean they are satisfied with this partner or wouldn't be better off with you. If you nurture a relationship with someone and let your interest be known and they decide to leave their partner for you, so what? You can hardly be blamed for existing, being honest about your interest, and appearing like a better fit.
  5. Then you should have no problem with me not accepting xwsmithx's appeal to (supposed) authority.
  6. I would personally have an abortion if I needed one, but if I actually birthed a child, you are taking that child away from me over my dead body - or by reducing me to the highest level of powerlessness and lack of other options, as actually happens to so many mothers, of course. It enrages me when people pretend somehow that both options are the same with nothing but benefits from adoption. And my mom has seen drama unfold when a pregnant teen chose to give birth and give up the baby for adoption, even though her mother who was herself abandoned and adopted at birth was begging her to either abort or let her raise her grand-child. Pretending adoption is a wonderful solution for everyone is ideological, not factual, period.
  7. So, no repetitive bragging. Don't seem obsessed. Or will just turn off women who don't like dogs. I don't think so. Don't think so either. I think you are exagerating, but again, avoid bragging and being a walking cliché. Same as previous bit. My point was that you are right about the unattractiveness of many of these things but apparently overthink the reasons.
  8. Feminism and paternalism do not mesh well.
  9. You seem to be overthinking the selfies bit. Here is the thing about selfies: -they tend to look like each other -they often don't look good Meanwhile pictures taken by other people (or with a camera set to take the picture automatically after 15 secs... no one can tell the difference): -Often better quality -show more varied angles of your face or views of your body -seem to indicate you have friends who spend time with you and take pics of you The same applies to a woman who has nothing but pics of her face, all from the same angle, with various filters.
  10. I am referring to the reaction of the medical community and trained psychologists/educators, not just any adults. I don't think it is useful to keep this off-topic debate going longer. Point was that such «expert» theories are not comparable to facts like the Earth orbiting the Sun.
  11. Also: the cat will lead the relationship
  12. Just so people who didn't see the unedited post know, I suggested the above for women, and something else for men.
  13. because part of his legacy was that women who came forward with stories of childhood sexual abused, especially by their fathers, were likely to be accused of making it up because they merely had Electra syndrome and what not? Why we're really only just catching up to the notion that mental illnesses may often be caused by events, like traumatic events, rather than just come from internal conflicts about sex and parents? I don't hate Freud though. But no way am I going to consider that one opinion piece on "parenting today" parroting his ideas is proof that girls compete with their mothers for their father (or that they don't also compete with dad for mom, or that they've not been taught to do this in the first place by the adults). "Experts" are not above confirmation bias. They think they observe it happening and/or they think they know why it happens because they've been taught so by Freudian theories, and then once they think they've seen it they write about it and more people accept it as true.
  14. I can't pretend that this is exactly what happened to me since I did meet someone by actually taking steps for it (being on a dating site). And in fact, I had admitted to myself that though I could live alone and without relationships and could probably handle that forever if needed, I would prefer having one. However I did sort of give up on something very important just before. Released vain hopes about someone else. So I can relate to the very strange feeling of "giving up" and then finding what you needed just a moment later.
  15. For some of those things, like "smart", no you can't. That's something people have to judge for themselves. Willing to commit or interested in kinds though, I think you can. My husband (whom I met on, you guessed it, a dating site) told me so fairly quickly. Maybe the second time we met in person. Within the first 2 weeks without a single doubt. But then again because it was OKC all he had to do was mention what I filled in under "children" and say that he was relieved I wanted them because he did too. ...... added to this post 5 minutes later: Hm... Yes, they do. Although maybe we should generalize this to "values". Couples tend to need to share common values or they are fucked and not in the pleasant way.