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  1. I decided to give Mass Effect 3 a try after all that hype about it. Wasn't very impressed.
  2. Interesting. I knew it there was no real correlation between intelligence and IQ.
  3. I used to collect bottles of nice and rare beers. I still have them although I stopped getting new ones for now.
  4. If you lead a healthy diet taking additional vitamins will not affect you. It's vitamin deficiencies that should worry someone. Plus the symptoms of these deficiencies do not usually appear overnight. It might even take lots of months depending on our body's storage capacity for each vitamin.
  5. Wow, you seem to be a very persistent man. 47 pages? Good for you. But the answer to your question is too personal, we wouldn't be able to give it to you even in 100 pages. Even if there really is no answer, no one is forcing you to do something you don't wish. No one forces you to keep searching or live. I think that you set the bar too high and take life more seriously than you should and that can only lead you to dissapointment afterwards. I am not sure what you expected to find out but there really isn't much to it.
  6. I am not very vocal about it either. But it's mostly because I think that I have nothing to gain from it. It's more likely that it will just end in some unpleasant consequences. A person who understands me would know that I'm in an INTJ even if they didn't know there's a word for it. But the again my desire to be understood, except from a few people, is not that great.
  7. I can't count how many times I've listened to this today!
  8. Haven't heard a lot of their songs but I liked most of them. Especially their acoustic versions. But I think "Chasm" is really great. It has a very progressive/dark feel to it, reminds me of bands like tool and mastodon. The video's pretty cool too.
  9. INTJ song, for sure.

  10. That song is so catchy! hahaha
  11. First time I hear sugar/sweeteners being correlated to memory loss. I can try to live without them. But coffee is one thing I am not sure I can give up yet. I can practically fall asleep on my desk without it. But perhaps that is because I got addicted to it.