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  1. I have a small orchard(dozen trees) at my house, my usual reaction upon stumbling on any of the forementioned creatures while picking fruits: Bees - man, I really feel like eating some honey right now. Wasps - whoa, careful now don't try to disturb 'em little fuckers. Even a single hornet - fuck this shit, I'm outta here //runs away scared like a little girl
  2. Slytherin(between Slytherin and Ravenclaw on the official one). If you're a Harry Potter fan I suggest you do the full-version of the official test(made with collaboration with J.K Rowling herself) on pottermore. This one seems like it borrows most questions from pottermore but it's not the real deal.
  3. Thank you for existing :) I wish more people had this type of views. On topic. Was the dude a scumbag? Yep. If you don't like paying for your date then don't. If you decide to pay for the date then stick with your decision. Asking for a refund after the fact is not only a douche move(even if his date was a total B/didn't go well) but it just makes it clear that your intentions were malicious(may actually be good thing since you further substantiate your dates notion of your douchebaggery) . Nothing wrong with the idea of going on a date looking for a one night stand, but be honest and upfront about it, not a manipulative d-bag wasting everybody's time. Regarding the experience of the actual date and your date(the person you went with), it's irrelevant, you aren't entitled to shit for it not going as you expected or you paying for it. If there is a second one, good for you. If there isn't, "drink a cup of cold water" as we say in my country and move on. Whether you should pay for your date in the first place is a different story. In my opinion if you're the initiator and you insisted on the date then you pay, otherwise it's whatever arrangement you make with your date. Although I'm more modern in this regards and prefer to split the bill - I don't like paying for other ppl's shit and I dislike ppl paying for mine(kind of like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory since I don't really like giving/receiving gifts too) there is nothing wrong with the traditional arrangement as long as all parties are upfront and there is no manipulation involved.
  4. I agree. If you go back enough in time when we were "animals" it would've been fine back then for the male to be "this" and the female to be "that" because we were.. animals, but since we've evolved in an intelligent species, we should have been way past this gender bullshit already. Male/female should't have any other meaning beside being a biology term in today's world.
  5. Very nicely said but let me add a small correction(see the bold). Unfortunately there are women who exhibit this behavior and views too(most likely due to being themselves influenced/raised by/in a sexist environment/people). On the topic.. /thread
  6. Both are attractive enough, intelligent enough, love me and since I don't give a shit if they can cook or if they're are artsy/like to travel, none of these options are a deciding factor. So we're left with: - option 1 having questionable loyalty and liking spending too much, the first of which is a deal breaker to me and the second is something that I see as a negative quality; - option 2 being loyal, which is something I'd expect from a partner. Makes it pretty easy to choose: option 2 it is.
  7. Got Sheldon which is inaccurate, Raj's descriptions fits me best.
  8. Seriously though.. what I want from a woman? To want the same things as I do: power, independence(all possible meanings), desire to always improve and be the best version of myself, to help humanity move forward in technological and intellectual way. The thing is those are things I want and haven't achieved yet or may never actually manage to achieve. But I'll continue to strive and try, and I want a person who wants the same, will stand next with me and as someone said, will go through hell with me.
  9. Note that I said the fault is partiality, however I still stand behind my words. What you're describing I can see being the issue only if you jump into the relationship/marriage too fast and that's still your decision. So is sacrificing all your independence being financial or emotional. Serious relationships, especially marriage are a very huge deal, something you shouldn't jump into quickly, which out knowing the person completely or whiteout having the support to back off in case you need. No one just breaks from nice to bad, no one can put a 100% mask to cover their true nature, they're always signs about someones true character and if you miss them or chose to ignore them you can only blame yourself for doing so. I'm not even going to comment on the murder stuff, if someone is threatening you, you should never step back but fight no matter the cost - if not for your sake then for the sake of your future children. Its the 21th century, unless you live in a third word country, you have access to all the tools that would help you to become an independent man or a woman, only if you choose to use them though.
  10. That doesn't matter, its society issue because its society that should make it that its NOT ok for men to rape and not ok for women to do nothing about it afterwards. Exactly, its the FIRST step. The problem is that it ends there where it should't. I don't think so. It isn't. Its that some women think that only speaking is enough. None where there isn't any and some where there actually is! This depends on what kind of abuse we are talking about. If its rape you by yourself can't do much to prevent it(unless you carry mace or a gun, but that shouldn't be expected of you because its not your fault its the guys fault), what you can do however, is if someone do/try that to you - you go to the authorities and report the shitbag, you tell your friends about it/him, you do everything you can to make that person life's a living hell.. what you don't do is ignore it and think it will go away by itself. That's how you prevent it from happening again. Workplace abuse - you do the same. However if we are talking women abuse as if domestic/relationship abuse then you are partially at fault because its YOUR CHOICE, you can't choose if you're going to get raped but you can choose who you spend you time with and when you choose a shitbag, give his children, leave him and then go back or whatever irrational stuff some women do in such situation, don't expect anyone to help you when you don't want help or you say you do but your actions says the opposite. People can't force you(and its none of their concern) who you chose to do "business" with, its your responsibility, you are an adult - act like one. Don't reward bad behavior and punish good one. And here is where the connection between allowing abuse and rape is. In my opinion men who rape are the same one who are used to abusing women were allowed to abuse women not only without consequences but were rewarded by the same women they abused.. by the fact that these women chose the guy who acts like scumbag instead of the normal guy, continued to date him even though he treats her like shit and after breaking up instead of learning a lesson continued to do the same. Think about what kind of message this behavior sends not only to the abuser(growing up to be abuser) but to the normal men(or growing up boys) as well. *By "you" I mean women in general.
  11. This! This guy knows what he is talking about. Kudos dude, couldn't said it better myself, I agree with everything you've said. It looks like the topic has shifted in two direction, one is about the crazy fucktard.. and the other on how is this about women - not men, and how men should speak loudly against victimization of women, etc. On the first "direction" so to speak.. yes, "that guy whatever his name is I don't really give a damn about his stupid ass" is.. was batshit crazy and a misogynists. Now on the second one, first of all ladies if a man is involved in this then its not ONLY about the women issue, its PEOPLE or more correctly said SOCIETY issue. Secondly, while I respect and I agree with speaking against victimization of women and raising awareness, that by ITSELF won't do SHIT about reducing the problem. The analogy with the bank, that the fellow gent ischuldt gave was very true unfortunately. You need to realize that most men.. women.. PEOPLE are kind of stupid and that words don't mean shit to them - that's one of the reason we have laws, banks have security and so on. What you're asking(that WE need to speak about "your" issue while you sit on your ass and let men treat you like shit, do nothing about it but bitch on the internet) is impossible due to the human nature. Not matter how much we speak and say we don't tolerate women abuse, there will always be scumbags that would do what ever mood their dick is in and respectfully, women who even so with all said, will ignore normal men and go for the scumbag. We can't fix that, leadies, thats something only you can fix. Stop allowing to be treated like shit and do something about it! Speaking and raising awareness by itself is pointless if you don't do your part.
  12. You Are a Visionary Soul You are a curious person, always in a state of awareness. Connected to all things spiritual, you are very in touch with your soul. You are wise and bright: able to reason and be reasonable. Occasionally, you get quite depressed and have dark feelings. You have great vision and can be very insightful. In fact, you are often profound in a way that surprises yourself. Visionary souls like you can be the best type of friend. You are intuitive, understanding, sympathetic, and a good healer. Souls you are most compatible with: Old Soul and Peacemaker Soul
  13. 1. Dude. 2. Mid 20s 3. Normal sexualy, yup I do. 4. Totally, I dislike the fact that I'm ..hate that word.
  14. Hoarder: 3 Spender: 4 Money Monk: 3 Avoider: 2 Amasser: 8
  15. Not surprised although of all the test on this subject I find the one on pottermore.com to be the most accurate, after all Rowling took a huge part in making the project. The site/game has a good "what wand suits you best" test too. Slytherin 75 Ravenclaw 69 Gryffindor 62 Hufflepuff 45