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  1. Most INFPs are 4w5, but some are also 9w1. Could you elaborate more on how you came to realize that you were not a 4? It's very unusual for an INFP to be a 6 - most 6s are ISTJs or ISFJs.
  2. If you look at the data comparing MBTI and Enneagram types, it's actually a much simpler picture. (From Typology Central) When you filter out the noise, each MBTI type tends to be associated with 2 different enneagram types which are five steps apart. Most INTJs are 5w4, but it's also possible for an INTJ to be a 1w9. Most INFJs are 4w5, but it's also possible for an INFJ to be a 9w1. ESFPs are 7 or 2, ESTJs are 3 or 8, etc. I think this is what the tritype is actually measuring, and that the tritype is not meaningful in itself. In general, if you split the four cognitive functions of an MBTI type into two sets of two functions - Ni/Te/Fi/Se of an INTJ gives you Ni/Te = INTJ and Fi/Se = ISFP, the main Enneagram type and the wing match up. Most ISFPs are 4w5, and most INTJs are 5w4. Combining the Enneagram and MBTI tends to produce 32 types, which is the same number produced by the Five Factor model, a favorite of academic psychologists.
  3. How much of socionics have you studied? Have you tried 16types

  4. He's an ESTP. He lives for the moment - his financial success isn't the result of having a long-term plan, it's the result of his charisma and communication skills. Also, he uses his money exclusively for sensory indulgences.
  5. Law enforcement is better suited for SJs. INTJs don't tend to believe in maintaining the status quo, nor will they blindly follow authority, which are crucial components of law enforcement. Most of the INTJs I know (including myself) have nothing but contempt for police and the legal system, largely because of the incredible farces they perpetuate, like the war on drugs.
  6. I would absolutely date an ENFJ. The ones I know have always been such enthusiastic and funny people. They all work in medicine, they're very compassionate, and they really know how to put people at ease. Our skill sets also seem to compliment each other very well - I appreciate their people skills, while they appreciate my technical skills. My only issue with ENFJs is that they don't seem to understand my need for solitude, and it's impossible for me to match their physical energy. Though I haven't dated one (yet), they seem to be an excellent long-term match.
  7. Arya Stark: ISTP - She's a quiet tomboy who loves sword fighting and becomes a badass assassin. John Snow: ISFP - He's a moody individualist with strong personal values. Theon Greyjoy: ESTP - He's primarily concerned with getting in as much drinking and prostitution as possible, until he gets the opportunity to make something of himself. Joffrey: ESTP - He gets the most satisfaction from watching and inflicting violence. Same type as his father, Jaime. Cersei Lannister: ENFJ - Her manipulativeness isn't Te at work, it's a deeply corrupted Fe. Daenerys Targaryen: ENFJ - Way too good a leader to be an introvert. Stannis Baratheon: ISTJ - Deeply bound to tradition and duty. Tywin Lannister: ESTJ - A domineering, traditional patriarch, whose loyalty is to his house. Brienne of Tarth: ISTJ - She cares most about honor, as opposed to Arya's interest in revenge.
  8. Tywin Lannister is one of the boldest and bossiest characters in GoT. He's intelligent, but adheres strongly to tradition and cares most for the survival of his house. I would type him as an ESTJ. Littlefinger, on the other hand, demonstrates the most masterful long term planning of any character. He's one of only a handful of people who actually understand "the game". I type him as an ENTJ. The only character in GoT I could see as an INTJ is Varys, but we don't really know much about him. The lack of INTJs in GoT is probably because GRRM is an INTJ himself.
  9. Yes, dolphins are people too. They have language and recognize their family and friends, and they even call each other by unique names. All of the great apes are people as well, for the same reasons. They demonstrate the ability to recognize themselves in a mirror, the ability to form complex sentences, etc. Chimpanzees and dolphins regularly demonstrate a similar level of consciousness as a 5-8 year old human, and their intelligence often greatly exceeds the level of a mentally disabled person. When asking whether or not an animal is a person, we should always err on the side of personhood. Racism has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of human beings, all of whom were obviously (at least these days) persons. Speciesism is alive and well throughout the world, and it causes the deaths of billions of sentient animals every year.
  10. That is one interesting forum.

  11. Consciousness is a problem for materialism because no materialist theory predicts the existence of consciousness. Particle physics predicts the existence of the laws of chemistry, and organic chemistry predicts the development of life, but there is no theory in neuroscience that predicts the existence of consciousness. As far as pure materialism is concerned, people are mindless zombies. Yet people obviously are not the same as objects, despite what an over-reliance on Extraverted Thinking would lead you to believe. Any coherent theory of consciousness will have to transcend the boundaries between material and non-material. I believe that the brain is an emergent physical system which evolved to channel an extra-dimensional conscious energy (a sort of probability field). Our awareness is not an accident of life, but a deeply fundamental component of the universe.
  12. You sound more like a hypochondriac than a psychopath. I doubt you have ADHD or any personality disorder, and I would encourage you to avoid the many pitfalls of self-diagnosing mental health problems. If you have reason to believe you have mental health problems, consulting a psychiatrist or psychotherapist should be your first priority.
  13. I don't do this and have a serious problem with people who do. My recent ex thought it was totally fine to stay friends with all her ex-boyfriends and meet up with them one-on-one whenever they randomly messaged her. I saw this as a pathological inability to move on, and an inability to make a proper commitment to one person. Social media has done nothing to help people have healthy relationships.
  14. While it's a fascinating and original idea (which is why I've taken the time to write these posts), I don't think your theory is correct. The best computer simulations by astrophysicists indicate that proto-Earth's crust would have been completely destroyed by the impact, many times over, and I think that's the only point that needs to be made here. Something like your theory might work with collisions between much smaller bodies, though.