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  1. Inject people by force instead of letting nature divide the strong from the weak. It's almost hilarious how you managed to sponsor the inferior of two fascist policies while professing an interest in social health.
  2. Let's just reanimate Tesla and fix all of this shit today. We'll borrow one of his coils from the Hollywood sets.
  3. To have a spare set of organs.
  4. That still won't halt a religious crusade. You don't require missiles to detonate a nuclear payload, and with the Western immigration record, we'll welcome the suicide-suitcase holders with open arms and a left hand shake.
  5. If you set off your nuke in Mecca, Pakistan retaliates against anyone it accuses with their full nuclear arsenal, as the Qur'an instructs. England isn't there anymore, as Cameron is busy contemplating whether or not using his codes will affect his vote tally in the next election (lolwhatvotes) and the U.S. is busy sending her own toys to intercept their own target trajectories to help Britannia. The Vatican is gone, because the durka durkas have a score to settle with the Templars and Israel has probably already nuked the rest of Palestine the moment you set yours off, figuring they could slide the blame onto you in their trademark fashion, but is now unable to intercept their respective trajectories, meaning no more Wailing Wall, just wailing Jews hugging their gold in a fraction of light. Supreme Reader Tubs of Best Korea spat out his XXL milkshake when he heard what was going on and gave his missile faculty the go ahead, which lead to the creation of the Pyongyang crater as the tape holding the warhead to the inner nose cone came off the moment the catapult was released. Putin just started laughing in vodka-driven haze and geared up to fly his own private bomber, which he definitely has, one hand on the bomb bay door release lever and the other holding his digital camera trying to catch the shot of him taking out the White House while not wearing a shirt. China doesn't bother launching anything as they've already sent the People's Army to paint the moon to look like the Death Star as a declaration that they are once again the forefront of the human race, like so long ago. Have I missed anyone? The sea otters will likely siege the continents to break our glow in the dark, table-eating skulls like clams on their tummies. Oh, and for the record I'll throw my nuke overhead at the 'reinforced glass' down at the bank, because the stupid fucks dared to tempt me.
  6. The crystals of foresight I bought from that man who sells white sugar behind the last public library in several miles are telling me my previous post might be countered by some justification of the mentioned 'satisfaction' as the perpetuation of the species, and in such, the total purpose of tolerating the hormonal birth chambers. As such, I would like to kindly share this thread to ask another relative question if the host of this wonderful party doesn't mind tolerating that one guy who kills the music to ask if someone can drive him home as he was robbed by the local minorities on the way to the fun house - do we really need children?
  7. So most of you think the existence of women only has value in as much as they can satisfy their counterparts? Interesting.
  8. In response.
  9. Laugh, and the world laughs with you; Weep, and you weep alone. - Ella Wheeler Wilcox
  10. Uncover what you fear losing in each person. Once you know those traits, you can search for them elsewhere if you decide they are worth the possibility of experiencing loss. If there is emotional difficulty in extracting that information and moving on from each individual, you need only contemplate the value of someone who has abandoned you.
  11. Your words provide slight amusement. I identify as asexual.
  12. Asexuality is a category of conditions more so than a specific term. It refers to those who experience one or more absence of the aspects of sex - receiving no pleasure or enjoyment from any form of sexual activity, being unable to experience attraction towards others and not associating with any form of gender are all viable conditions under the word. Biological asexuality might refer to an organism absent of any sexual organs, but I don't recall if that term was accepted into the scientific community. There are multiple causes for asexuality sourced in biology and psychology. Asexuals might naturally have never been subject to libido, or they might have lost it through experiences like brain and nerve damage, or exceptionally horrible contact with other people. Those are only the more dramatic examples, but they're the circumstances I've found most common for asexuality through experience. Concerning stimulation, sexual arousal is separate from attraction, and an asexual subject to libido might be aroused by objects, fetishes or acts of sex in their own regardless of the gender or sexual identity of their participants. They might watch pornography or perform sexual acts alone or with others to be rid of the urge. An asexual who receives no pleasure from sex might still have sex, for example if it's a one-sided desire from a person they want to please and make happy. That should cover most if not all of what you wanted to know, if not, there are asexual forums you might want to observe for live individual accounts.
  13. Welcome.
  14. Microsoft, if only to ensure a line of Windows operating systems that don't make people want to use their monitors as a touch screen with a brick as the stylus. That paper clip would never have hurt anyone. The Y2K was also a rather severe underlying flaw.
  15. He seemed to be concerned over a single tree rather than what forest might grow. Perhaps I was incorrect.