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    Everyday I'm Sputterin'...
  1. Yes, it has been a while, the next upcoming music post for you...

  2. Uncle Pongo! I thought you went to the Rainbow Bridge!

  3. Is it any good? I remember Phil Zimbardo from his old Discover Psychology video series (not to mention the Prison Experiment). Always seemed to me a man with cool research interests.
  4. And heeeeeere we gooooooo!
  5. curious-dog.png

    Zzzzz..... *wheeze*.... zzzz...

    How are you, Mr. Dog?

  6. jasmine_petals_flower.jpg

    For you on your return, dear Kaer. It's been a while, no?

  7. Art imitating life once again, eh? I'm not completely educated on the current crop of performers. Could you cite examples?
  8. Situations like this are partly responsible for helping me practice keeping my intuition in check. Especially in cases where the time you spend on a problem is subject to diminishing returns.
  9. Must be tough being all-seeing and everything...
  10. Would you say that accounts for the amazing butthurt in many of the threads here?
  11. I don't think this is exactly what you meant, but this seems absolutely glorious.
  12. Very Yoda-esque. Welcome, welcome.
  13. I'm actually drinking tea while reading your introduction. So cheers to you. Welcome!
  14. Ain't that the truth? It's past midnight where I am and I seriously couldn't control myself from opening that darned spoiler tab. Eeeehhh.... Curiosity. Well, on the topic... When I go out swimming in the sea (which I used to do somewhat frequently) I have to push back this constant, irrational fear of getting eaten by a large shark. Seriously.
  15. Yup, yup. I believe a major part of the article's basis for 'usefulness' was the relatively small difference in income and employment on average between those who opted for the graduate degree and those who stuck with their bachelor's in the same field. Not that fields like chem eng'g are useless in an absolute sense.