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  1. I got perfect scores in everything during high school... but logic... ugh... (I still wonder what was so difficult). Maths and physics came easily to me... but I enjoyed the most history, etymologies, literature, law and debate. Enneagram 1 I’m a Software Engineer.
  2. You are the only one who can answer this. Can you sustain it? Only you knowyour needs and priorities... One thing I can say is that relationships are based on compatibility. The more compatible you are, the best. So if you are compatible enough and you get your need to discuss "high" topics with friends, then why would you ever worry about this? But maybe for you it is super important to feel a deep connection... as said, only you can answer this. Why? What works for some do not apply to you... Anyway... I have never dated a woman in my "same intellectual level". Usually women that I like are not interested at all in developing their intellectual skills. The thing is that I do not see it as "making it work"... or "sacrificing" anything. I satisfy this need in forums and with friends, so it was never in my list for a partner.... sure, it would have been ideal, but I have never meet a woman I like AND that has interest in "deep" subjects.
  3. As odd as using a panicking situation as an example of a behaviour that has to be thought for it to occur. In the Titanic example, people had the chance to "think". Of course if you remove the chance to think, primal survival instincts take over. This reminds me of this movie: "Force Majeure", watch it. You will find the plot interesting (its on Netflix).
  4. Of course, exceptions always exist. That is a given.
  5. I think others have said it, but usually "be happier/experience higher subjective well-being" is closely related to socialization. And this is true in an extroverted society like the western one, where extravert traits are desired and encouraged. This same experiments (well not the same) have been ran in introvert societies, with exactly the same results, but in reverse. In general the human being is happier and experiences higher subjective well-being based on the acceptance it percieves from its environment.
  6. There are several accounts of it in all latinamerican history. Wouldn't know about "western" hiustory though. Depends where. In latinamerica it wouldn't be any other way.
  7. Alien Covenant (2017) Adds more questions to the mix and gives too much focus to an android that doesn't really deserve it. Quite slow, invests time to justify things that do not need justification. The Alien sequences are majestic to be fair. Disappointing and pretentious. Macho (2016) Mexican comedy which only makes you wonder why you are not watching Mauricio Garcés' version instead of this poor try. Really poor try. ...... added to this post 26 minutes later:
  8. Mmmm I am talking about "eating meet". The ability and acceptance of meat as a meal. For omnivores (and carnivores), no it doesn't need to be justified. Being part of a "sustainable future" is out of my scope. Again, not part of "social construct".... Now as part of "impact" I guess so. Different topic entirely. Prices are of no interest to me.
  9. Eating meat is completely optional for the human being. It doesn't need to be sustainable nor justifiable. Humans eat what is at hand and favour food with nutrients and flavours found in meat. It is not a construct to eat meat, it is a construct to think you need to do so.
  10. The social construct would then be to not eat meat anymore. And this is true, all these vegan, vegeterian etc. etc. come from social constructs themselves. This is a bad example. A human baby doesn't have all their teeth developed enough to go for the cat, the baby tiger does. Once their teeth are fully developed, eating meat comes natural to both.
  11. I have only had two breakups. I finished both relationships. 1st one took around a year... I was heavily invested.... 2nd one took like 1 day... I wanted out.
  12. I'm ugly enough. I think the first time I got aware of this was in elementary, one girl made it clear I was not what women would look for. Very lucid and accurate remark for a 9 year old. My face is just not attractive. My manners and tolerance have always been highlighted. Also I tend to attract girls who like "smart" guys, which is OK I think.
  13. Jalex....

    I saw this movie the other day and thought you'd enjoy it. I thought it was awesome, not in a "shit my pants/gorefest" kind-of-way but more a realistic portrayal of what could happen in reality. Same fare as "Train to Busan" but without the zombie element. 

    If you check it out, let me know what you think.

    Blessings, Man :thumbsup:

    1. Jalex


      WOW!!!! I am already hyped... thanks :D

  14. For work: Polo, Lacoste For leisure: Nike, any random place where I find something that I like. Store? Wherever they are on sale, outlets mostly. I found those three brands comply with my standards and I can just buy them blindly and I know they will fit. Also I do not spend much on clothes, but when I do I prefer them to be good quality (the Polo shirt I'm wearing is three years old and still in good shape). I thought as much... then I remember that "shit isn't created nor destroyed, it just changes of place"... who takes the hit for something that is sold at $10 when it normally costs $30? After finding the answer all these cheap clothes stores were out of my list.
  15. True. This is why going from a generality to a particularity is wrong and it is also redundant to say "I am not". A generality (statistic) is built on the common knowledge of "not all".