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  1. "Little" is used to lessen the harm of something that is known to be harmful. So calling someone "fatty" is harmful and calling someone "little fatty" is a way of expressing love with a word that without the "little" would be offensive. In fact not using the "little" can be understood as someone being severe or expressing anger or resentment, so the "little" (-ito, -ita) is even needed to express care when expressing an idea (many women would expect a respectful and loving man to use the diminutive when addressing them in any sense). Yes. Somehow people think "latino" can be generalized. We can't. For example, Mexicans have more in common with USA people than with Argentinians, and Ecuatorians have little in common with Nicaraguans. This comes more from the way USA people think of anything south their border (they speak spanish, so they should be more or less the same) and mostly "latino" should only be used to describe immigrants in the USA, else is at best risky. This can be discussed in another thread.
  2. Arrival (2016) A twist on Contact (1997) which is a twist on 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)... presumptuous to say the least (the geocentrism shown is almost annoying). Why do people say this was so well researched? It wasn't: the kangaroo analogy didn't need to be invented, Yucatan (uh yu ka t'ann) is an example that any language enthusiast knows.
  3. In fact in latino cultures mentioning weight gain is bad taste while mentioning weight loss is most appreciated (in women it is desired to say so even if it is not true). About "fatty" and "skinny" they are nicknames not descriptions, and those nicknames usually are agreed on. If someone calls you fatty (which is aggressive by itself and almost never used with women) then they are allowing you to put a nickname on them. In this case we are talking about two people that do not have that kind of relationship and that are not putting nicknames but mentioning weight gain (and disapproval of it... do you call in a friend to disapprove him? ok...)
  4. Neither me nor my credit card balance likes it... but I am expected to observe it. So I just smile and wave.
  5. Jejeje, I'm just kidding. Yeah. The thing with Messi and with all those guys is that they can give 89 shitty minutes and play 1 out of this world and call it a day. That minute didn't happen today.... but he has given many games where he can just play 2 minutes and float around the rest of the game. I wouldn't call it done either. Barça has enough talent to turn things around. If the MSN gives a decent (not great, jsut decent) performance in Camp Nou, they can swipe PSG.
  6. Messi is god and anyone who thinks otherwise is rather jealous or is a hater. :)
  7. Yes... in general all parents think their kids are "very intelligent for their age".
  8. This reminded me once when a bunch of friends got together, this Indian guy told one of our friends "hey, you gained a lot of weight".... wow... so so so rude.... and then almost 3 days of discussion why it was not OK even if in his Indian culture/background/habits telling someone they are fat is OK... they now live in a culture where that is plain rude and can be humiliating.
  9. Youtube shows you whatever is relevant to your location/language/interest group. I think the gametheorists give a very good explanation of how it is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgMqhEMhVV8 Location: who is relevant in your area? what is the kind of media (music, movies, shows) are most favoured in your area? what is trendy in your area? Language: what is your youtube set to? in what language do you watch videos? Interest group: what kind of videos do you watch? what other people watching those kind of videos are watching? In my case I watch a lot of pop music, I'm from Mexico and I live in Canada... so youtube has been trying to push me Lady Gaga's performance... and I can't be less interested... this is due to where I am (north america), my language (watch a lot of vids in English) and my interest group (pop music). Youtube always improves their algorythms and needless to say most of the time they are correct. Think about what you have been doing lately and most likely your activity has given youtube enough information to give you suggestions that you actually like.
  10. Sadako vs Kayako (2016) Lots of expectation on this one. Not good, but neither bad. It delivers good scares, it is jumpy and just cheesy enough. If one goes in with the right mood to have a good time, then that is guaranteed. Inglourious Basterds (2009) The wife declared she didn't know where Waltz's hype came from. So I had her watch it for the first time. This is the kind of movies that you can rewatch freely. Needless to say, enjoyable from start to finish. It was painful... I think the last time I had this feeling towards a beloved franchise was when Mike Myers was kidnpped by a demonic sect (or something like that)... Watch the last one from Park Chan Wook, the Handmaiden. It is one of the best movies I have seen so far this year.
  11. Rings (2017) Or "how to give the Hollywood treatment to an horror franchise". Suddenly Samara gets bored of counting days and showing the same vid... so she gets rid of it.... kind of what happened to Halloween or NOEM... do not watch it.
  12. Sure. I would do nothing for it to happen, but I wouldn't do anything either to stop it.
  13. OP should add spoilers to it....
  14. Big Eyes (2014) This has been in my "To Watch" list for almost three years... you could hardly tell it was a Tim Burton movie, which is actually good as no Johnny Deeps, no Helena Bonham Carter's... Enjoyable and worthy to watch.
  15. The same here but opposite agreement. There is no question that we will get an abortion. Well as people have said, it is important to get the context and people in general think that any disability is a life of misery. That is why I don't judge anyone... everyone of us have their own stories.