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  1. In my experience it is a matter of offer/demand. Women can take the passive role and build a culture around it (being active is admitting you are not attractive enough, etc.) because they can afford it. In the other hand men cannot afford to just sit pretty and expect women to chase them. BUT the question has been asked quite a few times and the answer is clear, men would fall into the same vices that women fall if the roles were reversed. So this draws the easy conclusion that men who won't date women that show initiative are the ones who can afford it (get many offers and/or can get the women they want). Similar to women who won't date a guy who don't take the initiative (they are confident they can attract suitable prospects). We are all better when things are equal, if we all could play the active/passive role on demand the world would be a better place.
  2. Most probably because those smarter woman would not give them a chance. It is like a blind man stating "he wouldn't see a cowboy movie". It is known that women are unlikely to date men that are less intelligent than them (neither less resourceful). So it just makes sense that men won't invest their time in such women where the odds are against them. It is just human nature. General chat is very context sensitive. There was this type of informal (but good) classification: - I will make all efforts to date her - I will make normal effort to date her - I will accept to date her if she shows immediate interest - I will accept to date her if she shows great interest - I will not date her Many men express by "wouldn't date" the two top ones, where they have to make the effort. But that doesn't mean that they won't date the woman if the woman is hot and shows lots of interest in them. So you have to also think on what they meant by "date" and with "wouldn't"... language is ambiguos in this case.
  3. Lots of males attractiveness resides in their ability to have resources or prestige. These professions do not give those two , so why would men counciosly and willingly hinder their attractiveness? And this is also embedded in our culture. Men are taught to be more aggresive and more ambitious, so why be a nurse if you can be a doctor? Why be a pre-school teacher if you can be a college teacher? and so on... But it falls into that, men are judged in our society (potential partners) by their resources (money) and prestige.
  4. We were teenagers. All of us admired her boldness and she got the guy (the guy felt awkward at first, then he didn't mind).
  5. Your expectations are totally valid. We all should be happy with the selection of our partners. The way you put it, it seems you are still developing this part of your personality. You have to decide if this is a deal breaker or not, if you can overlook that or if that is important enough that it will hinder your relationship in the future. You will find in the course of your life that many times the girl is perfect if she only had "this little extra". Be sure to analyze the situation correctly.
  6. There was this time when one of my (female) friends yelled to a guy she had a crush on: "I love that handsome guy".... she was very proud of 1) not being shy and being straightforward as a woman expressing her feelings 2) making a compliment to that guy.
  7. Yes, the grounds for the fine were that cab drivers (this particular site) should not engage any client or possible client in any way that could harm or offend them. This again made the analysis even harsher on her. Many women argued that if someone yells you "beautiful" it cannot be considered nor harmful nor offensive. Yet again the judge considered that that is something for the victim to decide. Yes, she confirmed that it was the only thing he yelled at her. Which again resulted in the victim's lose of general support.
  8. I'm interested in your own personal view. based on your values, culture and personal opinions. (I know the Mexican way of thinking, so I'm not really interested in that.)
  9. So this happened in Mexico 2 weeks ago and I want to read these forum thoughts on the matter. The scenario is simple: @plaqueta (twitter) is known in Mexico as a blogger and columnist for different portals. She usually writes about discrimination, social inequality, and classism and of course feminism. Here the story in tweets in my best English translation: I’m going with the Civic Judge in Aldana and Mina to file a complaint against a cab driver of @EasyTaxiMexico who harassed me. I’m aboard @SSP_CDMX [Mexican police] unit 006T7. This Taxi driver yelled at me “beautiful” while I was walking on the street. This is an administrative violation, so I decided to raise a formal complaint. Let’s see if “my complaint is my best defense @SSP_CDMX @InmujeresCDMX. [Mexican Institute for Women] It is done. I filed my complaint in @JusticiaCivica.[Local police] Everyone was kind and professional. The cab driver has received a fine. http://aristeguinoticias.com/1603/kiosko/un-taxista-me-dijo-guapa-decidi-proceder-contra-el-plaqueta/ In Mexico the general response was of mockery. Basically everyone said that yelling “beautiful” cannot be considered harassment and that this kind of attitude only undermines actual anti-harassment efforts. Others cheer for her saying that no one has the right to yell anything (good or bad) to women in the street. Was she exaggerating? Was she right? Can yelling “beautiful” to a woman be considered harassment? Please share your thoughts. (BTW the cab driver couldn’t afford the fine, so he spent the night locked down)
  10. I agree with this. Capitalism is the institutionalization of egoism (selfishness). So the most capitalist country in the world is by definition the most selfish one.
  11. This has many answers, right? Depending on the culture.... In my culture (and I would assume K culture as well), yes he is a tool, and she is naive.... and the "viriginity-taker" holds more responsibility. This is a no-brainer. But in current times and west culture, he might or might not be a tool, she is naive and dumb, and there is no such thing as moral obligation. You can mix and match depending on first, second and third generations and if the couple comes from different culture/backgrounds.
  12. Its the desire to make it true. You know why christianity was so appealing to asian cultures? Because it said "all men are born equal". In such highly layered societies where your place was determined even before being born, the promise of "being equal" is most appealing and even worth dying for.
  13. Hmmm me? High school was one of the happiest periods of my life... - Always on time to class, never missed one. - Always with two or three friends, having a laugh, enjoying life. - Nice to everyone. - Highly noticeable, I was always in maths team, debate team and pointed out as the best student of the class (and of the generation). - Liked by all the teachers without being the pet. - Always challenged teachers with smart questions. - Lead other students (and then became political active). - After school usually at home. - Before school usually with my girlfriend. Good times :)
  14. Done with FFXV, post game dungeons, platinum trophy and rare items. Maybe a completionist would go for lvl120, all ascension nodes and all quests, but I'm glad I'm not.