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  1. you don't have to be very smart to get a PhD
  2. i'm one of them, if i vote for president at all
  3. annoying, yet refreshing to see a candidate willing to admit they don't know something
  4. if i recall correctly, you can have your loans discharged (forgiven) if the school they were used to pay for closes down
  5. I graduated with about 25k USD in debt for a BS in chemical engineering about a year ago. It's down to about 20k USD now, all subsidized loans (0% interest until I graduate). I'll have a PhD in about four years, which I'm getting paid for. Thanks taxpayers!
  6. It really depends on what kind of life he wants to lead, which isn't something one can reasonably answer at 14-15 years old. Engineering, accounting, pharmacy all have strong job prospects, and can allow you to work no more than 45 hours per week, though aren't exactly the most interesting jobs. It will involve a lot of paperwork. I'm not sure what career options there are with a degree in economics beyond working in finance. Law and medicine allow you to make the most money (at least in the US), but also require far more hours worked. It all depends .. I'm not entirely sure your specific career choice makes much of a difference. Someone who does well in law would also do well in medicine if they have discipline. It's a matter of lifestyle choice. eg I chose chemical engineering, and here I am in grad school working more hours than I probably should.
  7. pay off high interest debts first, then invest the rest into a mutual fund
  8. have corrected the post, thanks

  9. 27 months, not days

  10. yup, no fat ladies singing yet
  11. it varies from school to school. At my undergrad, it was a waste of money. I moved off campus asap. In grad school, I'm going to be moving on campus to save money.
  12. you still think this after the recent r/news censoring debacle?

  13. Pretty much exclusively NPR, Reddit, and Wikipedia.
  14. Are you happy? If so, who gives a fuck about some arbitrary definition of success. Being happy is the ultimate success in life. If you have that, you have more than a lot of so called successful people.
  15. depends on the industry - i've been told that in software / tech, not changing jobs every few years would be looked upon with suspicion.