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  1. I gotta agree with you here.

  2. Should be common sense, but we know that doesn't exist.

  3. Just came in the mail. Side project of members of Katatonia.
  4. Yeah, no kidding (re 'Arcanist wouldn't cope with any kind of association-based society')

  5. I just love it when it so happens that we agree. Great post.

  6. aaaaaaand crickets.

  7. lol. amusing.

  8. It's amazing what some people say without bothering to do a .5 second google check.

  9. In short: Women will fall for the guy who can tell them no.........and give multiple orgasms.
  10. The numbers are a little rough but otherwise I would concur. But it's also not always just women that have warped perception problems. I remember specifically 2 separate incidents (six different people) where three guys I knew decided it was going to be a great idea to move in together to cut costs. The problem was that in both groups, one of the three was an "asshole", more specifically someone you couldn't count on to come up with their chunk of the money. My warnings were not heeded. Within about six months in both cases, the arrangements were in shambles. In one case, one of the three was left paying off all the past due bills for utilities that hadn't been paid, and in the other, one guy is still (several years later) trying to clear his credit of a judgement for damage done to the apartment by the asshole after they all moved out. Incidentally, these "assholes" are usually really "fun" people at parties. If life was a never ending party they would probably be alright.
  11. I think there might be two generalized types of "the nice guy". One thinks he is "nice" because he isn't raping anyone, thus setting the bar low yet not failing to give off the vibes of the type of person he is. The second is merely rationalizing his general insecurity about how he approaches everything, and blaming others for "missing the shots he doesn't take".
  12. I could have not said it better myself.