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  1. I never feel insulted, only underestimated, which provides an advantage that I appreciate. If someone in a relationship with me accuses me of being stupid on any particular subject they're either right, or they're wrong. If right, that's on me, and I wouldn't blame them. If wrong, I can use my words and correct them. I don't think I've ever in my life been accused of being anything less than intelligent in a general rather than case-by-case basis though. And I also don't really GAF about discussing the intelligence level of myself or anyone else. ---------- Post added 06-04-2016 at 12:49 PM ---------- ENFJ knows her shit.
  2. My bad on the label, I was referring to equal employment opportunity laws.
  3. Good for him, fuck veterans. Maybe if they start winning wars again they can have their respect back. Also fuck 'right to work' laws, and all the rest of that bureaucratic liberal sandbagging that bogs down the production machine. I don't understand this immediate mandated respect we're supposed to have for military vets. It's not like we still have the draft. and usually assholes. Congratulations on choosing to let people fuck you for four years, and possibly even kill you, just for a big greasy wad of uncle sam's billfold. You make that choice then cry for the rest of your life about the consequences, even after getting paid off, but I guess personal accountability and responsibility isn't something a rank and file system wants to instill in its cogs.I don't know why we respect vets and look down on prostitutes when it's essentially the same job.
  4. Someone please contribute something new to this exhausted whore of a question. Here, I'll help.. First let's stop taking for granted this universally defined category of human beings known as 'bad boys.' Lets also remember that attraction precedes morality and values. Now consider following rhetorical questions to set the tone and angle of a more accurate way of measuring it: Why do girls happen to fall for guys who have no boobs? Why do girls happen to fall for guys who have copious amounts of facial hair? Why do girls happen to fall for guys who grunt instead of shriek during sex?
  5. Always hated Glenn Beck, even way back in the day before he was anything but a weird ass reporter. I blame Fe-dom nutjobs like him for the rampant abandonment of conservatism by young americans. There's just something loathsome about him that I can't put my finger on. He fakes sincerity by being emotionally volatile and hyperbolic, so it SEEMS like he really cares, when in reality he's just off his rocker and a helpless whore to the highest bidder.
  6. 1) INTJs use arrogance to compensate for unrelenting self criticism. 2) INTJs care about being intelligent more than any other type. 3) INTJs put irrational values before logic but seldom realize it. 4) INTJs would do anything for their friends. 5) INTJs are heavily prone to addictive behavior.
  7. Sorry, I'm lost. I thought your points were A) I don't compromise, and B) certain things should be mandatory compromises in relationships (ie, sex). Thanks for the tips and insights, y'all. See you next time.
  8. Could you 'compromise' with someone who always smelled bad? Who never brushed their teeth? If they met the rest of your needs...? Compromise is a game of choosing your battles. I compromise plenty, just not on a few things. So do we all. And no one can dictate to another which battles they should pick. Pretty sure I already stated this somewhere, but I'm posting for input and advice on how to proceed- not reflect. This is supposed to be Te-central, and all my IRL INTJ peers seem to have fallen into the new boyfriend abyss. As for the exchange of bodily fluids, well...we'll all be exchanging them with worms eventually, so whoopty-do.
  9. Could be I'm bad at dating. I don't think I was ever that good at it to begin with, and I certainly haven't improved any after taking a 6+ year hiatus. Mutual chemistry is something I pick up on pretty quick. Sometimes immediately, sometimes after a go or two. YS had some good advice about trying to use kissing to perceive the fundamental type of lover I'm dealing with, and I am going to try that in the future, but there is a sexual dynamic at work in my M.O. that presents a challenge. I'm not a dominant (all about the two-way street), but I typically lead, partly because I prefer it, and partly because it's statistically what my partners usually prefer as well. And when you're the one taking the initiative it's hard to tell in the immediate sense how they are going to perform when they tap into their own initiative later. I've had lovers who were not very good kissers initially turn out to be jungle cats with the rest of their bodies during coitus.
  10. I did to you what Stephen Colbert does to Republicans.
  11. Thanks, but...
  12. Had some liberals ranting about how currency was made up and doesn't actually exist, frothing their usually frothy froth about it. What a bunch of fucking morons all liberals are, why haven't they killed themselves for the greater good yet? <insert quote> <insert link>