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  1. Trying the link again. Not sure why it quit working. 1

  2. That's terrible, so sorry to hear it. I've lost quite a few over the years as well. :cry: Your pic link is broken by the way.

  3. My older bc is failing. He has congestive heart failure. Not sure how much longer he will be around. (They gave him 1-2 months about 6 wks ago) He's holding his own right now. He's my best bud... so losing him... well, let's just say the pup is to soften the blow a bit.

  4. My first puppy was a Border Collie x. She was stark raving nuts, I adored her. Congrats!

  5. Baby border collie. He is irritating my older border collie at the moment.

  6. I has baby Australian Shepard - he is the best thing in the world. He's sleeping on my foot right now, you?

  7. Long time no chat. I see you has puppy. I has puppy too. What kinda puppy has you?

  8. Sounds like my INFJ ex. Run away! Quickly. All the demands and fights and other insanity will only get worse and nothing you do well ever be good enough.
  9. Dear You... You are amazing. So ready for pool days! C'mon summer!
  10. And I didn't say this in my earlier post, but I meant to... I don't think you've intentionally made this a romantic relationship, I think that's just how it evolved for you. And he might well feel the same way. It may be that since you've said nothing, he's said nothing and so you're both sharing the same feelings but neither is acting on it. Or it could be he's not considered the more involved romantic relationship side of things. (As a 50+ yr old INTJ I have to tell you, you have no idea how dense we can be and how completely unawares of other's romantic intentions. It happens. A lot!) If he stays quiet for quite a while... you may have caught him completely off guard and he may have to take some time to digest all that. I have my fingers crossed for you!
  11. I hope you get a positive reaction. I do have to say after reading this thread that I have an observation for you, perhaps you already realize it or maybe not. Nobody else seems to have hit on it, but... from where I stand as an INTJ it seems to me like you've created a romantic relationship out of thin air, without any conversation or input from the other side of this relationship. It's quite obviously not just a "friendship" to you. That became clearly evident to me when you said that if he started seeing someone that you could no longer be his friend. That's romantic relationship stuff right there, not just plain friendship. (And if you'd have told that to me, as a "friend", I'd have told you where the exits were located...) If you've never discussed being a couple or your future or even put any other term but "friendship" behind your relationship, then he likely sees it as nothing more. (And nothing less, for that matter.) I believe he really likes you as a friend. He'd not spend 6 yrs interacting with you if such were not the case. I have no idea if he likes you more than that and apparently you don't either. (Well... soon, I suppose you might.) Sorry if any of that sounded rude. I tend to be a bit unintentionally brusque. I hope that things work out for you as it seems you have a lot of emotional investment in the relationship. Good luck!
  12. INTJ E8 here. People (ok... women) have told me I'm charming, though I don't see it. I suspect it's probably some socially awkward, accidental form of charm that women, apparently, find appealing. It's certainly not intentional or conscious on my part.
  13. 50 I'm 50... I've been on a date or three. No. Actually, I rather like when this happens (my last two relationships started this way) because I completely suck at picking up the subtle cues... flirting and what not. I prefer them to be forward for the reasons stated above. I am almost totally oblivious to flirting. I'm not sure. I'm pretty forward myself, so I think I tolerate the forward approaches quite well.