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  1. histrionic? (not being serious here)
  2. I have schizoid traits, not sure if I have it or not (not going to go down that road).
  3. perhaps....
  4. You Scored as Black You are the color black. You may have an awesome personality, but people don't tend to see it, because it's hidden beneath layers of hatred. Lighten up a bit, bud. Try going outside and taking a walk in the sun, wear something other than black. People tend to feel intimidated by you, so try to talk a bit more to let people know that there IS a person in there. Black 75% Gray 67% Purple 58% White 58% Red 50% Green 42% Orange 33% Blue 33% Yellow 25% Pink 17% meh dont mind black.
  5. well i wasn't allowed to get a desktop so i got a laptop. This type of laptop is called a desktop replacement computer as it has the power of a desktop in a laptop, while being somewhat portable. They are however expensive. every game ive tried has ran on max settings on the machine =)
  6. I can't stand dogs. Most of the dogs I've been around smell awfull, are too noisy and in general very annoying.
  7. windows 7 never had much problems with windows, but vista was slow
  8. father: estj? sales Mother: esfj sales sis: infj me: intj
  9. Most of my music is from the 90's but I guess its more to do with the genre.
  10. My guess its just for fun, although I've noticed that most youtube videos of Intj males have short brown or short black hair, maybe as it isn't too attention seeking.
  11. hmm when I was a kid i used to daydream that I was an alien because other people seemed so foriegn and wierd from my perspective.
  12. First test I got darth vader, second I got emperor palpatine. lol?
  13. I enjoy playing chess but I mostly lose, which is unacceptable! Does anyone know some tips to get better or some resources that can help me to improve? also how good are you at it?
  14. over mode - infected mushroom fav song =)
  15. Lovely Siberian Husky in sailor hat! :wacky: