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    I don't pay attention to my grammar. I hate entitled people who think they are special snowflakes, all sort of feminism and false shaming pretend-to-be-victims.

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  1. Social "alpha" will always have a strong frame. A superficial person can't hold a strong frame.
  2. Love your attitude and approach on life.

  3. Honestly, I have no idea. I've cried once when I watched a film about dog story. But other than that, when people cry, relatives die, pets die or overall some things that you can't help or change, happen and everybody around you get emotional, then I'm not really affected by it. At all. Not to mention I'm scared of commitment like fire. But it might just be cause of low sense of morals, idk. Either way, doesn't seem to affect my everyday life at all.
  4. I wonder why she got banned. Really enjoyed the way her thoughts flowed.
  5. Well, the point is that fighting off addiction helps out people around you a lot more. As far personal preference goes, coming from an alcoholic who did have a 2 year sobriety strike, fighting against an addiction will surely make you feel much more depressed for a while, but eventually, the "fight" disappears as new habits form. After you reach that point you'd wish you had quit sooner.
  6. I'd have to say starvation. Had the "pleasure" of experiencing a 2-week-starve in military and have occasionally crashed financially to the point where I literally can't afford food and oh boy did that motivate me. But that might be just me, don't care much for peer pressure or reproducing.
  7. Time to man up.
  8. We're happy to say that you are very likely an INTJ! You got 50 Points out of 60 possible Points. For anybody reading this comment - This test took about 3 minutes to complete and was absolutely useless as the questions are extremely predictable.
  9. Using forum's inbuilt search function I searched for an amount of members with more than 10 posts, I used that as a criteria to filter a participating member of this virtual society. While it's not the perfect criteria because there may be users who don't post, there are likely inactive users with higher post count to balance this out. The search result for members with more than 10 posts is 11,755 users. A quick peek at "Members blogs" section, which is made of... blog topics? Shows us 1298 topics (blogs). So a quick math at 11,755 / 1300 = 11.059123777116122 %
  10. I'm an active member of much larger forums, which also have sections dedicated to blogging and the participation is about 1.4% as a rough estimation. The difference is literally tenfold. Coincidence?
  11. Just noticed something interesting. We're all bunch of a bloggers. Does it have to do with some false sense of entitlement? MBTI? Tendency to share via literal thoughts?
  12. If you're a female then you're actually part of the 0.8%. That's something. Welcome.
  13. This is an extremely interesting topic. Being quite the heavy drinker myself (staying true to my Slavic roots) I transform into a completely different person when drunk. To the point that my friends have just concluded that I'm two-sided - personally haven't come to a conclusion so far at all. I can and do go from a silent thinker to a very aggressive, commanding asshole. Might be psychological reflections from time served in army or time served in prison. Some people just can't handle their drinks and shouldn't drink. Like me. And some people just can't stay away from drinking. Like me.
  14. I'm not a native English speaker and neither am I a polyglot, but I take some interest in foreign languages. Right now besides my native language and English I have strong fundamentals in Russian and Finnish - I'm working on improving them to fluency. Working on verbal English, but recently been thinking about picking up Spanish, also. I tried learning Thai and Mandarin, but these really weren't for me - some languages just "don't stick".
  15. The comparison with Mike Tyson is not appropriate, At all. Huge UFC/MMA fan here, Ronda had a good run and she truly was great at what she did - Judo. Olympian judo level athlete. But there's only so much that a single fighting style can do VS a Mixed Martial Artist (Muay Thai, Judo, BJJ, Boxing, Kickboxing, Karate, Sambo all combined). Her opponents weren't used to getting armbarred by a judoka (which Ronda was really good at) and she had a poor coach, who focused on improving wrong aspects of her style, instead of staying true to her strengths. She paved the road to women's mixed martial arts and will be remembered as a legend for a long time to come, but her actual abilities in most MMA categories are weak (foot movement, striking, kicking, knees, guards etc.). But fatal when grappling in clinch or on ground, but it was only matter of time 'till the competitors found a workaround for that (She got beaten the same way both times by forcing her to hold range and exchange hits)