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  1. Low self esteem almost guarantees cheating an easy catch for you will be an easy catch for the whole jurisdiction It's disgusting and the most ugly part of humanity Saying it's 'natural' as if from a scientific point of view ie monogomy in animals is 'absurd' is even more baffling Don't stop looking for non hoes, they are out there and unfortunately it will require serious work and most likely some serious sacrifices! Pretty ones are numerically much more targeted for abuse, thereby breaking them more often in the process, thereby making them a source of not only heavy traffic, but also a serious waste of time fugly AND low self esteem is bottom of the barrel fugly and healthy is the prize ......hopefully something moderate but that's going to be even harder work conundrums conundrums
  2. yes

    I felt an intuitive need to address this before I engaged

  3. Pretty hard to offend a group of NTs and if you do, they probably deserve it ;)

  4. Not a singular hypothetical concern about the children leads me to believe that Teri is hypotheyically up her own ass and will remain that way for life I feel sorry for the kid that has to endure this type of mother ESPECIALLY if she has excess money I hypothisize that the kid will abandon her as soon as the chance presents itself, just like the loser dad did As will her support group What will be left will be for her to find even less fortunate people whom she can be superior to ......and I think this would make her content ever after
  5. Yes agreed, my first inclination Tell yer hubby why don't you, that way you can neutralize whatever affect he may have had on you, especially the yukky feelings......
  6. Perhaps farting can be acceptable if one apologizes for upcoming trauma Perhaps take a quick walk if it's especially strong If it's run o the mill then just an apology will do to show you care I'm sensing some may just not give a flying shit any more about their SO Takin a shit.....perhaps a glimpse here and there but all out inspection and involvement maybe too much for me.......but anal sex kinda defeats the need for privacy regarding flatulence and shitting right?
  7. Those are aberrations you're using as representative samples. Or people who willfully abandon what comes naturally to chase 'beauty roles' into which they're likely not born - idiots and aberrations I say are not representative of innate roles. Second what's with the 'forced' to be the child-bearer business? Sounds like unnecessary feminism ..... Aberrations aside, mothers and fathers should kinda embrace and enjoy their roles to be better at it, instead of being all conflicted about it cuz o tv and why do you think dying with abandon is the objective of war? It's killing, not dying that men are more gendered to role with naa mean? One thing I will say for gender roles is that women are superior managers and much less slacky than men......although we do sound and look more confident I must say....... And who will rock the female workers in the back room during business hours like men? Huh? barefoot n pregnant is yummy n how it's 'posed tuh be And to substantiate this, there are more and more women being sought from Asian countries All my male friends are aware of the differences so beware I say Forget about stats for a sec, ask any random male you know These gender role embracing women EMPOWER the duck outta their men So much so that the males are driven to make even more or at least work much harder for their families ......two income families is just so more folks pay taxes and buy more shit It's not really for the betterment of the sexes or families
  8. The truth of roles is apparent when there is war Try political correctness then please Better yet, get feminist like and see what happens In a stable society where there are choices and ENFORCED AND PROTECTED money making agendas, yes Tons of freedom and free thinkery
  9. I thank you sir

  10. From a Christian perspective, if I may?Psalm 51:17...in our brokeness we can aslo find and have true healing. It is almost like blinders being taken off.

  11. Sorry Feel and do all the above She don't like it? She can remain vanished
  12. When I can thoroughly psychoanalyse the parents and the affect they've had on the potential partner Not interested? I will catch the next bill and ciao
  13. No And that free thinker ain't havin no God fersaken relationship with me