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    I am a phoenix who runs after arsonists
    —Saul Bellow
  1. Chameleons - Swamp Thing
  2. Sometimes I remember it but most times I don't. It happened rarely (that I know of) as a kid, but far more regularly for me as an adult. (Couple times a month). It used to happen almost exclusively after prolonged business travel - i.e. staying in hotels. I would awaken and not know that I was home in my own bed or I would feel unsafe or like I was not alone in my home. It continues today even though I seldom travel anymore. The evidence I find in the morning is usually closed doors and/or I've hidden items. It's creepy but I guess not debilitating unless the nature of my nighttime escapades escalates to something more harmful.
  3. Yeah, my family was confusing like this too. My Mom was named after her Mom. My Dad was named after his Dad. Mom's brother was named after his Dad. My sister was named after my paternal grandmother. It was confusing as hell. As the last one left standing, I'm glad I got a unique name.
  4. I'm another who does this. The voice on the other side could be any number of people (real and imagined). I also retool/critique conversations that legitimately have taken place to improve my contributions.
  5. I've been on the other side of this, having lost several immediate family members in close succession. I've never actually broken down and cried when someone inquired, but I've seen that look of horror on someone's face when they find out they've inadvertently gaffed. I don't expect everyone who even vaguely knows me to be monitoring the events in the lives (or deaths) of my family, so I immediately try to defuse the situation and let them know they're off the hook. I think EchoFlame had it right - "sorry, I hadn't heard". Nothing more is required than that, in my opinion. I suspect the people you ran into had likely forgotten all about your encounter by the next day so don't beat yourself up. Grief is awkward as fuck.
  6. Sometimes there is a sonic boom in my wake. On the other hand, I eat a lot of legumes.
  7. See Spot Run. Look them up - they're also great guys.
  8. Sorry for your loss. :sadhug:

  9. Turkey and vegetables for soup. A colleague at work has invited me to join his family for (Canadian (i.e. real)) Thanksgiving.
  10. We're not alone, gracious. There are others like us 'out there'.


    Confessions of a Tomato-Holic.

    There is hope for us yet. :laugh:

    Or not. :nice:

  11. Days in a row without a tomato - zero. Oops. Fell off the wagon again.