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  1. Addiction is usually only the correct term if it's something that is negatively impacting your life in some way. Does your coffee consumption interfere with your relationships, job, finances, happiness, etc? I'm guessing not and for most people the effects it has are only positive ones. Personally I almost always have one cup a day. I really enjoy the taste and it's a relaxing morning habit for someone whose never been a morning person. If I'm out of coffee or somewhere where it's unavailable to me it doesn't ruin my day, but I do get a little sad that I don't get to have it. No headaches though.
  2. when i first started dating my current bf my ex and i talked a bit more, even hung out occasionally. his past two girlfriends cheated on him, one left him for the ex she was friendly with during their relationship that he had expressed hesitation over. while it was clear that me being friendly with my ex was uncomfortable to him, he always phrased it as being his problem because of his past experiences. that he had no reason not to trust me, and his intuition wasnt telling him something was off, as it had with his ex and who she ended up leaving him for. basically it can go both ways. people can be friendly with exes and it can be completely platonic and people can be friendly with exes that leads to them cheating on you or leaving you. its up to you to decide if you trust your partner and if you have any issues with their relationship specifically. for example just the occasional text because something relating to some inside joke they had just happened makes sense, while repeated late night phone calls may seem a little fishy. you cant control what she does either way, but if you decide you dont trust her then your relationship has bigger issues than her relationship with her ex and you probably shouldnt be dating her.
  3. Nice

  4. ohdayumn karibot

  5. Nah, lol. He's not the best-looking chick.

  6. That's what the consensus was here too, although the reverse can't be said of my boyfriend clearly >.>

  7. You actually make a pretty good looking dude as well.

  8. Awww I'd forgotten about that. Now you've gone and made me want it. Did you get it in shake form? You can feel it clogging your arteries with each sip but you don't even care.

  9. You were totally right about the Sesquicentennial Swirl.

  10. They're both crimes but both different crimes than murder. If they claimed something along the lines of "contributing to the delinquency of /endangering a minor"...perhaps like "contributing to the delinquency and endangerment of the mentally unstable" I could buy that. Of course though not every single person who uses heroin is mentally unstable, but if they are otherwise a healthy adult then the fault shouldn't lie on anyone but themselves.
  11. Awesome! Lol.

  12. But how is that different from any other day?
  13. i can confirm the isfj one as being accurate.
  14. If I ever do get somewhat close to someone it's commonplace for them to tell me they thought I originally didn't like them or that I was a bitch. I would use that as an excuse for why I don't have friends but it'd still be my fault soooo :/ also no clue what I do different than others to give this impression. At least my Internet friends like me.
  15. so as a way to make it marginally less narcissistic, ill say that i think of myself as a frankenstein of sorts. to become the person i am today ive observed everyone else and incorporated the traits i liked the most into who i am. so when i say someone like me, i mean someone like who i imagine i am or hope to be, and thats really a compilation of all the best things ive seen in everyone else ive encountered. i think i got to my main point regarding that when i said "dont take life so seriously". and perhaps to add on, dont take out your negative emotions and frustrations on people who had nothing to do with putting them there. in other words be mindful and conscientious.