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  1. Here is how much you scored for every type: Doer: 50% Analyst: 63% Orator: 63% Inventor: 75% Original Thinker: 63%
  2. Mine 22,200 words Low by the results listed by some of the other posters. But the high results of this group is not surprising.
  3. I do not like commies, socialist (national or not) or progerssives.
  4. 58 points of a possible 60
  5. Ever see the movie "The Matrix" (just sayin')
  6. I don't want to, and you can't make me!
  7. Of course not, it is made from papyrus.
  8. Treats and patience helps. Take the dog on a short leash in your left hand at the heal position. Take the treat in the right hand and let the dog see and smell. Then place your right hand at your left elbow, let her see you do this. If she keeps her eyes on the treat for even a couple of seconds, let her have it. Then repeat the exercise until you have her looking at the treat consistently. Then using the same procedure, work at getting her to walk at heal. When doing this only use the corrections to get her attention, even then use a short quick snap on the leash.
  9. No! Nobody better try, either..
  10. Welcome to our side of reality.
  11. I have been married like for ever. I stopped when I was asked to join a dating web site.
  12. Maine Coon cats are totally chill-out. They are very gentle and nothing seems to bother them.
  13. I think that I will do a little of this, a little of that. Do some home improvements, go to the Y to work out or swim. OH, I am retired and that's what I do, along with reading and watching TV with wife.